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Jessica Debuts Vanessa-Bashing Video

7/19/2006 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson appeared on MTV's "Total Request Live" this afternoon to premiere her new video, "A Public Affair," and, while she avoided a confrontation with her ex-husband's squeeze and TRL co-host Vanessa Minnillo, there was an unmistakable reference to the Lachey-Minnillo situation in the video.

Minnillo wasn't hosting today, so Simpson took a spin reading the teleprompter, though not very successfully, which the pop starlet put down to nerves in advance of the big unveiling of the video, directed by Brett Ratner. The narrative concept involves Simpson going out with three galpals -- played by real-life buddies Christina Applegate and Eva Longoria, and Christina Milian (whom she actually met at the shoot) -- and strutting into the world's most celeb-studded roller skating rink ever.

While she's lacing up her boots, Jessica spots a hunky dark-haired stranger cavorting with a brunette bimbette, who has an aggressive fantasy about going all Naomi Campbell on Jessica out of jealousy. The violent nemesis just happens to be played by a shapely, smoldering brunette TV entertainment reporter named ... Maria Menounos.

Ryan Seacrest gives good weasel as the girls' limo driver, while Andy Dick provides the performance of the video with a pricelessly creepy cameo as a skate-licking counter attendant. Simpson's album drops August 29.


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simpson had to have applegate, longoria, and milian in her video to ensure its success. she needs the crowd drawing powers of her gal pals to sell herself to the public. it's good that she's humble enough to recognize that she needs a boost from more talented people to promote her yet again spin off cd.

2956 days ago



2987 days ago


If she leaves her husband, than she should be ready to meet his new squeeze.

2987 days ago


She is using Nick's new relationship against him. Is Jessica upset because he stopped pining after her and begging her to come back? TOUGH LUCK JESS. YOU DUMPED HIM, REMEMBER?

2987 days ago


If her mom was so worried about her "image" she should have sat in on this video to catch the ice cream licking part. Boy, Jessica must either really miss Nick or be desperate to pump up sales of her album to stoop this low. Very disappointed.

2987 days ago


I thought the video sucked! The ice creams licking was gross! Was that her mom's idea also? She was a terrible co-host, she shouldn't try that one again, leave that to Vanessa who is a pro at it. She is pathetic!

2987 days ago


Jessica Simpson is a slutty bimbo. I wish she would just fall off the face of the entertainment universe. She should go to h-e-double hockey sticks for all I am concerned. She has lost all my respect along with millions of other respectable women I know.

2987 days ago


Jessica really has stooped to an all time low with this video. It was very obvious she was getting her digs into Vanessa. She has totally turned the tables on her and Nick's divorce and certainly made it out to be he was having a torid love affair with Vanessa behind her back before their divorce. It's all about the money. She doesn't want Nick to ever have any money and wants him to look like the bad one. So sad. I wouldn't buy anything she had to sell.

2987 days ago


just a straight up pathetic attempt to gain positive publicity. aparently she takes us for complete fools. f*** that dirty twat, and her pimp father. Lets focus on celebs who actually respect their fans, rather than treat them like idiots.

2987 days ago


first time I've ever seen all negative comments on a story. Kind of tells you something about Jessica's publice image right now.

2987 days ago


The song is horrible. I don't feel the ice cream clip was appropriate either. However, some of the language used on your comments have been quite vulgar. That says a lot of who should be judging who's actions. Jessica Simpson may not be smart but she's just doing the same thing a lot of other celebrities do to make money. Sex does sell. Also, if Nick is going to make his relationship public he should expect some attention.

2987 days ago


What's next? Passing notes in class? Puhleeeeeze! Ding-ding-ding!!! Hey Jessica, that's the egg timer letting you know that your 15 minutes are up. You can call in all the Kelly Bundy's and Desperate Housewives you want, you'll still be a reality show bimbo with absolutely no talent. Buh-bye now!

2987 days ago


Vanessa is way too good for Nick and she needs to get away from asap!! He's going to ruin her career simply because Jessica is trying to ruin his and Vanessa's. Jessica does not want Nick, but she does not want anyone else having him. She's a complete spoiled little rich girl and as long as Nick was miserable she was more than happy. The minute he picks up with Vanessa, then she tries to make like he and Vanessa were having an affair and that's what destroyed the marriage. I would like Vanessa to say goodbye to Nick and find her a man that wasn't married to a daddy's girl like Jessica. She will never leave Nick alone so he might as well face it and leave Vanessa alone.

2987 days ago


There is something fake about jessica, I can't quite put my finger on it, but I wouldn't trust her. She seems to be really into herself. She lost a GREAT man, he treated her so good, and put up with her me, me, me firtst me and then me BS. Give him half the $$$$ he deserves it!!!

2987 days ago


Grow up, Jessica you psycho !!!!!!!!!!!

2987 days ago
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