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Madonna, Clay Aiken in Top 50 Worst Songs Ever

6/21/2006 4:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our friends at Blender Magazine have published a terrific list of the "Worst 50 Songs Ever." (A quick hat tip to them for not writing Worst. 50. Songs. Ever.) Big names like Madonna and Clay Aiken we're right near the top.

Clay's "invisible" comes in at #11. Blender says:

"It's not just the schmaltzy play for loser pity ("If I was invisible - wait, I already am"). It's not just the ridiculously purple lyrics. And it's not just the thought of Aiken's eternally asymmetrical porcupine 'do quivering as he soars into a high note. It's the whole hey-girl-I-want-to-watch-you-while-you-think-you're-alone-in-your-bedroom thing that transforms this song from a merely mediocre ballad to a disturbing voyeur fantasy, filling your head with images of Aiken downloading porn and thinking bad things about that girl from homeroom. What lurks in the hearts of lonely geeks? Clay Aiken knows, and it's not pretty." 

Madonna didn't escape Blender's wrath either. "American Life" is at #10: 

"On which Madonna updates the "Material Girl"–era satire of commercialism and spiritual emptiness - but this time, she does it with what is hands-down the most embarrassing rap ever recorded. Nervous and choppy, she makes Debbie Harry sound as smooth as Jay-Z. The only thing worse than shouting "soy latte"? Rhyming it with "double shot-ay." The rhymes don't kick in for a full three minutes, but the song - propelled by a constipated digital beat and some bungled musings on celebrity culture - stinks the whole way through. "

Hey, Beavis they said "constipated"  - Uh huh huh huh.  Notably, Limp Bizkit comes in at #4, with "Rollin'" - my question is how did the rest of the Bizkit catalog escape the list?


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Let's face it every year there are songs that can make the "worse ever song list". Madonna has been around for over 20 years. She was bound to turn up on the list. Over all her songs are still great. I doubt many other pop stars of today will be around in another 5 or 6 years.

2992 days ago


Hey "Rollin" might not be the brightest song, but it sure was fun to pump in high school!

2992 days ago


I am a Clay fan. He didn't write that song. They CHOSE it for him. He has said HE didn't much like the lyrics at first, but he then said he accepted it as not being as voyeuristic as some have tried to make it out to be. What about the song "Every Breath You Take" by the Police ? These kinds of songs are usually about unrequited love. They speak to those pining away for someone who doesn't pay attention to them. It isn't my favorite Clay song, but it isn't depicting what you implied in this list.

2992 days ago


Wow are you off base with MaDonna and Clay Aiken near the top, have you ever been to a Clay concert?

2992 days ago

shirley romano    

Give me a break. Clay's first he had a choice. And in spite of the dubious lyrics he turned it into a record-breaking single. Worst song ever? Check out those Rappers singing about their Bling and Biotches.

2992 days ago


I liked "American Life" the song was ahead of its time, the whole album was excellent. It did not sound much like a traditional Madonna album. But we all have to agree Madonna never sticks to the same sound..Thank God, it would be boring if she did. Maybe she will sell more copies of this great album if people get to wondering what it sounds like.. I think they would like the album.

2992 days ago

mary poppins    

I am not a huge Clay Aiken fan by any means, but I kind of liked the "Invisible" song. He sung his behind off on that one. And just a year ago, I finally got a hold of Madonnas "Music" CD, even though I believe it came out in 2001, that Cd is slammin! As I recall, the song American Life was just Madonna doing things her way. You go Ma. I have never seen her perform live, but I am going to work overtime to afford to see her on tour this summer.

2992 days ago


I think it is funny that the article mentions Madonna (#10) and Clay Aiken (#11). I guess you wanted to get lots of hits for this article (so you included two names that generate a lot of internet interest), but I find it amusing that you didn't even mention the #1 worst song ever.

I actually love both of these songs.

2992 days ago


Wow, the inclusion of a Clay Aiken song on the Blender list sure made some people angry! Easy on the outrage there, people! No matter what your opinion of the guys talent (modest), the simple fact is, even the greats (not Clay) have some misses...

Heck, even if I went only by the Blender list, I can find several artists on there with more talent than him (Beatles, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, REM), that are guilty of a bad song. It happens to the best of them. Deal.

2992 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Like Tony the tiger says " It's Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!! American Life Is a great song. Madonna rocks, and shocks. No one does it better. Let me hear you sing american Life or Invisible!!!!

2992 days ago


Amen to what caforalways said. May I add that others are negative to Clay because of his path to stardom. To me he is a very talented and charismatic performer with a pure, uplifting and powerful voice. I will continue supporting Clay and will buy MANY of his CDs especially the upcoming ones. God bless Clay!

2992 days ago

Ann Muntzen    

I believe that the writer of this article needs to get his facts straight. Although I'm not a big Clay Aikin follower , I do live in the area he is from. Clay Aikin has never been in trouble for child pornogrophy, or even accused of it. This charges were brought on his father. Check your facts next time!

2992 days ago

michael Harris    

Madonna's American Life is supposedly the 10th worst song, what a load of crap. not only was it a great song on so many levels it was probably one of the most original songs in years. Maybe the rap wasnt that great but Madonna never claimed to be a great rapper, she gave it a go and did her best and over 3 million people bought it, so if more people were not so scared of being different and voicing their opinions and being republican bores the world would be a better place then it is at the moment. Who decided this list and what songs have they wrote or released? Madonna 210million records sold the list maker NOTHING.

2992 days ago


I saw a music video on BET that had rappers sliding credit cards thru the gyrating girl butt cheeks. Yet Blender thinks Invisible is disturbing and Madonna's American Girl is a worst rap song then that??? Whatsa matter is Blender afraid to pick on the BET rappers for truly disturbing and degrading rap songs against women??!!!

2992 days ago

Vivian Grant    

The lyrics of popular music offer plenty of fodder. I'm surprised that you haven't picked on Madonna before... low hanging fruit is easy to pick. Or maybe you have. I have to admit that I wouldn't open the drapes to see her perform and think what she did to American Pie should have ended her "muscial" career. Her talents lie principally in re-fashioning her image every five years or so, and marketing students really should study her to learn her tricks. They'd learn more than music students. As for Clay Aiken, the other posters are right. It's a mildly creepy lyric, I suppose, but in the great wasteland that is popular music, it's a fairly innocuous little song. Now, if you were picking on him for writing it, you might have a point. But he didn't write it, and the fact that he sang it lifted it out of the gutter and put it onto the street.

2992 days ago
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