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Police Raids Over Jolie-Pitt Baby Shower

6/29/2006 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the FBI and Massachusetts authorities raided a Westfield, Mass. home Tuesday night and seized photos of a baby shower held by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

It's a bizarre story that starts in Namibia, where the shower was thrown. James Haven, Jolie's brother, took a number of pictures in Namibia. When he returned to L.A., his camera broke so he took it to Best Buy where the camera was purchased, and asked them to fix it under the warranty. Best Buy sent the camera to Precision Camera and Video Repair in Enfield, Connecticut.

Sources tell TMZ that two employees at Precision, Bill Keyes and Adam Beckwith, discovered the pictures in the digital camera. We're told that Keyes told authorities that Beckwith downloaded the photos.

Keyes mother, Madelon, told TMZ that her 36-year-old son was excited, showed her the pictures and sent an email to someone in California. Sources say the email may have been an attempt to sell the photos. Madelon Keyes told TMZ, "I don't think he would do something like that."

A sergeant from the Westfield Police Department confirmed with TMZ that authorities searched Keyes' home and seized his computer. The sergeant also said a search warrant was executed at Precision Camera and Video Repair and the actual camera that took the pictures was also seized.

The sergeant said neither Keyes nor Beckwith were arrested and that the case is in the hands of the LA County District Attorney. The sergeant says neither man violated Massachusetts law, but California laws are different.

Danielle Friedland of Celebrity Baby Blog tells TMZ that she received an email last week with sample photos attached, "to see what these photos may be worth." One of the of the images was on her blog. After some consideration, however, Danielle removed the images, believing the photos may have been illegally obtained.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney had no comment because the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed.

We could not reach Bill Keyes or Adam Beckwith for comment.

John Malinosky, President of Precision Camera and Video Repair said he was unaware of the search and "We have absolutely no knowledge of this."

TMZ placed a call to Lavely & Singer, Pitt and Jolie's lawyers, but it was not returned.

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This person should learn to respect the privacy of others, he should have to pay for the crime that he committed,.

If you let people like that walk with just a slap then they never learn even though this was his first time he was trying to make some quick cash.

You know the old saying if you do the crime you have to pay for the time.,

good luck on getting out of this with Brad and Angelina

3036 days ago


Would you really want your pictures of your PERSONAL life posted on every website and in every magazine? You are lying if you said you wouldn't care!

These people have been stalked, harrassed, their children are in danger even at school, and they were forced to have their baby out of the country just TO FIND SOME PEACE!

Then you say the FBI shouldn't be involved in COPYRIGHTED photos? This is what the FBI does!

Come on guys. Put your hatred aside and put yourself in their place. Wouldn't you just want to be left alone to enjoy your new baby and your family?

This has nothing to do with money, but if you had watched the interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN that Angelina did then you would know that she does support many charities in the USA!

If she gave all her money away, bashed her face in with a hammer, threw Brad Pitt over the side of a mountain, and drove her vehicle into a tree becoming paralysed, you haters would still say all the horrible things you say about her.

You will only be happy when she is broke, alone, ugly, and childless.

You are all sick people!

3035 days ago

Lance K.    

Now the LAPD need to do their part and make sure that these fools don't use others pictures for their own monetary gain. But then the LAPD is horrible at follow through whether you or famous or not

3035 days ago

Lance K.    

The sad thing is there are people everyday using their jobs/positions to unfairly profit off of others. Be careful with your photo's yall. People will do anything for a fast buck because they know they won't have to pay for their crimes and that other people will make up excuses for inexcusable behavior

Wrong is Wrong

3035 days ago

Mark Jordon    

what was stolen? As long as the pictures were left on the camera, they were just 'copied' there were no trademark or copyright violations. Why hasn't the FBI arrested the alleged 'thieves' ? Every celebrity knows that there is no 'right to privacy' except in your own home. Ironically, one of the advantages of digital photography is that it needs no developing, hence one can keep one's photos private- unless of course you are too stupid to download and then erase the picts from the camera.

3035 days ago

Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie herein    

"""""""We have severe issues w/crime (e.g. terrorists, gangs, child abduction & trafficking, etc) and this is what FBI & other investigators are doing??? Since Brad & Angelina aren't able to make a profit from these photos, all hell breaks loose. Low tolerance for these two, maybe they'll return to Africa where they can continue to give to other countries and ignore the great neediness that Americans could benefit from, considering it's the Americans that gave them their wealth. Shame on the both of you!

