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Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain was born on February 20 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. Kurt and his family lived in Hoquiam for the first few months of his life then later moved back to Aberdeen, where he had a happy childhood until his parents divorced. The divorce left Kurt's outlook on the world forever scarred. He became withdrawn and anti-social. He was constantly placed with one relative to the next, living with friends, and at times even homeless. Kurt was not the most popular person in high school as he was in public school. In 1985 Kurt left Aberdeen for Olympia where he formed the band Nirvana in 1986. In 1989 Nirvana recorded their debut album Bleach under the independent label Sub-Pop records. Nirvana became very popular in Britain and by 1991 they signed a contract with Geffen. Their next album Nevermind became a 90s masterpiece and made Kurt's Nirvana one of the most successful bands in the world. Kurt became trampled upon with success and found the new lifestyle hard to bear. In February 1992 Kurt married Courtney Love, the woman who was already pregnant with his child, Frances Bean Cobain. Nirvana released their next album Incesticide later that year. The album appealed to many fans due to the liner notes, which expressed Kurt's open-mindedness. In September 1993 Nirvana released their next album, 'In Utero', which topped the charts. On March 4, 1994, Kurt was taken to hospital in a coma. It was officially stated as an accident but many believe it to have been an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Family and friends convinced Kurt to seek rehab. Kurt was said to have fled rehab after only a few days from a missing person's report filed by Courtney Love. On April 8th Kurt's body was found in his Seattle home. In his arms was a shotgun, which had been fired into his head. Near him laid a suicide note written in red ink. It was addressed to his wife Courtney Love and his daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Two days after Kurt's body was discovered people gathered in Seattle, they began setting fires, chanting profanities, and fighting with police officers. They also listened to a tape of Courtney reading sections of the suicide note left by Kurt. The last few words were "I love you, I love you".  See full bio on IMDb »

Courtney Love Sued for Stalking Baby Mama of Frances Bean's Ex-Husband

Courtney Love Sued
She Stalked, Threatened Me ... Says Isaiah Silva's Baby Mama

Courtney Love and Sam Lutfi's campaign of terrorizing Frances Bean Cobain's ex-husband extended to an innocent woman caught in the crossfire ... according to the lawsuit the woman just filed.… READ MORE >

Frances Bean Cobain's Ex-Husband Sues Courtney Love for Attempted Murder for Guitar

Frances Bean Cobain
Ex-Hubby Sues Courtney Love ... She Tried Murdering Me for Kurt's Guitar!!!

5:40 AM PT 5/30 -- John Nazarian tells TMZ he was nowhere near Silva's house at the time this incident allegedly happened.Frances Bean's ex-husband is not done with her family, because he's now… READ MORE >

- 383 days ago
'Pawn Stars' Jesse Amoroso Says Cobain's 'Unplugged' Guitar is Priceless

'Pawn Stars' Jesse Amoroso
Cobain's 'Unplugged' Guitar is Priceless ... Like Jimi's Woodstock Strat

"Pawn Stars" Jesse Amoroso says Kurt Cobain's "MTV Unplugged" guitar is a piece of rock and roll history and belongs someplace special ... in other words -- NOT with Frances Bean's… READ MORE >

- 383 days ago
Frances Bean Cobain Settles with Ex-Husband, He Gets Kurt's Guitar

Frances Bean Cobain Divorce
He Gets Kurt's Guitar ... She Gets Her Freedom

2:25 PM PT -- According to the judgment docs, obtained by TMZ ... there's one major condition to Silva getting Kurt's guitar -- Silva's baby mama has to quickly vacate the couple's L.A. house,… READ MORE >

- 397 days ago
Frances Cobain Officially Single, But Still Hammering Out Divorce

Frances Cobain
I'm Single!!! But Divorce Wars Continue

Frances Bean Cobain is finally a single woman in the eyes of the law, even though she's battling her ex in court. In docs filed Thursday in L.A., the judge declared Frances and Isaiah… READ MORE >

- 563 days ago
Courtney Love Allegedly Dodging Deposition in Daughter's Battle for Kurt Cobain's Guitar

Courtney Love
Dodging Depo Over Kurt's Guitar ... Claims Daughter's Ex

Courtney Love's dodging making a decision on who gets Kurt Cobain's famous guitar -- their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, or her estranged husband ... according to new legal docs. Isaiah… READ MORE >

- 678 days ago
Nirvana -- Cover Baby All Growed Up ... 25 Years Later (PHOTOS)

Cover Baby All Growed Up ... 25 Years Later

Nirvana fans will feel REALLY old after this one -- the group's groundbreaking "Nevermind" album turned 25 Saturday -- and the cover baby's got a beard!! Spencer Elden, now a 25-year-old with long… READ MORE >

- 995 days ago
Frances Bean Cobain -- It's War ... Ex Wants Kurt's 'Unplugged' Guitar (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Frances Bean Cobain
It's War ... Ex Wants Kurt's 'Unplugged' Guitar

The multi-million dollar guitar famously owned by Kurt Cobain -- the last one he played before killing himself -- is at the center of Frances Bean Cobain's nasty divorce. Frances' estranged… READ MORE >

- 1075 days ago
Kurt Cobain -- Suicide Gun Unveiled (PHOTOS)

Kurt Cobain
Suicide Gun Unveiled

The shotgun Kurt Cobain used to kill himself is now available for public view ... partly to dispel rumors police had destroyed the weapon to cover up his murder.  Seattle police released… READ MORE >

- 1185 days ago
Frances Bean Cobain -- I Hate Nirvana ... and My Father's No Hero

Frances Bean Cobain
I Hate Nirvana ... And My Father's No Hero

Musical taste trumps DNA for Frances Bean Cobain, because it turns out she doesn't like Nirvana -- and her feelings about her father aren't much better. Cobain told Rolling Stone she's just… READ MORE >

- 1530 days ago
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