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Farrell Files for Restraining Order

7/21/2006 7:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actor Colin Farrell has filed a request for a restraining order against Dessarae Bradford, the woman who allegedly accosted him at a taping of the "Tonight Show."

According to the documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Farrell alleges Bradford "accosted me during the taping of a network television show on July 20, 2006. I am concerned that her harassing behavior has escalated and may pose an immediate threat to my well-being and the well-being od my family."

The request also asks that Bradford stay away from Colin's two year-old son James and James' mother Kim Bordenave.

Click here to read the documents


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Figures there would be people who say "Tough! blah blah blah!" A man gets stalked by a certifiable nutbag and people say he deserves it. Why, because he's a jerk? Who cares? This woman's a nutburger. Can she not conduct herslef in a mature manner like an adult? even if everything she says were true, she needs to grow up. Who acts like this? Her actions show what kind of person she is.

2976 days ago

the wise old owl    

OH NO !!!!! Not yet another STALKER CASE. HELLO . WE HEAR ABOUT THIS SHIT ALL THE TIME. Anyone getting into the entertainment business knows that you run the risk to attact WIERDO's and obsessive peple. It's one of the things that goes with the TERRITORY. GET USE TO IT. dahhhh. Even us normal folk have experienced some degree of this type of behavior. I KNOW I HAVE. I think Collin can afford a BODY GUARD should he feels he needs one. IT'S NOT LIKE MIKE TYSON IS AFTER HIM

3016 days ago


Good for you Colin- before you, that psycho tried to pull this crap on Alec Baldwin. Apparently she targets celebs who have a not so sparkling reputation, but not all of us "regular people" buy into the BS that these nutjobs put out for public consumption. Is she so delusional that she thinks we would buy into her hallucinations? Maybe she was a test subject for that new pill that is derived from hallucinaginic mushrooms?! If so, well the stuff is a smashing success. It apparently allows butt ugly mental cases to imagine themselves as worthy of advances from attractive people who would normally see them as unwanted substances that they would in reality see as stuff to be scraped off the bottom of their shoes.

3016 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Sorry Colin...But I'd try to jump on you too..YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

3016 days ago


check out Bradford's website

The last time I checked- in order for Bradford to be a fan she actually has to like Collin. As for Collin Farrell- he's a disgusting promiscuous whore with a bad temper, a drunk and a drug addict and what Bradford is accusing him of is EXACTLY what I would expect of the likes of him! Whad'ya think- just because he's rich, attractive, and famous that makes him good?! Collin Farrell is about the worst kind of scum around- namely he's just hinding behind his afluence and fame to use it as a cover to take advantage of people on accounts of if they do complain no one will help him because he's "Collin Farrell," and therefore above reproach. So as for Bradford's allegation's if you read her website it's clear she's been defamed by about everyone ESPECIALLY the press because she is an easy target- namely black and poor with a rough past. What people are counting on is that she was just going to put up with this and not fight it. Well I guess ya'll thought wrong now didn't ya?! TOO BAD!

3016 days ago


Whatever Colin Farrell is, doesn't give this woman the right to accost him. Who are you to judge Bradford? You know the saying "those without sin, may cast the first stone." This woman may be mentally ill and may need help, but who knows? Either way her actions suggest she might be dangerous and he has every right to protect himself.

3016 days ago


Well I'm glad he filed a restraing order agianst this crazy gal... it could turn out violent if he continues to pat her on the back and shoo her away like he has been doing. I'm not even a Colin fan, but I saw this girl on 'Lie Detector' and I noticed how 'unbalanced' she was on the show... she has problems. Like someone else had posted... this big hollywood stars can bang anyone they like, and forget you in the next minute. If it did happen, which I'm sure it may have just on how colin is handling it, she needs to get over herself and move on! And get her teeth fixed! :D

