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The Supermodels


7/24/2006 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Janice Dickinson may claim to be the world's first supermodel, hardly anyone knew who she was prior to "America's Next Top Model." The real Supermodels ruled the runways in the 80s and 90s and were easily identifiable by their one name monikers.

Before Tyra, Heidi or Gisele put on their Victoria's Secret wings, the fashion world revolved around the likes of Cindy, Linda, Christy and Naomi.

While well into their 30s and early 40s - relative relics in modeling years - lately these fabulous genetic freaks have been getting a lot of press and making quite the comeback. TMZ checks in to see what's new in the world of the original supermodels.

Naomi Campbell

To be a world-class runway supermodel you have to know how to throw attitude and apparently in Naomi Campbell's case - telephones. While the 36-year-old stunner just celebrated her 20th anniversary as a model, in the last few years Naomi has gotten more press for her less than exemplary model behavior. Since 2000, five of Campbell's former employees have come forward alleging the supermodel mistreated them. Two claim Campbell struck them with telephones while another says Campbell struck her in the face. Just last week Naomi was arrested in London for disturbing the peace outside her former boyfriend's home. Campbell was later de-arrested and no further action will be taken. With her upcoming covers in W and Italian Vogue magazines, perhaps the devil really does wear Prada.

Linda Evangelista


At 41 Linda Evangelista is still in Vogue - literally. The Canadian beauty is currently on the cover of the August issue of Vogue - her tenth for the fashion bible. And with celebrities taking jobs from catwalkers more and more, it's an even bigger testament to Linda's appeal that she's the first model to appear on the mag's cover in over a year. If that wasn't enough, the unmarried fashionista is pregnant and due in the fall. But even supermodels need a little help every now and then. Linda tells Vogue "I use Botox, and I'm not afraid to say it." After famously saying she wouldn't get out of bed for "less than $10,00 a day", it looks like Linda's career and her impending motherhood won't be letting her get much sleep anytime soon.

Christy Turlington Christy

Besides being one of the most strikingly beautiful women in the world, Christy Turlington is also a wife, mother, fashion designer and of course supermodel. After years of walking runways, posing for magazine covers and representing Calvin Klein's fragrances, Turlington took time out to marry hunky actor/director Ed Burns and raise their two children. On top of her busy family life Christy also started a skincare company, two clothing lines and became an anti-smoking activist. But starting in August, Christy gets back to her fashionista roots by appearing in ads for Versace's new fall campaign along with Kate Moss and actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. From the looks of it, Christy really does have the model life.

Cindy CrawfordCindy

Cindy Crawford is more than just another pretty face with a trademark mole. She has managed to turn her ravishing looks and supermodel status into full on brand. Besides creating a perfume, skincare and home furnishings collection, Cindy is also the spokesperson for Omega watches and EAS Health and Sports Products. When not busy raising her two children, Cindy can be found helping her husband Rande Gerber launch his latest nightife endeavor. While her film career may have fizzled with the 1995 film "Fair Game", that hasn't dimmed Cindy's celebrity wattage in the limelight.

Kate Moss Kate

Wonder waif Kate Moss has endured some of the fashion industry's highest highs and lowest lows. Moss' career took off when she helped usher in the controversial heroin chic fad of the mid-90s. Then last year her modeling days seemed numbered after she was photographed allegedly inhaling cocaine. Many of her modeling campaigns disassociated themselves from Moss. She issued an apology and entered rehab. Since emerging clean and sober Kate has made a bigger comeback than even Mariah Carey could imagine. Moss has picked up deals with everyone from Burberry to Virgin Mobile to Versace and is rumored to be making more money now than before the drug scandal erupted. Though she may not be bigger than a size 2, at least Moss' career appears to have a healthy appetite.

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UGH!! I am tired of these guys.. The most overrated supermodels of the 90s are Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Claudia Schiffer. There were other BIG Supermodels of the 90s..For example, Tricia Helfer, Yasmeen Ghauri, Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta, Helena Christensen, Beverly Peele, ETC..