Posted at 4:24PM on Jun 29th 2006 by Rosalie 0 stars"""""""

You are the stupidest person to ever walk the earth. You think people suffer in America as much as other countries? This is a free country with LOTS of oppoutunities - someone can pull themselves out of poverty situations. The problem with this country is drugs and alcohol abuse - not shortage of money. Sounds to me like you have some problems lady...get a job at target and save your money to start a small business. Stop crying about being born in the richest country in the history of the whole world.

Brad and Angelina are great people who help countries in NEED, OVERALL. People that were born in decrepid situations just by aweful luck. kneel down and kiss the ground of the United States for no help is needed for the greatest country in the world.

3035 days ago


I'm so sick of reading about how B&A "should" be helping people in "our" country. Hello! We are living in THE RICHEST country in the world! It is AGAINST THE LAW for our children to not go to school. Anyone who is born in America has the chance to make it. The type of poverty here in America is so different from poverty in third world countries, hence the name. I donate time, money and energy into helping people here in America. I've stood in lines serving homeless people food. I think about all the other people who don't have this type of support in their own country and applaud celebs who take the time and effort to make a difference worldwide. Please stop being so self-absorbed and spread negativity. It's great that Brad and Angie are doing something that would bring others stop the hating and educate yourself!

3035 days ago

Clarissa Parker    

THis board draws some of the most negativity producing people

3034 days ago

sue hayes    

Thank GOD every day that you are in America. You are able to ask for help, and most likely to get get Social Security, in Florida-Medicaid, free breakfast and lunch for underpriviledged children, low cost housing, and other social service programs. Have opportunities to apply for any available jobs, like Wal-Mart. " Around the corner" is a hospital, police department, fire department, a Publix supermarket, etc... moreover, we have a government that "cares" about its' people, especially, child and women welfare. I believe these are the main reasons people are more sympathetic and willing to "reach out" to people of foreign countries.

3033 days ago


It's been said so many times here that it's the FBI's job to investigate this...and the reason why it's done with such speed and time is exactly because of who Brad and Angie. They are celebs and people are willing to pay big bucks for their private pictures. Nobody cares about the "average Joe"...if your pictures got stolen, who cares? If you left your memory card in the camera, no one would care to even steal them because it's worthless. Put it on the internet, and no one would pay or even give a damn! But these people are Brad and Angie. It's their personal pictures, put on the internet for the ENTIRE world to view and bid over. I am so thrilled that the FBI are that good to catch those greedy people, willing to invade other's privacy for $. Thank God I live in America, and thank God I have rights to protect myself. Thank God for people like Brad and Angie who are willing to do so much more with their star status besides drinking and partying.

3033 days ago


This is truly the biggest waste of american tax dollars, I have seen in awhile aside from the haleburten deal, but whos counting this country is great for lining the pockets of the wealthy and taxing the crap out of the working man. It's pathetic that these people made their millions in the united states but are donating to other countries not that I don't feel for them but I believe we need to help our own first, look at the hundreds of thousands of little ones in the foster systems of this country, and the working poor who are doing all they can just to feed their families, why not help those. But noooo we americans are not good enough for these people, well go live in Nambia. Let them pay for tickets and watch your movies, ohhh that's right they don't have any money to do that..... I can tell you I have lost all interest in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and I refuse to watch anything that they make for movies and if more of us americans did that maybe it would make a point and they would open their eyes to how much influence the working man has on their pockets.

3033 days ago


Interesting, and certainly not the sort of treatment you or I could expect to receive.

3033 days ago


If you want to learn more about what the FBI does check out:

Though I couldn't find anything to match this.

Here is the CT field office web by two sensitive women I guess so let's cut them some slack!

3032 days ago


I wonder what would happen, how would the negative people feel

** if their camera had broken and they took it to be repaired and found that the pictures of their kids ended up on a kiddie porn site.

** if they had taken a computer to be fixed and their financial information on their computer was *lifted* by a tech worker and used to steal their identity?

So many different possibilities. Wonder if the negative people would be showing their ugly side here if it weren't Angelina and Brad?


3031 days ago



3031 days ago
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