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Entourage Decoder

6/26/2006 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night's "Entourage" was less about Hollywood than it was about homes – the arrival of the guys' ex-con buddy Dom from back home and the introduction of a young punk actor into Ari's home – and to his little girl. Still, we couldn't help but wonder about the luscious-looking celebration dinner, that familiar-looking paparazzo that Dom man-handles and an "Aquaman" ride that didn't appear to involve any water.


ART: Ari takes the boys out to a swanky steak dinner to fete "Aquaman"'s sinking "Spider-Man" with the top-grossing weekend ever. He chides Eric for ordering "three different kinds of caviar" and Drama appears to be loving a fabulous tower of raw seafood delights.  Where does Team Chase go for this special occasion and how much is it going to set Ari back?

LIFE:  Ari better hope his Black Am Ex is all paid up, because Mastro's Steakhouse, the cozy Rat Pack-y enclave in the heart of Beverly Hills (just up a block on Canon Drive from Wolfgang Puck's Spago), ain't cheap. The seafood tower, which patrons can assemble to their specifications with all manner of fresh lobster, crab, and oysters, typically runs $35 per person. A 33-ounce ribeye like the one Drama takes home in the doggie bag, is $44.50. And, as for the caviar, well, Eric certainly has raised his taste from those days at Sbarro: it's $100 per ounce.
ART: Before the gang gets on the "Aquaman" ride, Vince's rambunctious pal Dom violently grabs a camera out of the hands of a lensman whom Vince then placates and calls something like "E.L." How does Vince know who he is and, more important, why is he so nice to him?

LIFE: Beats us. The burly, bearded photog is none other than E.L. Woody, the self-proclaimed "King of the Paparazzi" and one of Hollywood's most notorious celeb-snappers. And as regular visitors to TMZ will attest, relations between stars and shooters are hardly amicable, though there is the occasional--very occasional--detente.

ART: Ari says that "Aquaman: The Ride" is "water-themed" but the fellas seem to stay pretty dry during their maiden voyage. (He also says that he hasn't been on a thrill ride since he, um, had a dalliance with "one of the partner's daughters in the William Morris mailroom," but we'll leave that one alone.) Where did they get such a big ride on which to shoot, and does it actually involve a "ten-foot flume of water," as Vinny hopes?

LIFE: According to HBO, the ride in the show is the Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif., which has one of the deepest drops of any roller coaster in the world and which goes 85 mph, explaining Jeremy Piven's brilliant half-orgasmic, half-passed-out expression as the ride hits top speed. And no, it's just a roller coaster -- no water anywhere near it.


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gossip in MD    

I was bored with last nights episode I like the guy who plays Dom he is really good as a cop in another HBO show "The Wire" but it just seemed like a boring episode to me. Nothing exciting happened like the first two episodes. Oh and if anybody has on demand dont believe them when they say that the episode will be avalible tomorrow (meaning today since the show airs sunday) last weeks episode didnt appear on demand until this past friday. So if you missed it try and catch the rerun cause on demand is not that reliable..

3019 days ago


I think Jeremy Piven(sp) is HOTT....sorry, anyways I agree, last nights episode was pretty boring!

3019 days ago


I thought yesterdays episode was complex, because it is setting up some big issues down the road. However, I was surprised that Ari just didn't take his daughter and let her know that she isn't old enough to date...spoiled brat. As far as Dom is concerned, he's going to cost Vince a lil more than just friendship. The storms are near. Not a really good ep, but it was setting up a plotline, so 3.5 out of 4.

3019 days ago


I am worried that "Dom" will be the top vote getter on could he kill my favorite show? I hated him and hated that he sucked all the fun out of our other guys. not one laugh last night, not one.

3019 days ago


Last night's show was setting the story line for future episodes. The character of Dom really seemed to suck the life and chemistry out of the show. Like turtle said last night 4 is perfect 5 is too many. Dom seemed to throw everything off.

3019 days ago


I thought last night episode's was the best of this season, so far. I was slightly disappointed with the first two shows of the season. The first was especially weak.

I think introducing "Dom" is really setting up some "drama" for down the road. On a side note, how many times do you see a 13 year old totally "tell off" a grown adult????

3019 days ago


last nights episode was boring

3019 days ago

Adam Baum    

Add another "o" to Dom....I'm predicting a plotline to rival an "E Hollywood" story--full of doom. I'm worried for our boys!

3019 days ago


The blackout episode was one of the best episodes ever, I thought...I figured this past episode wouldn' t be as great. You got to love how Drama reacts to Dom, but other than that I agree that Dom has to go. This show seriously needs to be an hour long. A half hour is not enough.

3018 days ago


entourage has gotten boring. thank goodness for ari's writer. he/she is keeping the show alive. dom is making vince seem too stupid. what's wit no water during the AQUAman ride?

3006 days ago

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