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Deb to Star -- What Goes Around Comes Around

6/29/2006 2:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones & Debbie MatenopoulosDebbie Matenopoulos had a message for ex-friend Star Jones in an interview today, something along the lines of: Payback's a bitch.

The former "View" co-host appeared on Fox TV's "Good Day LA"  Friday morning, revealing that she and Star were extremely close, that is until Debbie got the boot in 1999.  She says that's when Star completely abandoned her.  "The thing that was most hurtful to me," said Debbie, "was that I thought that [she] was my friend, and then [she] was nowhere to be found."

As Debbie pointed out,  "It's called 'show business,' not show 'friends.'"

Debbie added that she wasn't upset about having to leave the show, saying she was told  that the show had to move "in a different direction," which is the equivalent of getting dumped and being told "It's me, not you." 

Et tu, Star.


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Dorothy S.    

As long as Star was fat, black, and happy and manless. She was acceptable. It didn't escape me that as soon as she lost weight and "some" people saw that she really is beautiful (as she stated all along) and married a successful, handsome black man did she suddenly become a liability to the show. If her wedding freebies were so wrong and her weight loss so unappealing , then why were there countless shows on both subjects. ABC and Barbara Walters all had to sign off on what was aired and what wasn't. If you believe that cock and bull story Ms. Walters is spouting, then you really must have your head in the sand. People are fired everyday and no one makes a major announcement. So what if she announced her departure from the show 2 days earlier than planned. Since she could have said or made up any reason as to why she was leaving, then it should have been perfectly acceptable for her to tell the truth as she saw it. Does the timing really matter? It wouldn't if there wasn't some grain of truth to what Star had to say. She was acceptable as long as she fat, black, successful, and manless. As soon as she began to take better care of herself and became engaged to a man that loved her and found her sexy and atttactive at her former weight then the problems set in. I knew something was up back in March of this year because she was unusually quiet and not participating the way she normally would. I couldn't put my finger on it then, but once they announced that Rosie O'Donnell would be Meredith's replacement I figured that the one voice for Christianity that Rosie couldn't overshadow (i.e., Star) would be gone in a flash and I was right. The show is going in a different direction, she's right about that. How is one betrayed by a simple act of timing. That's what this boils down to. Star spilled the beans before ABC and Barbara Walters wanted her to and now she's a loose cannon and can't be controlled. I did not realize that it was the job of employers to "control" their employees. I was under the impression that it was a contractual agreement for services rendered and payment tendered in kind for those services.

She was fired that's what "your contract will not be renewed for next year" means. To say she wasn't fired is inaccurate at best and so P.C. that's it's not even funny. Several people are attempting to save face because they have been caught with their pants down so to speak. If you make it your practice to be above board and honest and full of integrity in all your dealings with people, it would not be necessary to save face. People would know the truth from the beginning and the speculation would go nowhere. Show business is a cutthroat, ruthless and conniving business. Everyone in it is aware of this fact. You have to play the game if you want to survive. Sometimes one has to decide what being the game is going to cost them. If the price is too high then you have to sideline yourself or take yourself off the team completely.

Star made her decision and ABC and Barbara Walters made their decision. I wouldn't have exited the show the way Star did but then we are two different people. Star isn't asking for your approval or your blessing, and I think that is what has so many people upset with her. She is who she is and she makes no apologies for it. If being self-confident and self-assured, intelligent, articulate and comfortable in your own skin is considered a negative, then this country has really gone downhill.


2924 days ago


That's what I kinda wondered....who's Debbie?

2974 days ago


Star Jone's huge ego is her own demise. In show business, when they want you gone, you had better 'shut up and smile', and hope you can get your next gig.
You tell me who would want to hire Star Jones now? She is totally uncontrollable, and certainly not a team player. In addition, Jones has very little to offer, in fact it is only about her that she hawks. Sad. Going on Larry King,to complain, will make Star Jones dig her own grave.

2974 days ago

Lance K.    

Living in Los Angeles, I saw the Fox 11 news. TMZ is totally oversensationalizing what happened. Debbie was set to come on anyway. That was stated OVER AND OVER AND OVER. If you can get a transcript I suggest you do that because the impression TMZ left is foul and it was hardly like that

2974 days ago

Lance K.    

