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John Rich

President Trump Signs Music Modernization Act, Kanye West Misses Out

President Trump
Signs New Music Law ... Kanye Just Misses It

President Trump was surrounded by a ton of music greats at the White House Thursday morning, as he signed a new law that will benefit many of them ... but Kanye West was not in on the fun. POTUS… READ MORE >

Dr. Paul Nassif Says Nike 'Botched' Kaepernick Deal

Dr. Paul Nassif
Nike 'Botched' Kaepernick Deal

Serious moment from "Botched" star Dr. Paul Nassif ... who believes Colin Kaepernick should STAND for the national anthem before he's rewarded with endorsements from Nike.  The Bev Hills… READ MORE >

- 260 days ago
Big & Rich -- Straighten Up, Justin Bieber ... Or This Marine Will Kick Your Ass! (VIDEO)

Big & Rich
Straighten Up, Bieber ... This Marine Will Kick Your Ass!

Justin Bieber is officially on notice from a U.S. Marine and John Rich ... get your act together or suffer an ass whuppin! During a Big & Rich show in Charlotte Wednesday night, the duo… READ MORE >

- 1288 days ago
John Rich -- We Love Gwen Stefani

John Rich
We Love Gwen Stefani

Country star John Rich says there's no need to pick sides in the Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert divorce ... he's just stoked Gwen Stefani is now in the picture. The Big & Rich singer was… READ MORE >

- 1295 days ago
Country Singer John Rich -- I'm PISSED at Marvel ... Live Show Scared My Kids

Country Singer John Rich
I'm PISSED at Marvel Live Show Scared My Kids

John Rich is PISSED at Marvel ... he says their live show for children is anything but kid friendly -- and it ruined what should have been a great day for his family.Rich says his 3 and 4 year old… READ MORE >

- 1621 days ago
John Rich Kicked Off Plane -- Allegedly Too Drunk to Fly

John Rich
Booted From Southwest Plane -- Allegedly Too Hammered to Fly

Country singer John Rich was 86'd from a Southwest airplane yesterday ... after crew members determined he was too inebriated to make the trip from Vegas to Nashville ... TMZ has learned. Sources… READ MORE >

- 2726 days ago
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