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"House Hunters" Gets Star (Jones) Treatment

7/12/2006 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones didn't waste any time in her post-"View" career covering tales of the absurd and grotesque -- namely, trying to buy real estate in New York City.

Jones' first (and heretofore only) TV gig since she says she was very publicly fired from her ABC seat is as a fill-in host on Home and Garden Television's "House Hunters." The show typically follows the travails of a relatively modestly-budgeted real estate customer trying to decide between three alternatives, most of which tend to be nicer than anything your local estate agent has listed.

For this week's episodes, Star introduces the show's segments while strolling down a brownstone- and tree-lined street in Manhattan, spouting the usual cliches about New York (It never sleeps! Lots of people live here! Real estate is real expensive!) of which people from outlying states just can't seem to get enough. But we never actually get to see her interact with the little people.

Wearing a snug flowered dress and gamely smiling through her script, Star tells us that getting an apartment anywhere in New York City for $230,000, as the couple on Tuesday night's show do, is a bargain. And when she tells us that New York real estate is either "expensive," or "unbelievably expensive," she knows of what she speaks: Star put her and husband Al Reynolds' Upper East Side penthouse apartment on the market at the end of May for a not-very-bargain $2.25 million.


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the wise old owl    

That Star Jones must be the LUCKIEST person alive. I still can't understand what the big ATTRACTION is for her. Personally, I think there are so many other woman who could fill her shoes and then some. If I never heard another word about her , it would be fine with me. I wonder if her husband pretends she's a man when he has sex with her. Yuck ! Who knows where that wienie's been. WHAT A FARSE.

3033 days ago


I have always enjoyed House Hunters but last night when I switched the channel and heard that tranny voice, it completely ruined it for me. Shit, does she have to be everywhere? DAMN!

3033 days ago


I totally agree with the other posters, having Star host House Hunters is the quickest way to get me to watch a re-run of Seinfeld. I think she is a smart woman but she's gotten too full of herself and has become an obvious and obnoxious diva.

Anyone with the kind of money she has that begs for freebies and brags about getting bargains doesn't have a clue how that is perceived by the masses who don't have tons of money and could benefit from those freebies.

Strange woman.

3033 days ago


Sunny said: I Love Star she is soooo hot y'all are just jealous that you will never measure up to her flawless beauty!

Um, I am not jealous of her beauty or anything else about her. I think she's just let her head and ego get too big.

Telling people that they're jealous of someone else is how 12 y/o deal. So Sunny are you 12?

3033 days ago


"When God closes a door, he opens a window." Star Jones is blessed to be in God's grace. Watch her grow through all the good and bad.

3033 days ago


I will watch Star on House Hunter's, as far as Seinfield, or whatever his name is. I have never watched his Show. TV is Full of so-call stars, hosting Awards Shows In movies that turn out to be Flops, Most of them can't act their way Out of a Paper Bag. But I will draw my line, if Barbara host the Show. Television is, believe or not, for everyone. What I don't like, I change the Channel. But as far as people personal life is concerned. I am not interested, It locates where the Person mind-set is. When they make personal remarks about others. Like, Star Jones is the only one in the World, that got fired from a job. Or gotten anything FREE.

3033 days ago


Something's up when you get fired from "E"'s red carpet AND the View. I think it says a LOT about the type of woman Star Jones is.

3033 days ago


Please, make her go away.

3033 days ago


Ugh! She was horribleo on the E! Red Carpet. She has got to be one of the single most annoying individuals on television.

3033 days ago


Ohhh noo... now I am going to have to stop watching that....

3033 days ago


Why do bitter old queens and fat housewives hate this woman? You people need to get over yourselves! Leave this woman alone and go back to hating what you see in the mirror.

3033 days ago


I don't hate her, but she grates on the nerves and patience. I think it has to do with her outspoken "Honesty" which is convenient... rather inconsistant.. as she chooses to use it when it has an advantage to her.

3033 days ago


can someone pleeeease explain to me what does she have taht has made her appear in every single blogsite, magazine and tabloid in the past month?? what is the big deal, she is NOT the first person on earth to be fired. plus, I heard she was incredibly difficult to get along with.

3033 days ago

Shelley J Knutson    

I quit watching the view because of STAR. Since her gastric surgery she thinks she is just too good for anyone. Too me she has lost way toooooo much weight. She looks unhealthy. Her head is sooooo big for the rest of her. I hope she is able to get help to deal with her weight lose and accept herself. Just my little tid bit.

3033 days ago


You know what is amazing is that House Hunters had the highest ratings it has ever had. So there must be a lotta' folks who ARE interested in seeing Star Jones.
You ask what does she have that makes her so interesting how about intelligence, a law degree to back up her intelligence, the ability to make decisions based on what she feels and not what others are going to think of her decisions. I actually had no feelings either way about Star Jones before she told the truth on the view of what was about to happen. She did things on her terms and what made her feel good inside and I totally respect that. She could have been a good little girl and gone away the way they wanted her to but she didn't.

3033 days ago
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