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Babwa Hate Star

6/28/2006 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters has hated Star Jones for a long time, and it has nothing to do with Rosie O'Donnell. 

I'm told Barbara utterly turned on Star during the diva's wedding.  Walters was horrified by the freebies Star was getting and felt she was making "The View" look awful.

Barbara Walters and Star Jones

But it goes beyond all that.  For several years, I've heard that Barbara was fed up with Star acting like she was all that.  It's true, no one has a higher opinion of Star than herself.  I remember during the O.J. Simpson civil trial (her pre-gastric surgery days), when someone I know complimented her on her hairstyle.  Star's response:  "That's my Audrey Hepburn look." 

Star has pissed off an awful lot of people in Hollywood who feel she treated them shabbily -- that, by the way is an extreme understatement.  It's no surprise that Barbara Walters ultimately turned on her.

The problem is, now Walters is starting to look really bad, publicly feuding with Jones.  She should follow her smart self and just shut up.  But she can't.  You see, that's how much she hates Star.


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I am looking forward to the new season of the View. I will give Rosie a chance. I loved her talk show. I like to listen to all points of "Views", and Elisabeth is someone I agree with most of the time. Just be open minded and stop all the hatred, and enjoy. If you don't like it don't watch, but at least give it a chance.

3047 days ago


Barbara Walters is an idiot...let me rephrase it, is an old idiot!

Barbara harmed herself and she didn't do herself any favor. Barbara Walter can bitch are she wanted but The View and ABC made rating gold off of Star wedding. If she felt it was wrong then ABC shouldn't have done those specials...that were rating gold.

So, all this indicate to me, is that Barbara is a lying two face B****.

I don't care if Barbara doesn't like Star personally, they had a professional relationship and Star played a major part increasing the View popularity, not BW...who only grace the show once a week. I don't understand the BETRAYAL part and Harvey all you doing is helping Star position.

Because Barbara made it personal, not Star. She told the truth, and "the truth shall set you free."

P.S. I'm a Brangelina fan and I'm not forgeting how the View used them also and framed them by letting those bitches talk about them the way they did. I won't forget that...and I hope Brad and Angie never do another interview with Barbara again.

3047 days ago


I will not continue to watch the view, as I feel BW is making a huge Mistake...They all talk at the same time, and now with Rosie, it should be even worse. I always liked BW, but feel after 9 yrs of loyalty to the view, Starr deserved more...... If anyone needed to be fired, it should've been Elizabeth!!! We've lost our taste for the VIEW!!!

3047 days ago


As the head cheese in charge; Babwa, and Bill Getty should have sat star down, and told her the freebie wedding thing was highly inappropriate. If memory serves me, abc only said something when Star was past the half way point in planning her wedding. They absolutely allowed her to hang herself.

I lost all interest in the show, and only tuned in when I thought they would be covering a certain subject in hot topics. Star has burnt alot of bridges, and the people she stepped on to get to where she was, will be laughing in her face on the way down the ladder of success.

Welcome to the Z list Starlet.

3047 days ago


I don't understand how Star remained on the show for all these years. I mean it didn't take long to figure her out and what a self-absorbed raging bore she is!! What did the producers see in her that most do not? She's also the reason they have never won for best host at the Emmys I'm sure.

3047 days ago


Look Kenny, Star remained on the show because she has fans and her point of view is shared by a lot of people. She was the only one on the show that represented the south and she did is with intelligence. So she became a bridezilla, so what? If it brought shame on Barbara's View why did she encouraged it and had specials and specials the helped boost ABC ratings.

I don't have a problem with phony Barbara Walters not renewing Star contract and going in a different direction but Barbara is a no class witch to act like she was doing all this for Star,,,,when she wasn't. They didn't want to say Star contract was not renewed....they wanted to control it and pass the crap onto Star.

Star told the truth and that was it. Barbara showed her true face this morning and it wasn't pretty. Barbara should retired or stay off the show because she's cramping the flow.

Barbara made it personal and the stupid thing is, if she had handle it with class the Star would have been seen as a ingrate. But Barbara protested too much and showed her true phony, lying, no class face. The more her personal dislike comes out in the public against Star, the less her credibility is believed.

