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I'm With Crazy!

7/21/2006 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being famous has its ups and downs. On the plus side, you get that nice table in the corner. On the negative side, you get wackos throwing letters over your fence or rushing the stage at Jay Leno. Is it worth it? You be the judge! We've put together clips of five notorious obsessed fans- we'll let you decide which one's deck is missing the most cards.

Emily Leatherman claims she isn't in love with John Cusack. She says she only wanted him to help bring attention to the fact that she was drugged up and sex-trafficked through the homes of powerful and famous men up and down the west coast. See, that's why she threw bags over his fence filled with rocks, screwdrivers and long letters.

You may have assumed that Dessarae Bradford was obsessed with Colin Farrell just because she rushed the stage during his Jay Leno taping this week. But according to the case she repeatedly tried to bring to court in 2005, he was stalking her. Friday he filed a restraining order against Bradford.

Come on ladies, who hasn't wished for a man to write a beautiful song dedicated to you? Well Daniel Lachance has written nine songs for his pop princess, Britney Spears! Beautiful may be a stretch, though. Lachance was arrested in 2004 for trespassing, allegedly trying to contact Britney Spears.

Most celebs hope they never have to face their stalker. Not only did Anna Kournikova have to face William Lepeska in a Miami courtroom, but he was allowed to question her! At least his questions were pretty easy, such as "why do you presume that the author of these letters was undesirable?" Heck, even we can answer that one.

In 2003 a Van Nuys jury decided that Anna Nicole Smith was not stalked by ex-boyfriend Mark Hatten, but he was convicted of making terrorist threats against the star. Hatten was also found guilty of battery and assault with a deadly weapon after getting into a fracas with one of Smith's neighbors.


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check out her homepage. She's also claiming that she went anal on one of the Baldwin brothers.... but then again who in Hollywood hasn't?

3024 days ago

the wise old owl    

OKAY. HERE WE GO AGAIN. Yet another complete psycho who has targeted a CELEBRITY. But GUESS WHAT ? These are the cases we all HEAR about.

What about all those other cases that happen to us normal folk. Sometimes those incidents make the papers and the news( but not like when it happens to a CELEBRITY. ) GET A GRIP. I've certainly heard of far more NEWS WORTHY stalkings then this one. This hardly is worth a mention. It's not like he was under the rocks, scewdrivers and LOVE LETTERS. when she threw them over his fence. And if you want to look at the possitive side. AT LEAST SHE WASN'T WAITING WITH A GUN OR A KNIFE. WHAT A LOONEY !!!!!!!

3024 days ago


check out Bradford's other website

The last time I checked- in order for Bradford to be a fan she actually has to like Collin. As for Collin Farrell- he's a disgusting promiscuous whore with a bad temper, a drunk and a drug addict and what Bradford is accusing him of is EXACTLTY what I would expect of the likes of him! Whad'ya think- just because he's rich, attractive, and famous that makes him good?! Collin Farrell is about the worst kind of scum around- namely he's just hinding behind his afluence and fame to use it as a cover to take advantage of people on accounts of if they do complain no one will help him because he's "Collin Farrell," and therefore above reproach. So as for Bradford's allegation's if you read her website it's clear she's been defamed by about everyone ESPECIALLY the press because she is an easy target- namely black and poor with a rough past. What people are counting on is that she was just going to put up with this and not fight it. Well I guess ya'll thought wrong now didn't ya?! TOO BAD!

3023 days ago


I agree with "here we go again's" comment about not hearing things about the normal folk. I have to admit that I sort of chuckle at what some of these people think harassment is. I'm NOT saying that John Cusack should NOT feel harassed with letters being thrown over his fence with screwdrivers, rocks, etc., in them, but try living where I've been and it's a whole different matter. I have an ex-husband who, while he appeared quite sane when I married him, actually turned out to be quite the psycho. Some people with mental illnesses can actually appear sane for a while. I now have a permanent restraining order - whoopity do! He could still kill me and what you'd hear in the newspaper is, "what a shame that he violated the restraining order." Restraining orders do nothing to calm the fear that the threats of violence and death that have been made against you will cease. The won't even do that for celebrities (remember the girl from "My Sister Sam" who was murdered? so why in the world should they do so for us un-celebrities? There's a lot of psychotic people out there and this is just proof positive it happens to all of us, unfortunately.

3023 days ago


Collin Farrell is womanizing scum. What is going in here amounts to social bias- namely because Collin Farrell is useful and Bradford is not that means she is automatically at fault and should be killed. Ifyou review her websites (the other one is at it's clear she hates Collin Farrell. As for Bradford- I'm not sure why anyone would be suprised that she would storm the stage. If I was her- I'd do EXACTLY the same thing! What is clear is that Collin Farrell has slept with her because when she got up on stage and got in his face- he grabbed her by the arm and led her off stage and accused her of being crazy- at which point she snapped back- see you in court! Which is exactly the way people who have slept with each other act. If Collin really didn't know her, and she really was just some stalker- the way he would have reacted was to cower or jump away- and let
other people handle it. Instead he grabbed her by the arm and led her off stage.So he did sleep with her. So what his behavior is telling us is that Collin has had a relationship with Bradford and she's just someone who is sick and tired of being abused and humiliated publicly by a bunch of people who aren't willing to help her because they don't approve of her. The last time I checked the way the legal system is supposed to work is that whether or not you get help is based upon whether or not a crime was committed against you not based
upon whether or not people approve of you. Judging by all the social bias against Bradford and the way people keep wanting to slander and defame her publicly, this is a case where justice has failed Bradford- and yet another case where the powerful elite is using their elite status as a cover to take advantage of the poor and downtrodden. Some things never change.

