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Note To Beyoncé's Dad -- Back Off

6/19/2006 10:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From Harvey Levin's H-Wood blog

The undercover video we posted last Friday -- showing how PETA ambushed Beyoncé at Nobu restaurant in New York City -- has triggered a pretty big debate.

Did PETA go too far by winning a charity auction to dine with Beyoncé, then setting her up with an undercover camera?  Did TMZ go too far by posting the video? 

I'm not trying to put myself out as a moral compass, but there are some undeniable truths here.  First, the process of creating fur is an ugly, brutal and arguably torturous business.  As for whether it's an acceptable practice, well that's the subject of legitimate, intense debate.

I'm more than a little surprised that people are shocked that PETA went after Beyoncé.  Remember, Beyoncé does more than wear fur -- she has a line of clothing that includes fur.  It's one thing if PETA broke into Beyoncé's house, but for cryin' out loud, confronting her at Nobu... You put yourself out on an issue of intense emotion, what on earth do you expect?

Beyoncé's dad/manager went ballistic on TMZ, but we will not take this video down.  First of all, we didn't shoot it.  Second, it's a legit story.  We do not sanitize news or present only what is acceptable to celebs and their relatives.  We won't be strong-armed by bullies and threats. 



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Why in the hell is PETA coming down on Beyonce'? She didn't go out there and strangle the animal and then skin it for it's fur. I bet the PETA members that were jumpin' down her throat about wearing fur probably had on leather show and belts. Where the hell does leather come from? A damn cow!!! Isn't that an animal???!!!!!

2981 days ago


I really didn't realize how many jealous people there was on this site until tonight. It's really sad to dislike someone you don't even know anything about. These comments have nothing to do with what PETA did. Every one I read is insulting Beyonce'. Hating her for no reason at all is not hurting her. Tomorrow when you wake up you'll still be you and Beyonce' will still be a very rich and beautiful young black woman. All of you need Jesus in your life then maybe you wouldn't have so much hate in your hearts.

2981 days ago

Mike Hawk    

1. Peta is a great organization who helps animals that can't help themselves from human BULLIES.
2. For those who say that we should stay out of other people's business, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING READING STUFF ON TMZ.COM????
3. Killing animals so that we can look "fashionable" is not right, why stop the line there, why can't people skin other people and use them to keep them warm?
4. I just got back into eating meat, but I didn't do it for many many years and I need it now for health reasons, so that's the only reason that I would participate in the murder of animals.
5. Keep donating to PETA, seriously they give a voice to those who can communicate with the human race.
6. I'm out, have fun, be safe and make good choices.

2981 days ago


The fur trade should be shut down, period. There is nothing 'luxurious' or 'glamorous' about wearing a dead animal.

2980 days ago

Jason Klamm    

Firstly, I'm a vegetarian. I'm anti-fur, anti-hunting, anti-killing of anything. And that's good for me. Certainly, I disagree with her wearing or selling fur. I don't like it. To me, it's tacky and supports a business with a brutal base. And that's fine for me. But I'm still not going to join some divisive special interest group like PETA and attack someone for what they believe. The reason the people of PETA do this, or do anything for that matter, is that they don't know how to debate. Sure, they give you some interesting, helpful facts, but then they go and pull sh*t like this, making liberals look like completely incompetent, mushy douchebags. PETA has an agenda, not a set of morals. I may not care for what Beyonce does, or her music, or what have you, but I would have NO place attacking the woman. Sure, I probably won't be able to ever wrangle her into a debate, but I don't care. I'm secure in how I feel and I don't have the agenda PETA needs to keep itself running and paid for.

2980 days ago


Id understand PETA if they went after people that wore endangered animals furs , but they dont.

2980 days ago


Even if you all do get be to stop wearing fur I still don't think that its going to solve the problem the bottom line is you get the people and who organization who is killing the animals because I love animals myself and they don't need to be tortured just like any humans does not need to be All i'm saying is just by telling her to stop wearing fur won't help solve the problem but I hope she can soon realize that animals have a special part in a lot of peoples lives and animals were put here for a purpose just like humans.

