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Conrad Murray

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Conrad Murray is an actor, known for 24 Hour Party People (2002).  See full bio on IMDb »

Conrad Murray Enjoys Trinidad Carnival Festivities with GF Nicole Alvarez (PHOTO)

Conrad Murray
Disgraced Doc All Smiles at Carnival ... With His Hot GF

Conrad Murray -- Michael Jackson's former doctor who went to jail for his death -- is now enjoying the finer things in life ... like dancing with his hot girlfriend at Carnival. Conrad was raised… READ MORE >

Paris Jackson Says 'My Dad Was Murdered'

Paris Jackson
'My Dad Was Murdered'

Paris Jackson says Michael Jackson was murdered and there were a lot of people who wanted him dead. Paris is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone mag, and said all signs point to murder,… READ MORE >

- 877 days ago
Conrad Murray -- I Didn't Kill MJ ... Blame His Other Doctors! (TMZ LIVE VIDEO)

Conrad Murray
I Didn't Kill MJ ... Blame His OTHER Docs!

Conrad Murray still insists he didn't have a hand in Michael Jackson's death -- despite his guilty conviction and 2 years in jail -- and even believes he wasn't the worst doctor in MJ's… READ MORE >

- 1059 days ago
Conrad Murray Tell-All -- Michael Jackson Played Dress Up to Romp with Call Girls & Strippers

Conrad Murray Tell-All
Michael Played Dress Up to Romp With Call Girls & Strippers

Michael Jackson dressed up like a clown, or even faked illness, just to meet random women ... at least that's what the man who killed him is reportedly claiming in a tell-all book. Talk about… READ MORE >

- 1066 days ago
Conrad Murray -- Crime and Bunishment

Conrad Murray
Crime and Bunishment

Conrad Murray's locked up and loving it -- he's grown his hair out so long that he's gone next level ... the man bun.Michael Jackson's doc enjoyed a lunch date Thursday in Miami with his gf Nicole… READ MORE >

- 1645 days ago
Conrad Murray -- Joan Rivers Death Doesn't Dirty Propofol

Conrad Murray
Joan's Death Doesn't Dirty Propofol

Conrad Murray is weighing in on Joan Rivers' death ... because, after all, he IS an expert on Propofol.Murray was nursing a frothy drink in Barbados when a photog screwed up the question ... she… READ MORE >

- 1707 days ago
Michael Jackson -- Conrad Murray Has a Cow on 5-Year Death Anniversary

Michael Jackson
Conrad Has a Cow On 5-Year Death Anniversary

Dr. Conrad Murray mocked the 5-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death by popping into a convenience store for a bottle of milk.In case you don't remember, Michael's code word for Propofol --… READ MORE >

- 1822 days ago
Conrad Murray -- I Had a Delightful Lunch with Michael Jackson's Former Brother-in-Law!

Conrad Murray
Delightful Lunch With MJ's Former In-Law

Michael Jackson's family must be going ballistic over this ... Conrad Murray had a delightful lunch with Janet Jackson's ex-husband Friday.  The man who killed Michael dined at Crustacean in… READ MORE >

- 1913 days ago
Conrad Murray -- I'm a Kiddie Doc Now ... Shakes Off Rust After Michael Jackson's Death

Conrad Murray
Shaking Off the Rust After MJ's Death ... I'm a Kid Doc Now

Conrad Murray's strapping on his stethoscope again to treat sick children ... better than he did Michael Jackson, we're hoping.  Question is: Will anyone give Connie a shot? Well, fact… READ MORE >

- 1926 days ago
Conrad Murray -- I'm Back in the Medical Biz!

Conrad Murray
I'm Back in the Medical Biz!

Conrad Murray now has a chance to improve his success record in treating patients ... because he's back in business. TMZ has learned the patients this time around will be children with heart… READ MORE >

- 1927 days ago
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