Unfortunately, for Barbara by Star flipping the script she shown us a side to Barbara Walter that screams hypocrite.

3047 days ago


The view merely proves what all women know- things can turn ugly in groups of females, thatall want to be heard and become powerful. I think Barbara shows her lack of leadership, and class, Star her impoliteness and self-centered ness, Joy her loud, pushy, rantings and the only one with style and class is gone-Meredith. Rosie a mouthy, lesbian, will fit right into what the view has turned into-the WRONG VIEW! I say watch other shows and move on!

3047 days ago


The view merely proves what all women know- things can turn ugly in groups of females, thatall want to be heard and become powerful. I think Barbara shows her lack of leadership, and class, Star her impoliteness and self-centered ness, Joy her loud, pushy, rantings and the only one with style and class is gone-Meredith. Rosie a mouthy, lesbian, will fit right into what the view has turned into-the WRONG VIEW! I say watch other shows and move on!

3047 days ago


I find it VERY hard to believe Barbara has hated Star for a long time. And turning on Star at her wedding???
Come on-get real. I seriously doubt that. This whole story is getting carried away. She's gone-THE END.
I just wish it was Joy instead. Both Rosie and Joy will be comic overload I'm sure. Seeing the sparks fly between them should be entertaining for sure. Only time will tell.

3047 days ago

Pat Callahan    

On February 13, 2002, Jones said that, in her opinion, Atheists are unqualified to hold the office of President of the United States.

Bye bye Star.

3047 days ago

Stacy Harris    

Kudos to Star Jones Reynolds for not playing the race card (as of 8:54 p.m. Central Time June 28, 2006, anyway).

No one would begrudge Barbara Walters for telling a “white lie” in order to protect “a friend,” but Walters went beyond that. Barbara lied to The View’s viewers and thus has justifiably lost much of her credibility.

Viewers were told not to believe rumors such as the one about Star being miffed that, following Meredith Vieira’s departure, she wouldn’t be allowed to lead the discussion segments. Sure enough, after Meredith left, and every day since, it’s been Barbara Walters occupying the coveted head chair at the table.

The View will falter with two resident comediennes (Joy Behar and Rosie O’Donnell) upstaging each other. The program jumped the shark when it hired Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who would never have chosen if it weren’t for her being a “reality” show star. There’s nothing less real than “reality” shows, so it’s no wonder Hasselbeck adds little to The View (other than a refreshing, Conservative viewpoint otherwise missing from the program), that could be better espoused by someone with less air in her head.

I don’t see the show lasting past the season beginning September 9th.

Stacy Harris
Stacy’s Music Row Report

3047 days ago


I too am glad to see Star go. Don't let the door hit you Star on your way out .,Or let it who cares? Too bad shes slinging mud and trying to drag down Barbara Walters down with her.I will be watching more of The View now that Star is gone. The show finally has class once again.Good-Bye Star happy to see you go and hope I don't seeyou again!!!

3047 days ago

Not aBrandyFan    

Here's the most accurate description of "The View" from one of the comments above.
'The show is a self-important, self-indulgent piece of crap anyway.'
if this is the case, why is there so much ---about stress about Star talking about her wedding. It's not like these women were put together to discuss politics or other serious topics. If she got freebies for her wedding and gave them out to her guests, Why should anyone care? Ain't those the kind of stories that sell tabloids and send ratings through the roof?

3047 days ago


I'm not sad to see Star leave and I won't be happy to see
Rosie D. join the group. I think BW should take the high
ground for the good of the show and shut up.

I think Lorraine Bracco would make a great co-host --
or at least -- guest co-host. She's been a great
guest several times and the audiences alway seem
to enjoy her segments. So how about it !

BTW -- I don't like the new sofa layout. Everyone
looks very uncomfortable. Leave them sitting
at the table.

3047 days ago

sherry Hanley    

Rosie canned Star. Barbara caved-in. Rosie demanded that Star had to go if she was going to sign. Barbara didn't fight for Star, and is furious that Star threw a spotlight on the fact that Barbara is a spineless oportunist. Barbara's goodbye to Star: "You're fired Sweetheart, but be a good sport and tell everyone it was all your idea".

3047 days ago
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