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Exclusive: D.A. Will Decide Harrelson's Fate

7/25/2006 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County District Attorney is in the process of deciding whether to prosecute Woody Harrelson over an altercation with a TMZ cameraman.
Woody Harrelson: click to watch!

The incident occurred on June 30 on a public street outside a Hollywood nightclub. Harrelson became irritated with Levine and asked him to stop shooting. When Levine continued to roll, Harrelson walked over to him, put his hand on the camera and again asked Levine to stop. Levine responded, "All I'm doing is my job." After another exchange, Harrelson broke the camera.
Woody Harrelson: click to watch!
A second video, obtained by TMZ, shows Harrelson then grabbing Levine by the neck, causing a laceration.

We're told the LAPD interviewed Harrelson Monday and then referred the case to the D.A. later in the day. Shortly after the incident, an LAPD Detective John Padilla told TMZ "With the tape and all, it's pretty good evidence."

The D.A. could file vandalism and assault and battery charges against Harrelson or reject the case and refer it to the L.A. City Attorney for possible misdemeanor prosecution.


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i would of done the same thing. that guy asked for it and what kind of man goes to the hospital for a scrach? sounds like all he can handle in life is a camera man. all they want is a lot money for nothing. and half the time when they do tape or take a picture they make it out to be something different cause 2 them everything is to boring and they need to "add extra" when ever they please and wont more money thats how they work. they go 2 far diana died and left 2 sons because of people like him. and they say im just doing my job. well go work on a film are tv show if thats what you want 2 do in life please get a real job people!!

3000 days ago

billy bob    

that camera weeney sure got wat he deserved,
i hate pr*cks like that, they just dont understand the words "no", or "stop"
hooray Woody !!!

3011 days ago

the wise old owl    

WOODY should know by now that as an ACTOR his privacy will be VIOLATED again and again and again. DAHHHH. He should have considered a carrer stocking shelves in a store or working as a teller in a BANK, if he couldn't tolerate the papperataziies Becomming VIOLENT won't help the situiation. ONLY MAKES IT WORSE. Now he will be up for ASSAULT CHARGES.and have another glitch on his CRIMINAL RECORD. If only he'd of smoked some of that POT HE LOVES SO MUCH, he might have been able to CHILL OUT A LITTLE BIT. The guy was taking a picture not coming at him with a gun. GET A GRIP.

3011 days ago


Another stupid move by another stupid actor or actress. What do they except? With all their celebrity and popularity, this will come with it. Funny how celebrities just cant graspe this anymore. Just like any other celebrity he'll just get a slap on the wrist with a fine and community service. Stupid Hollywood.

3011 days ago


Can anyone honestly blame Woody? I mean sure, maybe grabbing his neck was a bit excessive, but if I had to put up with crap like that all the time I'd probably go a little overboard myself from time to time. Even though he's a celebrity, he's still human and still gets pissed off when people harass him. Woody repeatedly asked him NICELY to stop filming him - and the cameraman refused because he WANTED Woody to get pissed off at him. It was obvious to me from the start of the video that Woody was not in the mood but the cameraman just kept pushing him. He was instigating a confrontation and he got exactly what he deserved. Sure he was doing his job, but he should have and COULD have stopped filming after he was asked to. This cameraman deals with this sh*t all day. He knew exactly what would happen if he provoked Woody. And of course they play up like 'Poor Cameraman'. Well if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen. Go Woody all the way!

3011 days ago


Woody is one of the good guy out there in hollywood. I hope he get a pass in this situation cause anyone could have one bad day.

3011 days ago


if woodyis to be indited, he should broke the little camera creeps neck instead of just scratching him on the neck

3011 days ago


Sounds like Woody better watch that temper. Isn't Woody's Father in prison for murder? I think he's a lifer.

3011 days ago


The cameraman should be arrested. Movie star or not, people shouldn't have to put up with things like this. I don't think I would have as much restraint as woody had if the same thing happened to me. These cameramen are just the kind of guys to do as much as posible to provoke a situation so they will have something "sensational" that the news stations will carry, then sit back and say nothing is their fault. Face it, the more angry they can make one of these stars, the more money they will make from the pictures and videos.

3011 days ago


What should happen to Woody? I have one name to drop here and that should take care of it. Princess Diana. Thank you.

3010 days ago


A judgement against Harrelson is saying to anyone within range of a rich star: "here, buy a cheap camera, annoy a rich person in public until they assault you, and then reap some undeserved rewards." Like abuse of every system we have, leeches will make the most of it claiming to be paparazzi, and will look forward to a bruise of any sort as a grand payday. Now, if photographers can be arrested for breaching certain things, like distance from a person and or failure to cease and desist when asked...I think jailing and substantial fines are in order in the opposite direction--you can't make a law for one and not the other. It leads to lawlessness. And this comes from someone who sometimes weilds a camera for money (though not at all in this way).

3010 days ago


Woody should just be glad someone wanted to take his picture!

3010 days ago

A Peace Loving American    

I am a peaceful american male, but if someone,(were I celebrity or not!) kept following me and filming me, I would be inclined to get very upset at the intrusion or my privacy, in public or not.......
Are not all americans insured some peace and civility???? There should be a harrassment charge filed on all popparatzi!! Yes, thier job is to take photo's of celebs, or to film them, but there does come a time when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

3010 days ago


If I had been Mr. Harrelson I would have knocked his head off. It is one thing to do your job, but to aggravate people to the point that you could call it STALKING is a bit rediculous! Famous, or not you should have a right to your privacy after saying STOP. People put the almighty dollar above everything, and nothing seems to matter to people more than money. This world has become a terrible place where money rules, and the poor are forgotten. Anyhow, Woody should be able to walk free, and if anything, the camera man should be arrested for stalking, and aggravated assault with a camera. GO WOODY!!!!!!!!!!

3010 days ago

Robert Singer    

Celebs are or do have a public persona, but they do have a right to privacy as we all do. Should these No real job having, money grubbing photogs get paid for getting up in anyone's face with a camera especially after being asked to stop? Hell No!, Woody asked him to stop twice, 3 strikes and he was out, the photographer,that is. He got well short of what he deserved and there should be a law where the papparazi isn't allowed 50 ft. from anyone .they have telephoto lenses, They're worse than the police. I agree with ealier post, princess Di would still be here.And continuing her good works and giving hope to people worldwide.
It seems this was a lesson not learned. Booo Cameraman in Woody's Face...Hooray Beer and Woody Harrelson.
And don't judge a book by his fathers deeds., stupid.If you knew, Woody doesn't even have a relationship with his father.For killing a Federal Judge in Texas for a drug defendant.
It is better to keep one's mouth shut and appear stupid, than Open it , and remove all doubt.

3010 days ago
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