2948 days ago


Detainee of the decade, Naomi, needs a distemper shot!!! Unlike the others, she's aspired to become a butt of jokes. You forgot to include mega-talented Tyra Banks.

2991 days ago

the wise old owl    

NAOMI is so dysfunctional. She has RAGE issues that need to be addressed. If she concentrated more on her inside character and less on her external looks, it might be a GOOD START. She must be such HIGH MAINTENANCE, that no man wants her. She has never been married and it seem no one wants her for any amount of time. Once they get a dose of that TEMPER and all her demands THEY RUN THE OTHER WAY. If anyone is an example of someone who needs therapy IT IS HER. My advise. Concentrate on being a nice person, instead of focusing JUST ON YOUR LOOKS.....................................................................

2991 days ago


Despite my better judgment I'm still a fan of Kate's.

No Claudia or Nadja?

2991 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

I would like my chance at throwing a phone at Naomi.

2991 days ago

mary chambers    

i hope NAOMI's victims get most of all that money she has been making - they are the ones that deserve it - no one deserves to be treated the way they have been!!! she needs to be deported and not allowed back into the usa. hurt her where it really hurts her. in the pocketbook. i refuse to buy anything that has her on the cover of it. there are too many beautiful women they dont need to use her anymore. she is not a good role model for anyone. i dont want my granddaughter to think this is the way to be as a person!

2991 days ago


CAN ANYONE SAY HASBEEN! Oh my god she needs to retire, even the beautiful and more talented Tyra Banks knew when to bow out gracefully and she has other things to do to stay ahead of the game with selfless acts like help other potential females become models and a TV show to help people in general. Naomi please quit modeling and throwing phones. Oh how about a job with the telephone company, no you might throw the product at them and tell them to reach out and touch someone else.

2990 days ago

Tim Swift    

I would like to know what happened to Brian Dunkleman. Did Ryan fire him?

2990 days ago


n'omi... coked-out. linda... botox while preggers? kid will look like an alien from "close encounters." christy... on the verge of needing an iron-lung from year's of ciggies. cindy... come out of the closet already. grow some ballz. be the man you were destined to be. kate... came long after the previous four so is not deemed an original uber-model. don't discount janice (the crackhead). and lest we forget lauren hutton, beverly johnson, gia carangi, margeaux hemingway, iman, lisa taylor, estelle, clotilde, etc. so many broken flowers. oh, yeah there was also rosie vela, andie mcdowell, blah, blah, blah...

2990 days ago


I am so sick of her treating peoples this way.That is something very wrong with her.with so many beautiful young models ,she is going to be done soon.No wonder no men want to marry you all know why.?

2990 days ago


Naomi is the most misterious super model, is this her secrets for belong
on top runaway (She becomes to lengend).

Giselle, Adriana, Fernanda T, Raica, the brazilian power, are the real


2989 days ago


"No one knew who Janice Dickenson was before Top Model?" Um...I am in the fashion industry and PLENTY of people knew who Janice was before her UPN spot. Are you kidding me? She' one of the biggest supermodel in history. Read up before you post something so ridiculous. You have a responisbility to do so.

2989 days ago


I miss the days of the defining supermodel. At least back then they had something special about them and for the majority, sorry Kate, they were pretty and very feminine.

2989 days ago


does anyone remember Kelly Emberg?

2989 days ago

Best of the Jersey Shore    

I agree with Sean - the writer of this article probably wasn't around to know Janice Dickinson was a giant name in modeling, BEFORE the batch the writer names who all came after Janice and Beverly Johnson, etc. If you go back to the old shows - Janice was THE ONE everyone waited to see - so much spunk on the runway, not afraid to smile. So much more interesting to watch than the zombie faced sticks nowadays.

2918 days ago

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