3015 days ago


Collin Farrell is womanizing scum. What is going in here amounts to social bias- namely because Collin Farrell is useful and Bradford is not that means she is automatically at fault and should be killed. If you review her websites it's clear she hates Collin Farrell. As for Bradford- I'm not sure why you are suprised that she would storm the stage. If I was her- I'd do EXACTLY the same thing! What is clear is that Collin Farrell has slept with her because when she got up on stage and got in his face- he grabbed her by the arm and led her off stage and accused her of being crazy- at which point she snapped back- see you in court! Which is exactly the way people who have slept with each other act. If Collin really didn't know her, and she really was just some stalker- the way he would have reacted was to cower or jump away- and let other people handle it. Instead he grabbed her by the arm and led her off stage.So he did sleep with her. So what his behavior is telling us is that Collin has had a relationship with Bradford and she's just someone who is sick and tired of being abused and humiliated publicly by a bunch of people who aren't willing to help her because they don't approve of her. The last time I checked the way the legal system is supposed to work is that whether or not you get help is based upon whether or not a crime was committed against you not based upon whether or not people approve of you. Judging by all the social bias against Bradford and the way people keep wanting to slander and defame her publicly, this is a case where justice has failed Bradford- and yet another case where the powerful elite is using their elite status as a cover to take advantage of the poor and downtrodden. Some things never change.

3015 days ago

Lance K.    

jme4538 are you on drugs. This lately is psycho and has always been psycho and unless she is willing to admit that and go seek professional help she has no leg to stand on.

3015 days ago


As for Bradford being so reprehensible and awful that she doesn't deserve to be treated with the same decency and respect as the rest of us- Colin Farrell slept with her so what does that make him?!! So what we mean to say is that we'll help you if we approve of you, eh? Does that sound RIGHT- or FAIR to you? Now what kind of way is that to think?! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

3015 days ago


What I really love is how no matter how much evidence points to the contrary, the only thing people want to do is accuse Bradford of being a stalker. Just goes to show how a little bit of information in the hands of people with an agenda is a dangerous thing. Besides, what Colin's behavior on the Tonight Show shows is that he does know Bradford, so he purjured himself in court which means- after Bradford is done with him in court- HE'S GOING TO JAIL! TOO BAD!

3015 days ago


The interesting thing about Bradford is that she failed a lie detector test when asked about her purported relationship with Colin. As for Bradford failing a lie detector test- there’s a very simple reason lie detector tests results are inadmissible in court- what they measure is anxiety levels- namely when people lie they become anxious- expressed by physiological changes. It’s possible to trick the machine if properly trained and Bradford states she was harassed and stalked so if she really was harassed and stalked, mere mention of said incidents is going to make her anxious regardless of what she says- if anything, the results prove she was traumatized- and therefore, telling the truth.

3014 days ago


Colin is my favoite man on the planet. His face alone makes me week at the knees

3014 days ago


The interesting thing about Colin Farrell- he was married once for about five months to a young women who after they divorced- when asked in an interview if she had a boyfriend, she commented to the effect that she was no longer dating anyone and past that stage in her life. As for Nicole Narain- I read a recounting of her interview on Howard Stern Show and Nicole's recounting of her relelationshiop with Colin read like a typical abuser relationship-with Colin being the abuser. Namely he was supersweet- had her in bed by the end of the first night he met her (I believe) and was oversexed. And they broke up when Nicole's career took off- presumeably because she was no longer easy to control. Based upon what I've seen of Nicole she is a passive, easy to control person so it is unlikely that she would have put the sex tape out of them having sex together of her own volition. More likely, Colin talked her into putting out the tape so that he could turn that into a big publicity stunt no doubt for some EXTREMELY NEFARIOUS reason that I am sure will one day come out and probably end Colin's career. As for Colin's wife- I'm sure a closer look will reveal that a driving factor in the divorce was that he abused her- and then used his money, power and influence to cover it up after the divorce as the only thing that is going to make a young woman like that lose interest in dating and men is being brutalized by a man.

As for Bradford- she is exactly the sort of person an abuser such as Colin is going to stalk as she is a strong, bright, attractive, sexually liberated person of the sort that men fantasize about- so she fits in to the category of someone who is easy to idealize into the perfect woman- and therefore someone a weak person like Colin needs to 'get' as a way to fix the problems in his life. And since Bradford appears to be poor, or in the least, disavantaged- namely not a member of the powerful elite- that makes her someone who is easy to take advantage of so if Colin wants to brutalize her- not much she can do about it. Case in point......

3014 days ago

Ar'hra Bard    


Restraining Order? Hmmm...why not forget about her and stop letting her feed off his publicity?

Sissy - I thought this guy was SWAT or something?

Nawwww, he's not...he's busy kissing boys infront of Angelina. lmeo Alexander must've not been that 'great'... MUAH, you silly fluffmuffin.

3014 days ago
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