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EXCLUSIVE: What Mags Will Pay For Suri Pics

7/13/2006 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has contacted the big players in the bidding wars over celebrity baby photos, and you may be surprised at what a picture of Suri Cruise can fetch.

Editorial staffers from People, Us Weekly, In Touch, Life and Style and OK! spoke candidly with TMZ, on condition that no names be used.

A source at OK! magazine tells TMZ that a set of exclusive, posed photos of the nearly three-month-old Suri would go for anywhere between 4 and $5 million -- People reportedly paid $4.1 million for pictures of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The OK! source believes the high price tag is justified, partly because there would be a huge spike in circulation but also because of "the cred" that a glossy would get by having the photos plastered all over the world.

But sources at In Touch and Life & Style magazines beg to differ. The feeling there -- that Suri's first pics would garner a relatively paltry $2 million - $3 million. One source said the concealment of Suri "stinks" of Tom trying to manipulate the situation by creating mystery and thereby driving the price up.

Over at People, a source tells TMZ that the photos would fetch less than Shiloh's. The source says the main draw is not the baby or Tom but Suri's mom -- "People are fascinated by Katie Holmes, who's leading such a weird life now," transforming from an apple-cheeked All-American girl into the Bride of Scientology.

An Us Weekly source also believes that Suri photos would be a less valuable commodity than Shiloh pics. The thinking -- Brad and Angelina were "beautiful and romantic" after their baby was born. The source says the value in Suri pics have more to do with the "freak factor" of her parents.

And there's this -- One editor told TMZ that the price of the photographs would depend in no small part on where the proceeds from the sale end up, implying that it would be a very different matter if the millions went to African orphans than straight into the coffers of the Church of Scientology.

But what if the first Suri pics were not posed but captured by a paparazzo? A source at Splash News, a photo agency, thinks the shot would be "the biggest picture by a long mile in the world, and that as time goes on, it will only get more valuable. " The source says one good shot could fetch up to $2 million.

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No Avatar


Meanwhile -- we can't even get Congress to raise the minimum wage for the poor working stiff after 10 years stuck at $5.25 an hour! That's pathetic!

3027 days ago


Hey I'll pay the big bucks for a pic of Suri.. I think I can scrounge up $1.37 from the bottom of my pocketbook. Yeah that's how much it's worth.

3027 days ago


Will Smit doesn't think that Suri exsist :-(
When he last visited the couple to see Suri, they where not amused and he didn't got in ;-) Hehe...
Till next time...
Your friend from The Netherlands!

3027 days ago


Slap 'em in the face.

All the papers should start lowering their prices...just so they know...they dont really care about your child...

Everyone send in offers of 500k

Screw A million - to me...that would be entertainment...

Suri pictures top bidder to pay 675,000


3027 days ago


So it turns out the story about Suri having a photoshoot and no one willing to pay enough money was just another TOMKAT RUMOR... no surprise there considering it started with Roger Friedman and his "sources."

3027 days ago


I think Suri doesn't exist or she is and ugly child and that is why Tom and Katie are hiding her, they are to embaressed with her looks! Or maybe Tom, who it sounds like has complete and total control of Katie, just won't share his prize possessions with the world!

3027 days ago


Tom Cruise is such a public a**....he just wants everyone to focus their attention on him and he's probably disgusted that he wasnt offered more $$ that the branjolina baby.....he totally disgusts me and so does katie now, sh'e just sooooo phony

3027 days ago


J-Z: What the hell does this have to do with the minimum wage???? You're talking apples & oranges here. Perhaps an economics lesson about supply & demand would be useful for you.

The two issues are completely unrelated. The magazines pay so that they can draw in the advertising dollars and magazine sales, and that's how they set such a high price - it's what the market will bear in exchange for the income and "cred" they'll get as a result of running the photos.

If you want to compare the cost of living to minimum wage, that would make sense. Not to mention the fact that Congress doesn't set the price for these pictures so what the hell does it have to do with that at all???

