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EXCLUSIVE: Suri Cruise Birth Certificate

7/10/2006 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the official birth certificate of the elusive Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

The document, filed with the Los Angeles County Register-Recorder/County Clerk, was filed May 8, 2006. (Click on document to download) There are several interesting items of note:

First, St. John's Hospital has a policy of filing birth certificates within 10 days of birth. In this case, Suri was born on April 18 but the certificate was not filed until May 8, 20 days later. An official from the hospital told TMZ that the delay occurred because they needed a signature from the parents or a representative of the parents certifying birth, and that person did not come in until May 4. The person who signed is labeled "friend." The signature is not legible.

Also, the "Attendant or Certifier" who signed the certificate -- Anne Heffernan, RNC -- was not in the delivery room and did not see the baby. But a hospital rep tells TMZ that Heffernan is authorized to sign when the doctor is not available. A hospital rep said "normally the doctor signs" but it isn't a requirement.

Finally, the hospital rep said that the circumstances that triggered the eventual signing of the birth certificate were that Suri needed a passport and a birth certificate is a prerequisite to obtaining one.


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The baby Suri, I believe as another poster suggested was adopted.

The reason there have been no pictures of this baby is because the baby is probably months older than a newborn baby, and it would be obvious this early in a newborns life if she was photographed.
If she weighed 7 lbs at birth and they presented a baby who weighed 12 lbs for example it would be so obvious.
When the baby gets older a 5 lb difference won't be questioned, and if it were to be, they'd just say she's a great eater and is off the charts weight wise for a baby her age, and they'd be able to pull it off.
When she was "pregnant" I have to tell you I have NEVER in my life seen anyone carry as huge as she did, never, unless they were expecting twins, triplets.
She always looked unnatural and phoney.

3000 days ago


i read somewhere else that scientologists don't believe in having their children get all of the shots they need at birth. any actually. so the doctors may have advised them top keep her indoors for the first 6 months, so her immune system can build up it's defenses naturally. but i don't know if that's true or not.

3000 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

For those who commented that we shouldn't be concerned about the comings and goings of Hollywood type celebrities....Well, if certain celebrities didn't jump up and down on a couch on a nationally broadcast show, didn't go over the top with their public displays of affection every time a camera was pointed their way, and make everything else public about the upcoming birth of their baby, then none of us would care! It's because of the big "build up" to this "spectacular event," that dramatically ceased after the supposed birth of this child, that the public is left wondering...what happened? Hence, the reason we are here posting our comments. JMHO :o}

3000 days ago

The Amazing Kreskin    

Countless photos of her fake pregnancy later, we have a fake birth, with presumably a smuggled Russian/E.Euro baby to grow into her actual age before photos of her can be taken to ensure that only the STUPIDEST media-swilling idiots will eventually have "proof" that Tom Cruise isn't GAY.

He is, the baby doesn't belong to either of them, the tummybulge was a balloon, and they're both brainwashed dummies controlled by the most successful cult of the 20th century.

Poor kid, whosever it is.

2999 days ago


I think it is a shame that Tom Cruise is using his daughter (if he really has a biological daughter) as a pawn for positive publicity or just to keep people interested in him. I can't believe anything that Tom Cruise says or does anymore, so how could I know if he really does have a child with Katie Holmes? And Katie is so star struck by Tom that she will say or do anything just to keep him. At this point in time, I really could careless if TomKat has a child, I have no respect for either one of them anymore.

2998 days ago


I thought Tom Cruise was sterile. When he was married to Nicole for 10 years, I read an article several years back that he could not father a biological child and that is why they adopted their children. Although, back in 2001 (I believe), Nicole was 2 months pregnant, then had a miscarraige, and they broke up shortly after that. I always thought that was why Tom and Nicole got divorced, because she got pregnant and he knew he could not be the father. Perhaps this information was false, but if not, how could he have a biological child with Katie?

2998 days ago


Tom Cruise is just a damn looney toon! I bet Nicole is thanking her lucky stars she is away from that dingbat! He manipulated Katie and is making her look as rabid as he is. She said she always liked him growing up and he took that and ran with it. What kind of a fool fakes a baby's birh certificate? They should both get on a shuttle and rocket to the moon and stay there so we can concentrate on more important issues, like Iraq.

2998 days ago

Jenny Smith    

To all of you who claim that you don't care: you obviously care enough that you would take time from your busy, philanthropist, world-changing life to get on this site and post a hypocritical response. So get off of your damn high horses, accept that you are a gossip whore and shut up.

2998 days ago


The talk around the water cooler is most people think Tom manipulated Katie into pretending to be pregnant. Then he would make her a superstar like Nicole and Julia Roberts. The baby is probably adopted and Tom is probably still gay as a blade. The church of Scienctology has some huge secrets on Tom and he is scared that they might start dropping dimes on him so he goes on huge rants to promote the cult everywhere. Katie had said she would be a stay at home Mom and quit Hollywood and now all of a sudden she wants a comeback? Proving the above theory may be true.

2998 days ago


What is wrong with Tom and Katie? They can't get enought publicity when they are dating and pregnant and now a complete 180? Not normal. Everyone else in Hollywood who have babies take them out for walks and so on. This fuels the rumors that the relationship is fake and Tom is gay. Tom is a perfect example of someone who needs to take medication. They don't make the stuff for fun.

2997 days ago

W Taylor    

Someone should expose Scientology for what it is...a crazy cult. Don't they take the baby away from the mother for (at least) 24 hours? They don't believe children - even newborns - should be cuddled and fussed over for belief it makes them weak in some way. If a baby hits his head on a rock they don't comfort baby but lay the baby's head against the rock to transfer the pain back into the rock. After all, babies are just "little adults." This was reported in a magazine by ex-Scientologist. What other whacky rituals do they practice?

2997 days ago


Tom is a crazy chicken running around with his head cut off! Blast you and your cult cruise! Grow up and raise your two children and your supposed "baby". People are sick and tired of you hogging headlines on where your baby is when it could be used for more important issues.

2997 days ago


I find it completely odd that there are no pictures of them with the baby leaving the hospital, when in fact we all know that camera crews would be following them the last few weeks and the nearing of the due date. Secret birth or not. Yes it's sad that people constantly snoop into celebrity lives but it was their choice to even announce their preganancy with the child. They were starting to go out of the light after the announcement they had gotten together, and suddenly their with child? People expect them to show of their 'child' because why bother building up the excitement during the pregnancy. It's a waste of money for publicity. In some way or another every big celebrity couple has made time for the press to take a few snap shots of the baby after its been born. But it seems Kate and Tom keep making up excuses. I'll believe there's a child when I see it in the arms of one of the parents.

2997 days ago


Oh my gosh.. maybe theres something wrong, with baby Suri. Maybe she has deformities, or something! Which is probably why it's been a year, and we haven't seen her!

2997 days ago


Your all retards.. Noelle Might Be Her Middle Name, Or Her Parent May Be Divorced. And When You Legally Change Your Name, It Isn't Still The Name You Had Before.

2997 days ago
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