TMZ cracks me up with their little video clips. They should have shown the before and after. The Star comment was such a small thing. As Debbie mentioned The View was a great starting point that gave them all chances and she was young and really didn't know what to expect. Her contract wasn't renewed just like Stars wasn't but in my opinion Debbie handled her goodbye far more classier than Star's.

2974 days ago


I like that Star spoke up for herself. Why shouldn't she be upset, after all she was techinically fired when they didn't renew her contract. I'm glad she stood up and said that she was leaving and I think she did do it gracefully. She didn't say anything mean about anyone and she did say that she will miss her ABC family and thanked everyone. So what if she did it two days before it was planned. Debbie didn't have 9 years on the show and didn't make the show a success so to compare Debbie and Star isn't completely the same thing. If Star truly did care for Debbiefriendship then she should have remained friends and that is a different story all together. Star won't have a hard time finding work. I hope she uses her law degree and does something with entertainement just like how she started with the OJ Simpson trial. Maybe she could go to Court TV or CNN and get her own show there like Nancy Grace has. I look forward to seeing her on Larry King tonight. It shows that she is in control of her own future....

2974 days ago


People get fired. It happens everyday. There isn't any reason for ABC to keep an employee that they no longer want. Star looks like a vengeful c*nt! When you are fired from any professional situation it is always best to just smile say "thank you for the opportunity" and look for another job. How is this mud slinging going to help Star's already tarnished image as a diva that is out of control? Who would hire her now, regardless if she is justified or not!?

2974 days ago

Lance K.    

Star showed her lack of class by not letting the focus for the beginning of that show be on the Charlie Gibson goodbye. Trust me she has known for months and waiting until the end of the broadcast or for a day or two as planned wouldn't have killed her. She wanted to go out with a bang. I find her self centered and if you worked in the studio you would too. She's a horror to work around

2974 days ago


Charlie Gibson...who care about that. I'm a View watcher and Barbara Walters lied to her audience. It's the audience that make or break a show and I think BW and ABC forgot that. I don't care about Rosie O and her big hateful adgenda what she wrote about Star was very hateful and mean.

Not everyone shares Rosie viewpoint about her lifestyle and many people are trying to understand and come to terms in their mind vs what they've been taught. What I found so funny was that Star as a officer of the law, protected Rosie's rights to express herself.

2974 days ago


This is odd! Why would this lady inject herself into this controversy? Star did the right thing, Barbara damaged her credibilty with this messy divorce. I didn't realise that The View only gets about 3million viewers a day. The Views days are numbered even Live with Regis and Kelly/Kathy Lee averages higher numbers than that.

2974 days ago


Star was laid off. When you're fired you are let go that day. She has known for months that her contract was up. No more whiners.

2974 days ago


Please...let Star Jones GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! And stop crying how we don't want to see strong black woman! Go sing that song somewhere else! It has nothing to do with race! It has to do with ABC not wanting to show us Star's horrific face anymore! Thank you ABC!

2974 days ago


Star has more education and business savyness than anyone on that show.

I'm sure Star will survive & do just fine!

2974 days ago


Enough with Star freakin Jones already. Her 15 mins are long gone. She needs to stfu and go back to her "allegedly" gay hubby.
You'd be well advised to put MONEY on the fact that she WILL air her dirty laundry on Larry King because that is what Star is all about...self-promotion. I'm glad she got the boot. She didn't add a thing to that show other than to signify the time to change the channel...she did that every time she opened her fat pie hole.

2974 days ago


I can totally see why Star felt "fired". Look at everything that has been said for months now, with the media speculating her return or departure. And the whole time, I know I have seen videos of Barbara Walters telling Star "We have made it known to Star that she is welcome back". BULLSHIT!. I would have done the same thing. Having to keep up with a lie for months knowing you're going to be canned must suck. And to think that they chose someone like Rosie O'Donnel over her? The View is obviously not going to be the same. Barbara Walters was just trying to look like the good guy here when in fact she is a snake like the rest of TV world. They made it seem like Star was thinking of not coming back because they signed Rosie to the show when in fact they didnt want her back. Its amazing what people do in show business. I commend Star. I think considering the circumstances, she handled it better than I would. I would have told Barbara Walters to go get laid so she isnt so uptight!!

2974 days ago
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