3027 days ago


Okay...time to get off the Suri and Tom Cruise bandwagon and on to some other newsworthy gossip. Suri this, Suri that.....ugh. You should name this blog "" instead. So what about how much her photos will fetch. Enough already!!! What else is going on in Hollywood?

3027 days ago


It's weird that when TomKat are not making the publicity themselves, the media are actually crying for them to make one. Makes one wonder if they had been crucified for something they didn't intentionally do.

From what I heard, Chinese people believe to be outside the house in the first 40 or 100 days (not exactly sure) is not good for baby's health. So this could be another hardcore Scientology thing that the media need to confirm with (why didn't anyone think of this before?).

However, I lean more towards the opinion that even though he had jumped the Oprah's couch, it doesn't mean he's dragging the whole entire family into the commotion. Afterall, we know how protective Tom has been about his kids. In fact, before all this overblown craziness, that's one of the few things we noticed of him.

So give the poor baby a break! It might be the only time she has before someone eventually steals a super-sekrit-photo of Suri and sells it to the tabloid.

3027 days ago


I agree with comment number one, this is all so pathetic. At this point who cares if we see the baby. People think that they adopted the baby or something, so even if we see the baby there’s going to be speculations’ that’s it’s not even theirs. This all is a plot, one story after another just to keep them in the headlines and if that’s the case their doing a good job.

3027 days ago


I think we'll see Nicole and Keith's baby before we get a look at S.U.R.I the Scientologists UnReal Infant. Tom never had sex with Kate (it's Chris Kline's baby) and so he thinks it's L. Ron Hubbard reincarnated and is waiting for the baby to give him further instructions. Since babies can't talk it's going to be a long wait.

I mean i'm all for privacy, but he's just setting his kid up to be the object of worship for an incestuous group of freaks living in a compound somewhere waiting for a a minute. Holy shit, somebody rally the South Park kids! We're under attack. It's war of the worlds and Tom Cruise is leading the invasion.!

3027 days ago


I hope this backfires on that little pipsqueak freak Tom Cruise. It's his fans that got him where he is today (myself excluded. I'm no fan of his) and his huge ego is getting in the way of him remembering that.
"OHHH...Let them have their privacy..." you say?? NEVER! He shoved his bizarre romance (?) and pregnancy (?) with Katie down our throats so he has forfeited any privacy.
He is so weird!

3026 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

There has to be a baby, the question is where is she?
Pictures do show Katie,um I mean Kate,( a more fitting name for a child bearing woman), Tom's words not mine, where she is looking pregnant. She gained wait from her face, A picture shows her w/ stretch marks,and they look pretty real. The b 4 & after pictures make me think she DID give birth.These are the possiblities:
1. she was already preggers by Chris Klein & delivered early and faked several months to make it seem like Tom's
2. she miscarried
3. Suri was born w/ deformities or health issues
If they had adopted, I don't think they would hide it, since he has 2 adopted children. Something is really strange. There are lots of opportunists, money hungry, and people wanting their 15 minutes of fame, that there should be something. Close friends or her parents have not come out and given a comment, not even to say everything is o.k or that they have seen her. I don't think they would stoop so low as to make up a baby. Scienentologists, do not believe in mothers making noise during birth, Could it be that Katie screamed so loud , crazy Tom tried to slap her,he accidently slapped Suri instead? That could have caused Katie to go into a deep state of post partum depression?
Since he does not believe in meds to treat it, maybe she was brainwashed to think the doll in the crib is Suri? I don't know about any of you, but, there's something mucho loco here.

Hey, Tom, inquiring minds want to know wheeeeeeeeeeere's Suri?

3026 days ago


just watch... if there IS a baby, it is probably a rosemary's baby oppps, I mean Katemary's baby. My money is on the fact that they are trying to buy a newborn to pull off as their own...
Isnt Tom supposed to be gay?
Poor Katie, is the money worth his wacked-out-azz? I think NOT!

3026 days ago
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