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Gene Simmons to Air Family Jewels

7/25/2006 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons and Shannon TweedFollowing in the footsteps of the Osbournes, rock legend and wildman Gene Simmons of KISS, along with his family, will serve as the latest reality family to hit the small screen.

Gene's family is slightly scandalous in certain parts of the country as, unlike Sharon and Ozzy, he's not married. The show will feature his "unmarried" partner of 20+ years and former Playmate of the Year Shannon Tweed and their two children. Like Ozzy, we'll get to see Gene offstage in his Dad persona doing regular Dad stuff like bringing Gatorade to his daughter's soccer games and cheering on his son's band. And, Gene being Gene, we'll see some intimate moments with Shannon like a discussion over Gene's preference for sex over food.

It'll be interesting to see if the couple discusses Gene's reported cavorting with groupies "fans" over the years. At a recent press conference, Shannon opened up a bit on the subject:

"`I am not a stupid girl, nor am I doormat..."`He has never lied to me, and I don't think he cheats.''

But she also reportedly makes a distinction between "emotional cheating and sexual cheating,"' with the latter forgivable as long as it doesn't include the former. Now, that will be one interesting conversation if they get into it. I can hear men's ears perking up around the country and honing their "but it wasn't emotional cheating" defense.

Family Jewels premieres on A&E, Monday, August 7th with back-to-back episodes at 10 & 10:30 PM EST.


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Vicky & Kent Corbello    

We have thoroughly enjoyed three episodes of
Gene Simmon's Family Jewels. Ages 50 & 53, we laughed
more and forgot life's stresses and really enjoyed watching. We look forward to Monday nights to see the next episode. Music is my husband's first love, he is a self taught guitar player and writes his own music so you can imagine how he can relate. Thanks for the entertainment! We love your family.

2969 days ago


Who cares about this has been? Certainly not anyone under the age of 50 and I can tell you neither does anyone over the age of 50!

3010 days ago


"Reported cavorting"? WTF? Gene Simmons is the guy who went on Oprah and bragged about the scrapbook he had with Polariods of the 3,000+ groupies he had sex with. He is beyond sick, and the fact that any network would show him being a "Family Man" makes me ill. Shame on you, A&E!

3010 days ago


im under 50 and all i kow is Gene Simmons rules and this show should be interesting.

3010 days ago


I'm under fifty as well and I can't WAIT for this show. KISS is my all time favorite band and Gene has always been an interested charactor to watch. And there isn't a single guy posting here that hasn't "enjoyed" Shannon's Playboy pics on a personal level during their teens years so don't even try to make it sound like you didn't.

3010 days ago


Re: Comment #4... I was a little too young for Shannon Tweed's Playboy pics, but her full catalog of Cinemax After Dark classics will always hold a special place in my heart...

Sharron (Sharron?)- Only a never-was like yourself would ever call Gene Simmons a has-been. The fact that he could still out-rock anyone on the radio, or TV, especially any of those talent shows that tries to tell me what a rock star is, is proof enough that he is a still-got-it.

Actually, maybe they should put him the rest of KISS on American Idol to show how it's done...After the pyrotechnics are done and the smoke clears and Peter Criss crashes the symbols, it'd be interesting to see which of those 'Idols' are still standing... My guess? Probably just Ruben.

3010 days ago

Erika Callahan    

Holy crap........the world IS coming to an end.....but I will most likely watch the show....what's one more reality show?

3010 days ago

mike botelho    

I think Gene is correct for what he thinks. Men love sex and lots of it. Women on the other hand claim they dont want it as much, so it's about time another man stepped up and revealed the real man.

3009 days ago

Pam Isringhausen    

Well, I'm over 50 and frankly, no one can rock the world like Gene Simmons and KISS. I managed to meet them in 2004 and lthey were gracious and accomodating. Gene especially was very gracious. He is a true ladies man in EVERY meaning of the word. You can't say he isn't a marketing he says "he's got more money than some third workd countries." Has-been...I don't think so. Anytime they tour...I'll be there as often as I can.

I wasn't lucky enough to "go home " with him, but had I been asked, I would not have turned him down.

I believe this show will be entertaining and can't wait to watch it.

For those of you out there to don't like the idea of Gene Simmons Family have a remote..turn the channel and watch something else.

3009 days ago

sean horgan    

gene and kiss both rock. just one man's point of view and way of living. good for them

3007 days ago


Every family is unique..... Gene inspires everyone to work hard to make $ so you may have a good life and provide for your family! I look forward to see how Hollywood people live in Beverly Hills....

Ps: Check Out My KISS Fan Site & CosmicGarden Shoppe! :)

3007 days ago


What Can I Say besides the fact that Gene Simmons is a one of a kind individual that alot of people find either very entertaining and well liked or on the other hand very repulsive. I fall into the catagory of well liked!! You ROCK GENE!!!

3006 days ago


When or is there gona be another season ?

1444 days ago

terri johannes    

hey how you doing im a big fan.when are you and your family going to be back on its feb 6 2011? This is for gene and family.

1353 days ago

anthony richardson    

gene simmoms is teachin his daughter its alright to sleep with 5000 men.

1250 days ago

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