I'm With Crazy!

7/21/2006 6:50 PM PDT

I'm With Crazy!

Being famous has its ups and downs. On the plus side, you get that nice table in the corner. On the negative side, you get wackos throwing letters over your fence or rushing the stage at Jay Leno. Is it worth it? You be the judge! We've put together clips of five notorious obsessed fans- we'll let you decide which one's deck is missing the most cards.

Emily Leatherman claims she isn't in love with John Cusack. She says she only wanted him to help bring attention to the fact that she was drugged up and sex-trafficked through the homes of powerful and famous men up and down the west coast. See, that's why she threw bags over his fence filled with rocks, screwdrivers and long letters.

You may have assumed that Dessarae Bradford was obsessed with Colin Farrell just because she rushed the stage during his Jay Leno taping this week. But according to the case she repeatedly tried to bring to court in 2005, he was stalking her. Friday he filed a restraining order against Bradford.

Come on ladies, who hasn't wished for a man to write a beautiful song dedicated to you? Well Daniel Lachance has written nine songs for his pop princess, Britney Spears! Beautiful may be a stretch, though. Lachance was arrested in 2004 for trespassing, allegedly trying to contact Britney Spears.

Most celebs hope they never have to face their stalker. Not only did Anna Kournikova have to face William Lepeska in a Miami courtroom, but he was allowed to question her! At least his questions were pretty easy, such as "why do you presume that the author of these letters was undesirable?" Heck, even we can answer that one.

In 2003 a Van Nuys jury decided that Anna Nicole Smith was not stalked by ex-boyfriend Mark Hatten, but he was convicted of making terrorist threats against the star. Hatten was also found guilty of battery and assault with a deadly weapon after getting into a fracas with one of Smith's neighbors.