2980 days ago



2980 days ago


PETA was wrong. Just because Beyonce is a celebrity does not mean she should be disrespected. PETA has a great cause but terrible tactics.

2980 days ago


Maybe Beyonce , her father, and any other person who supports the fur industry, should visit one of these butcher shops and watch the complete process of how some of these animals are skinned alive. Maybe they should hear the animals screaming or watch as they are actually beaten to death. Maybe they should consider these are living, breathing, feeling creatures of God, with personalities, fears and joys, who have been given the gift of life just like we have. Maybe they should see them as tiny little innocent creatures when they are born because most people think animal babies are just precious. Maybe they should watch as the mothers of these babies feed, protect, teach and prepare thier young for the world. Maybe they'd be touched by seeing how, like humans, some animals will fight to the death to try and protect thier young. Maybe they'd remember how precious they are and respect life, reject cruelty and barabarianism by not being poster children for these injustices by supporting these death camps. Maybe if we as a buying public, in turn, refuse to buy these furs, the dollars and "sense" will add up to people who choose to support the lack of judgement, kindness, compassion and moral fortitude these companies who manufacture fur and those who use they manufactured fur. Maybe if we didn't support celebrities who wear and manufacture clothing, in all of their other ventures as well, they just might give things a second thought.

I applaud you for not pulling this video. The public needs to see the truth whatever the truth may be. We don't need watered down versions of what others want presented in public. So many times we get caught up in the images, advisors and handlers of celebrities have created, that we really don't know who they are and what they stand for. Such is the case here. I am thoroughly enlightened and yet very disappointed... yet another generation of people who have no regard for the sanctity of life on this planet.

It is good to know, as a consumer of many things, who the people are as we are buying records, attending movies and concerts, etc.. Being kind and giving back to the world, rather than disrespecting it's resources and gifts of life, is not a prerequisite for talent. That being said, I choose to support people with my money who are compassionate about life and who shun cruelty and murder.

2979 days ago


Yep, she is a fur-whore... but what u people expect! u want her to have some class and style? lol!!!!!! Where is she exactly gettin that from? Congratulations on the video... i think wearing dead animals is CREEPY and low.

2979 days ago


What I don't understand, is if PETA is so into animal rights why aren't they throwing paint on people who wear leather. All you people who love your leather pants, coats, shoes and purses are just as bad as the celebs who wear fur. Or is it okay to kill cows? Society is filled with so many double standards. Who gives a damn what she wears. Last I checked she was a grown a** woman and PETA is not buying her clothes or anyone elses so they have no right to demand answers or throw paint on people.

2979 days ago


has anyone else noticed how PETA is always harrassing ppl in the big city? they would NEVER bring that shit out to the country, or in places where wearing fur is a way of life b/c their arguments would be moot. yes, fur can be fashionable, BUT there is more to all this then just wearing a piece for a season or two a year. fur keeps ppl warm. in some places it provides shelter and the rest of the animal is food. PETA says in these cases it's ok. how is it ok when you go and slam someone like beyonce for using fur in her clothing line? aren't you supposed to protect ALL animals? what a bunch of fucking hypocrites. there is NO WAY they would ever be able to make sure they lived a life free "hurting" animals. if we let the lil bastards run wild, they'd be more destructive to US then we are to THEM. hello, rabbits anyone?! and don't get me started on racoons and possums. and those are just the little guys! what about the BEAR that walked into a vegas casion here recently!? so PETA do some research and get a fucking clue! i so can't wait til deer hunting season......mmmmm fresh venison! :)

2979 days ago


NO Peta or TMZ did not go too far. Beyonce went to far pushing her God awful music on us!

2979 days ago


I love Beyonce but when she wrong, she wrong...thats what we say in the South..

2978 days ago
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