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Spelling Mansion

Secretly On the Market

7/5/2006 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Candy Spelling, Aaron's widow, has quietly put the Spellings' legendary mansion on the market for $150 million.

Sources in the real estate industry say Westside Estate Agency (WEA) has a pocket listing on the 56,000 square foot estate, meaning it is quietly being shopped among realtors and select buyers. The mansion, located in the exclusive Holmby Hills area of L.A., was completed in 1991 for around $47 million, which includes $10 million for the land.

One real estate source says Candy Spelling has let a lot of people on the staff go and that the buzz is that she is going to shut the house down so it can be shown by realtors. Aaron Spelling died on June 23.


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The man produced a ton of shows that most of us grew up with... He made and deserved his fortune. What his wife does with it is none of our business. There are numerous quiet millionaires (outside of the ent. industry) that could snatch this up. I'd imagine it WON'T sell for the asking price, but then again... someone might be willing to pay it if they want it bad enough.

I'm sure any of those who posted negatively toward this story... you'd change your tune if you were on the receiving end of a $150 mil sale. How bout direct that energy toward making something for yourself instead of griping about it.

3011 days ago


I agree. People with so much money should give to those who don't. So sell your computer and send the money to some people in a third world country who are really poor. For that matter, sell everything you have. Why should you have so much when others are suffering? It's sinful. If you're not willing to then stop busting the chops of the people who have more than you.

3011 days ago


Glad to see socialists in full swing here. Spelling earned the money he used to buy this house. No one gave it to him. He didn't steal it. He used his mind to come up with innovative content that people enjoyed and gladly paid for (cable, buying the goods advertised etc.) Democracy and capitalism are the worst systems... except for all the others.

Grow up you whining pansie commies

3011 days ago

Gussy Alfredo    

I hear Wal-Mart Corp. is going to buy the house, tear it down, and put in a Super Sam's Club.

3011 days ago

Pat Burnette    

Oh please, $150 million? Well, maybe she will give to American charities instead of overseas charities like Brad and Angelina have done and continue to do so; even though there are starving children and bad schools right in their USA. Let's hope some of the stars start giving to our own for a change!

3011 days ago

Spencer Ramirez    

I feel very sorry for Candy. She's lost the love of her daugher, and now her husband of 38 years has passed on. Together they built a magnificent home, a tribute to a life well lived. It even has a bowling alley. By all accounts they were the most generous, charming, interesting and beloved couple in Hollywood. America is a better place becuase of the Spellings (remember Charlie's Angels, anyone?). Now lets all support her in her time of darkness. Bless you, Candy. And tell that daughter of yours to shape up. She should be right by your side every minute of the day until you feel better.

3011 days ago

Mike Greener    

Most of us .... hell, ALL of us that waste time looking at Hollywood stuff .... will never
even conceive this kind of wealth. My two cents? It's hers, if she sells it, fine.
She can take the money and blow it all on shoes or hats ..... but if she feels
moved to help some little people, I'd be grateful for a mil or two .....

3011 days ago

mike jones    

I hope Tori Spellings inherits every cent of the 150 million. Maybe she will make friends with Paris Hilton and they can both ride by in their Ferrari's and look down on all of you Socialist wallowing in your own self pity. Do you not realize that the Spelling's and Hilton's of the world have been employing thousands of people for decades, thus enabling Americans to have jobs and put food on their tables. If you took all the money in the U.S and divided it up equally amongst all of its citizens. The stupid ones would be buying new cars with those little spinning hub caps, and the smart ones would be selling them at their dealerships.

3011 days ago


Wow, all that money and he still couldn't escape the Grim Reaper.
We all die equal, don't we?...and also, you have no idea if they donate to charity
or not, so reserve your judgment. Your jealousy is apparent...mine too, I'd like a go at living that lifestyle.

3011 days ago

Robert Hutton    

Jeez, the people knocking her are really insensitive idiots - has it occurrred to any of them that she just may be unable to deal with living in the place without her husband of 38 years, that it's just too painful for her? Or maybe it just feels too empty without him?

What gives people the right to make judgements on her motives? WHY DON'T THESE LOSERS JUST ASSUME SHE IS SINCERE AND MOVE ON?

Hey, some of you people out there bought your houses 10 years ago for $150k, and now they are worth over $400k - so are you great samaritans donating those AWFUL, DIRTY PROFITS to the homeless?

Jeez, grow up, losers.

3011 days ago


This is the ugliest looking property I've seen... what a ridiculous price tag. I hated Aaron's TV shows and we coundn't wait til he dropped! Thank God!

Now we are waiting for his non-actress wan-a-be daughter Tori to fall apart!!


3011 days ago


If you put down 20% or $30,000,000 a 30 year mortgage at 6% would yield a monthly payment of $719,461. This is of course not counting home owners insurance and property taxes. That's sure to add another couple hundred grand a year to your bills :-o

3011 days ago


I cannot believe the discusting sense of entitlement people in this country seem to have. Has anyone even researched the charitable donations that the Spellings' have given? Ms. Spelling is the heir to the property, and what makes this country great is that she can do what the hell she want's with what is hers. Stop the pathetic whinning! Really it is sick.

3011 days ago


that mortage comes to nearly $100,000 a month!

3011 days ago

Spencer Ramirez    

If Candy refuses to give this property to charity, then she should be executed. Pure and simple. In addition, her two children should be forced to hand over their entire inheritance within seven days to the State of California. Give then 24 hours to comply, and if they resist, then it's off to the gas chamber. I've had it with rich people keeping the money they've earned.

3011 days ago
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