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"The Other Woman" Is Creepy

7/18/2006 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The newest "Long Island Lolita" really bugs me. Diana Bianchi plays the perfect victim -- in front of a TV camera, that is. It goes something like this -- "I was so young. I was just working in this toy store and, like, he just asked me to work in his architectural firm. And like, I was making all this money and then, like, he was just coming on to me. And of course, like, I never thought I was hurting Christie cause I was just well, like 18 or 19."

Give me a break. This "child," who now says she was screwing Christie's husband, was smart enough to lawyer up (with an attorney who is, let us say, camera-friendly), talk to the New York Post and the New York FOX affiliate. And her lawyer, Joe Tacopina, now claims his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim."

She gives sexual harassment a bad name. Not since the heinous woman who set up Bill O'Reilly have I been so offended by such a claim. In my world, people who feel sexually harassed don't start spilling their guts to the media, in particular the New York Post. Don't get me wrong -- I love the Post. It just doesn't feel like a move someone with a righteous claim would make.

It feels as if this story was going to get out -- probably by Brinkley's camp -- so she, with the help of Tacopina, stepped out in front to manage and exploit it. And, just like the "gifts" she got from Christie's husband, there could be yet another pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Do you really think an 18-year-old is not capable of understanding what's up with a married guy who offers the toy store clerk a job in his architectural firm? She's either incredibly dumb or just plain manipulative, and I'm not sure which is worse. As the saying goes, "Sinners can reform, but stupid is forever."


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When I was 19 I did the same thing with my married boss. He used to give me so much money that I would have to hide it from my parents. My mother eventually found out and she reminded me that in life, "you reap what you sow." And one day I would fall in love with a man who would do the same thing to me.

Needless to say, when I was 39 my live-in boyfriend left me for a 23 year old and it hurt. But my mother was right.

She will pay for this one day!

3016 days ago


she is milking it for all its worth. Saying a 17-19 year old does not know having an affair with a married man is WRONG is like saying Paris Hilton is completely moral and a good role model. He is a douche for preying on her immaturity, but there is no question that she knew it was wrong. end of story.

3016 days ago


When I was 18, I did the same also. It felt good to be wanted by a real man, to be lavished with presents, and it was easy to believe his marriage was in trouble already. As time goes on, you grow up a little andd realize what's been happening. That's when you become a victim or a player. This girl didn't know what she was getting into, and left when she finally realized it was wrong. I say good for her, leave her alone, and let Mr. Cook be exposed for the letch he really is. Christy, please be more careful with #6.

3016 days ago


Seriously, does it matter what her etnicity is? It shouldn't because the fact is is that she is a stupid woman who, at 17, was smart enough to know that you don't mess with a married man. She readily and eagerly accepted all the cash, all the gifts and willingly laid down with this jerk. You reap what you sow, little girl. If she really want's to be a singer, this kind of publicity is going to majorily backfire.

By the way, kudos to whoever wrote this articke (Harvey, was it you?). It said everything I thought and then some!

P.S. And because I can be catty, girl should invest in a better hair stylist than SuperCuts. Her hair is fried and is in desperate need of a do! Dontcha know, girl? When you go on TV to show the world what a skank you are, at least glam up a little so you don't look like a hoodrat!

3016 days ago


Where was all this righteous indignation from the dad when she was given a car?Spare me the innocent bit .. a whore by any other name or age is still a whore.

3016 days ago


Does anyone know why Christie and Billy Joel split? Someone told me that she cheated and caused the demise of that relationship. Not sure if it's fact, but IF it is, then did someone make the comment "you reap what you sow"???

Again, not sure if it's true. If not, then I feel really badly for Christie - not a fun predicament to be in. I had a similar thing happen to me (sort of). We were 27 years old (a lot younger than Christie and her husband, but still pretty sick) and after six years of being together, he decided that he would start an affair with a 17 year old high school hussie. After I kicked him out, I think he had to go to the prom that year!

3016 days ago


"The heinous woman who set up Bill O'Reilly?" Wow, Harvey, you really live in your own delusional world. O'Reilly harassed the hell out of that girl and settled out of court rather than have the whole country listen to what a pervy loser he is.

3016 days ago

Lance K.    

This "teenager" wants a music career and is using the press to get as much attention as she can.

3016 days ago


The only victim here is Christi Brinkley for believing her husband was faithful, when in fact he went to work to have sex with a teenager. The other woman was old enough to know exactly what she was doing. She's hoping for her day in the spotlight now as a pop singer - let's not give it to her. I hope Christi takes the bulk of Cook's estate and that NO ONE hires this slutty, morally reprehensible little girl to work for them. She's already made a prostitute of herself by accepting money and gifts for sex. Perhaps she'd like to work at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada where prostitution is legalized? That seems to be all she's qualified for at this point!

3016 days ago


ok lets see.....i'm a low-class nobody with a going-nowhere job. i'll bet if i do something really crazy, i'll get famous!! yes, thats IT!!!!!! i'll screw someone else's husband. but not just ANYBODY else.... i'll do christie brinkley's husband!!! wow, she's been a supermodel FOREVER. and she's still gorgeous, so if i can bed him, i'm the greatest!!!!!!!! forget it hunny, you are just another easy ho and any man could pick up on that. so go ahead and play the sweet- innocent- taken advantage of- role and see how far it gets ya. everybody with half a brain can pick up on how trashy you are. oh, you didn't know?? how sad.

3016 days ago


i'm smiling too! b/c i know i can say he sexually harrassed me or forced himself on me or whatever!!!!! but mainly, maybe i can be famous too!!!!!!!!!!! she is suuuuch a slut. just look at her. she's eating this up. LOW-CLASS. that doesn't even begin to describe her.

3016 days ago


she is a hooker. Of course you know right from wrong when you are 17, 18, 19. You get hurt when your boyfriend in high school cheats on you so you know it's wrong. Besides that you can just tell by the looks of her that she is manipulative, skankish and a hoebag. It makes me mad just thinking about it. I don't like her at all. Poor Christie. That girl is a HOE!

3016 days ago

Lance K.    

Another creepy publicity seeker who accepts NO responsibility for her actions

3016 days ago

Diana S. Irwin    

Sexual Harassment? Since when does it become harrassment after being consensual sex in a long term relationship. Who is she trying to kid?

She says she knew no better, she was an innocent 17 year old? Let's check her history.

She knew how to be a prostitute and use this man to get ahead in her loser life.

I hope she is charged with prostitution and he with adultery big time. That Christie gets most of his estate in a divorce settlement. Afterall, she did have two of his children.

As for the self righteous, who have to dig in, "you reap what you sow". Have you never heard of God forgiving us and giving us a second chance. Looks like Christie was truly happy and devoted to this marriage.

The peasant whore is not only ugly with a crooked smile, she seems like she is the perfect opportunist who would do anything, including be the cause of some other woman's misery.

3016 days ago


This giggle-slut and her family are a hoot, like, you know? Seems the step-dad blabbed to Brinkley, but only after it had been going on for a year. ... Long enough to gather grist for a sex harrasment suit. The aspiring pop star and her creepy architect deserve each other. On a jury, I'd declare him guilty, and then award her a plugged nickel in damages.

3016 days ago
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