Chris Soules Cops Put Me in Catch-22 ... In Fatal Hit and Run

9/20/2017 6:32 AM PDT

Chris Soules, Cops Put Me in a Catch-22 in Fatal Hit and Run Case


'Bachelor' Chris Soules has just asked the judge in his felony hit and run case to throw out all the charges, because the law is f****d up.

Chris' lawyer says in legal docs, he did everything he could possibly do the night he rear ended a tractor on an Iowa road, killing the driver. Chris left the scene, but not before calling 911 and identifying himself and trying to resuscitate the victim. He didn't leave the scene until the EMTs arrived but he booked it before cops got there.

Now here's the Catch-22. Chris' lawyer says under the law he's required to inform cops, or return to the accident scene, but if he did that it would almost be like a confession he hit and ran. Chris' lawyer says there's a constitutional right against self-incrimination, so he should be under no obligation to blow the whistle on himself.