3023 days ago


As for Leatherman, what I am curious about is why the judge was apparently willing to award Cusack a restraining order without requiring Cusack provide apparently ANY proof that she had done the things he is accusing her of. I can sit there and claim someone had their mail sent to my address and threw stuff over my fence too- that don't mean it happened! What is going on here is a bias and an abuse of the justice system as just because John Cusack claims someone sent him letters and crap- he is going to get a restraining order against them just because he claims this happened but is not required to provide proof of that-like copies of the actual letters or Leatherman's mail. Judging by the way Leatherman keeps rattling on about all the bad things that were done to her and her need to be
heard- I'd say what was really going on is what she states is going on- namely she contacted him as a way to get heard. What is disturbing to me despite that her behavior clearly shows she is a victim and just wants to be heard- the only thing anyone seems to want to do is accuse her of being a stalker JUST because she
contacted a celebrity as a way to do that. And what is even more disturbing is that no one seems to want to address that Leatherman has had all these terrible things done to her and the police are refusing to help her. Where's the justice in THAT?!

3023 days ago


As for Bradford and Leatherman being so reprehensible and awful that they don't deserve to be treated with the same decency and respect as the rest of us- Colin Farrell slept with Bradford so what does that make him?!! And John Cusack didn't even have to provide ANY proof he was stalked!!! So what we mean to say is that we'll help you if we approve of you, eh? Does that sound RIGHT- or FAIR to you? Now what kind of way is that to think?! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

3023 days ago


i know emily,we were friends when we were about 17-18 .she was a great and kind person, very soft-spoken and sweet and i give her the benefit of the doubt. i am going to contact some friends of ours and see what they have to say about whats going on with her now.

3023 days ago


jme4538, sounds like maybe you slept with Bradford too? Maybe you both can get a discount for psychological evalution and classes on anger management.

Hey! An even better option would be to turn off your computer, and ponder for a while on how you can actually get a life other than living through some one else's drama. ya putz.

3023 days ago


Excuse me Kismet?

TMZ moderators- I'm really offended by Kismet's comments! (comment#9) That is offensive, mean, hurtful and rude to address me in that manner and - I believe- in violation- or rule boards- can you please remove Kismet's comments from the board as none of us need to read that garbage! Thanks!

3022 days ago


What I really love is how no matter how much evidence points to the contrary, the only thing people want to do is accuse Bradford and Leatherman of being stalkers. Just goes to show how a little bit of information in the hands of people with an agenda is a dangerous thing. Besides, what Colin's behavior on the Tonight Show shows is that he does know Bradford, so he purjured himself in court which means- after Bradford is done with him in court- HE'S GOING TO JAIL! TOO BAD!

3022 days ago


The interesting thing about Bradford is that she failed a lie detector test when asked about her purported relationship with Colin. As for Bradford failing a lie detector test- there’s a very simple reason lie detector tests results are inadmissible in court- what they measure is anxiety levels- namely when people lie they become anxious- expressed by physiological changes. It’s possible to trick the machine if properly trained and Bradford states she was harassed and stalked so if she really was harassed and stalked, mere mention of said incidents is going to make her anxious regardless of what she says- if anything, the results prove she was traumatized- and therefore, telling the truth.

3022 days ago


The interesting thing about Colin Farrell- he was married once for about five months to a young women who after they divorced- when asked in an interview if she had a boyfriend, she commented to the effect that she was no longer dating anyone and past that stage in her life. As for Nicole Narain- I read a recounting of her interview on Howard Stern Show and Nicole's recounting of her relationship
with Colin read like a typical abuser relationship-with Colin being the abuser. Namely he was supersweet- had her in bed by the end of the first night he met her (I believe) and was oversexed. And they broke up when Nicole's career took off- presumeably because she was no longer easy to control. Based upon what I've seen of Nicole she is a passive, easy to control person so it is unlikely that she would have put the sex tape out of them having sex together of her own volition. More likely, Colin talked her into putting out the tape so that he could turn that into a big publicity stunt no doubt for some EXTREMELY NEFARIOUS reason that I am sure will one day come out and probably end Colin's career. As for Colin's wife- I'm sure a closer look will reveal that a driving factor in the divorce was that he abused her- and then used his money, power and influence to cover it
up after the divorce as the only thing that is going to make a young woman like that lose interest in dating and men is being brutalized by a man.

As for Bradford- she is exactly the sort of person an abuser such as Colin is going to stalk as she is a strong, bright, attractive, sexually liberated person of the sort that men fantasize about- so she fits in to the category of someone who is easy to idealize into the perfect woman- and therefore someone a weak person
like Colin needs to 'get' as a way to fix the problems in his life. And since Bradford appears to be poor, or in the least, disavantaged- namely not a member of the powerful elite- that makes her someone who is easy to take advantage of so if Colin wants to brutalize her- not much she can do about it. Case in point......

3022 days ago


The last time i checked, if you are being stalked by someone, you don't go serving them court papers yourself, you have someone else do it!! Weirdo, she is just trying to make a million while she can.

3021 days ago

lee patrick    

First of all if you are going to write sh*t about some one, shouldn't you know the facts.Dessarae did not sleep with Colin,as she freely admits she never met him in person. The Leno show was her first face to face, shouldn't we all wait for the court case before passing judgement?
You may think i am taking this a little personaly, well i am, the reason being my name is Lee and me and Dessarae have just fininshed a 8 month relationship.So for what ever reasons we finished and how we do or don't communicate now, it infuriates me that people write nasty things.Does she deserve it? are we all not a little crazy sometimes, lets wait for the truth before passing judgement.

3020 days ago
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