Alter Bridge Stand Up for America!

6/22/2006 12:01 PM PDT

Alter Bridge Stand Up for America!

While Scott Stapp has been busy confessing his sins, his former Creed bandmates in Alter Bridge having been kicking some butt. And not just on stage. (Well- at least their road crew has.)

According to a statement posted on their official website, the boys from the Alter Bridge crew took umbrage at what they felt was some anti-American slurring by the lead singer of the band Living Things.  That band's singer reportedly had some vile words for our fair nation that didn't sit well with one of Alter Bridge's roadies. After the nasty rant, as noted on their site, the roadie proudly pointed over toward guitarist  Mark Tremonti's gear, which was decorated with American flag. 

The Living Things reportedly claim that the crew and one of the Alter Bridge band members joined an ensuing fracas, but Alter Bridge say the crew alone handled things. The band explained their side of the story on their official website:

"After The Opening Band members charged, our crew member was forced to defend himself. Another member of our crew was forced to protect Alter Bridge's equipment, as one of The Opening Band members went straight for Mark's guitar rig in attempt to pull out cables and render the equipment incapable of playing the show that night."

Alter Bridge further explained in the statement that they don't mind differing political views being expressed, but the statements that night were "simply ignorant, offensive, and unacceptable. Alter Bridge and our crew stood up for America that night."

Standing up for Old Glory - Toby Keith would be proud.