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Ashlee's New Look

7/20/2006 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashlee Simpson: Click to watchWhile Jessica's love life makes the gossip pages everyday, the younger Simpson sister has been making headlines of her own lately due to her remarkable makeover. While the pop princess has never admitted to having plastic surgery, it's been widely speculated that she's had at least a nose job.

At a launch party for Victoria's Secret Pink clothing line Simpson addressed her new look, being as vague as possible. "I think we live in a world where everyone's focused on looks and this life is to be lived for yourself and to enjoy it, so whatever makes you feel confident and sexy is what you should do."

Plastic surgery or not, people are definitely taking notice. Though Simpson reportedly turned down a $4 million offer to pose for Playboy, she's definitely loving every minute of the attention, "I am feeling great about myself," she says, "completely confident and nothing in particular, just feeling good."

Simpson is currently on tour promoting her new album, "I Am Me."


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In response to the comment that began with this "you people commenting are probably what in your 30s? ...."

I'm 22, I have to say that the average age of the fans of both the Simpson girls is what...12? A celebrity promoting self confidence is great, and should happen more often. But when they obviously have plastic surgery, and fake tans, fake hair, nails, pounds of makeup etc etc, Who are they kidding? Teenage girls need a REAL role model, not some plastic no talent barbie doll. I'm so sick of Hollywood these days, or should I say young Hollywood. These jokers are running around behaving like its ok to be witless morons who do nothing but party all the time, and promote a society that is purely based on looks, and materialism Its pathetic. I am waiting and preying for the day that my generation and younger wakes up, and realizes that there are much more important things

3000 days ago

Brandi from Canada    

I hope you all feel better now that you took the precious time from your day to bash this young lady. Jealousy is really an awful trait. Did you all know that subconciuosly without even knowing it you all havee low self esteems and low confidence to actually write a comment about what she did to her nose or what she did to her hair? You should spend your moments being happy for people who are achieving instead of thinking about what you all didnt have and taking it out on whoever is in the limelight for the moment. I dont even listen to her music much and Im not a huge fan but I really have noticed how much negative attention alot of people are spending on her. You all should grow up, shes probably younger than you all and you have the maturity of ten year old. Everyone in the entertainment industy has nose jobs and extensions, wake up. Why is she now the poster child for it? Think about it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and try focusing on your own families and lives.

Kudos for Ashley shes getting all the attention whether it be negative or postive.

Brandi from Canada

2983 days ago


i think ashlee simpson is doing great in life and i hope she succeeds

2975 days ago


I hope you are reading this Ashlee because you are worthy of much praise!
Ofcoarse I do not know you personally but I am normally a good judge of character. I am in my late 30's, have a pre teen of my own and we listen to your music together. I would like for you to know that I sing in my church and previosly with a country band until my voice became hoarse from acid reflux disease. I have had to stop in the middle of songs, reschedule events and even limit my singing now due to this condition. As you know there is treatment but it only helps me temporarily. It is my belief that unless a person has suffered a vocal problem themselves, then it is hard for them to understand. I just want you and others to know that I believe with all my heart that you come from a wonderful Christian family. I can see where you have improved your appearance and I think that is great as well. I am a very successful hairstylist and have many local celebrity clients. It is my business to help others to look their best and I enjoy it so! It is my beleif that if any of us can improve our outside appearance and wish to do so then it is our business and for those that do not approve, they are very small minded or maybe even a little jealous of your new look! You were beautiful before and all I see is a little improvement. Being beautiful on the inside is what matters most and it seems to me that you have that! So, beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside and a beautiful voice! You are blessed! God is smiling down on you. Keep that faith and keep on keeping on!
Many Blessings

2975 days ago


YOU are YOURSELF is right. You cant sing, you arent confident in your looks, You have to ride your sister's coat tails. Your family is running a big show pimping the girls in the house for money.
Just bcoz your daddy has pushed you in the limelight doesnt mean the rest of us have to drop what we are doing and adore you.
Get a life Ms. Simpson

3016 days ago


Wow. People are "speculating" she had a nose job? Wow. There is SO nothing to speculate about; if you look at the girl from any angle you can tell! She had a huge schnoz to begin with, and now it is not so large! What else can do that, except a nose job?!

3016 days ago


ugh the simpson sisters are so obnoxious, im starting to feel like i should have just invested my money in hiring a PR machine instead of going to school.

3016 days ago

Larry 'The Cable Guy'    

Ashlee Milli Vanilli Wannabilly Simpson,
Ashlee Simpson is just a Breast away - Ashlee Simpson turns into a bad replica of Jessica Simpson

Check it at:

3016 days ago


What is she doing to herself? She needs to STOP with the cosmetic surgery! She looks like she had something done to her chin and possibly cheek implants. What is WRONG with the Simpson clan? OOOOOOOOOOh, papa joe.

That family needs some serious, intense therapy. wow. Those girls turned out to be freakin looney.

3016 days ago

Donna J    

Ashlee Simpson had a hooked witch nose. Surgery is a definite. If Mama & Papa Simpson had just a few more kids we could all start calling them the Jacksons.

3016 days ago


Both Ashie and Jessica are no talent dogs. They both need to give back all monies and advances that were given to them when signed that recording contract. Neither of them can sing let alone act. I wonder who told them that they could do either? Ashie is just another punk poser just like Avril. Jessica, who gives a shit. I'm glad Nick went through with the divorce. He deserves much better.

3016 days ago


I don't know which is more the freak, the first version or the second version. But at least I can actually look at her now, the original version was pretty horrific. Now for the vocals.......well, the audience always loves a buffoon.

3016 days ago


How many times a week does she "change her look"? Someone go tell daughter pimp "pastor" Joe to take these useless wastes of space and do something worth while in their lives!!! It is just plain disgusting how he is a "man of God", yet sluts out his daughters like he has.

Someone, please tell me, WHY IS THIS LIPSYNCING TWAT FAMOUS???

3016 days ago


Do you realize that most of you commenting are probably in your 30s. Jessica and Ashlee are not trying to appeal to your age range. Who cares if she has had some plastic surgery. If any non-famous person had it no one would care, so why care now? People buy their albums to obviously there are some people out them who like them. People change styles, you don't wear the same thing when your 20 as you did when you were a teen. Ashlee changed big deal, build a bridge and get over it. She didn't change her personality. Ashlee Simpson is number 2 on TRL (total request live) so obviously people like her. So for all you people bashing Jessica and Ashlee...go get a life. You are probably jealous that they are both younger than you with more money.

3016 days ago


sorry for the same thing commenting twice....i didnt check the email (b/c it was a fake address) so i didnt think it would post

3016 days ago
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