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Celebs Caught on Tape

07/24 - 07/29

7/28/2006 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Need your weekly fix of celebrity video? Lance Bass lets us in on the world's worst kept secret while Nick shows us PDAs aren't his thing.

Vanessa Minnillo can't keep her hands off her new squeeze Nick. But Nick wouldn't give in to her feminine charms in public... much to the dismay of the waiting photogs.

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Sexy Matthew McConaughey is back on the beach working out. Matthew's buddies decided to launch a few water balloons at the onlooking photogs. Too bad for them most of the balloons popped before launch.

Rod Van Dam learned that being a professional wrestler doesn't impress the cops. Van Dam was cited for possession of marijuana and Vicodin. Take a look at the police dash cam video.

Rob Van Dam
Minutes after being crowned Miss Universe, Zuleyka Mendoza Rivera of Puerto Rico fainted on stage. Citing a dress made entirely of chains and hot lights of the auditorium for the collapse, Zuleyka was quickly given liquids and recovered.

Miss Universe
Pro skater and DJ Chad Muska got in a fight Thursday night with a bouncer outside Hollywood hot spot Hyde. Muska, who worked as a DJ that night at the club, was escorted out for being drunk, and that's when it all hit the fan.

Chad Muska

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No Avatar


ahhh that is douche bag....not deuche

3000 days ago


Did it ever occur to anyone that Lance Armstrong is sharing his proven training workouts with Matthew. Why pay for a trianer you hope can teach you something when you can have a
Tour de France champion teach you. People please,
all is not perverted in this world. I am more concerned
about the fact that I haven't seen "Foxy" the red heeler
anywhere in these pictures. I own her twin.

2989 days ago

melbourne chiqa    

Vanessa & Nick are so damn cute 2gether! I dont even know y, but I love Vanessa! Shes soo much more suited 2 Nick than Jessica, maybe because her brain appears bigger than a pea, she doesnt seem like a bimbo, & she doesnt look like just another blonde hollywood playboy sl*t!

3008 days ago


stupid white boy.. Take his ass down to the streets will see if he acts crazy.

3007 days ago


Nick is clearly on the rebound, Guys hurt for a long period of time and this new girl in his life right now should know this if she dosen't get a clue HE IS STILL HUNG UP ON JESSICA, I would to if I had married to her, Key word MARRIED, Nick makde a commitment, and it shows he is the kind of guy who is true. Vanessa, You are just time passing until he meets another Jessica or someone thats not you Rebound-relationships are short lived

3007 days ago


sunny.... not sure what skin color has to do with stupidity, but who, (regardless of their skin color), would want to go there?

p.s. "we will" is spelled we'll, not "will"...just a little tip so the next time you spout off you don't sound so, oh what's the word...stupid?

3007 days ago

Chelsea true,Chris, so true...

3007 days ago


This video just goes to show the you that alcohol and stupidity do not mix.
Neither one of these idiots can fight.

3007 days ago

marge ingersol    

I think I could bring in substantial charitable donations if I auctioned myself off. I am fast encroaching on the title of "hottest mother ever". I won nastiest three years ago! Yee ha!

3007 days ago



Hey thanks for the english lesson friend. It's a good we we have pathetic losers like yourself to correct our spelling mistakes on message boards. Get a life bro. I cannot stand people like you.

Also, I'm white. That kid is a stupid white boy. Is white boy a racial slur? Is it offensive to you?

Man you are the coolest. I wish everyone in this world was as educated and compassionate as you are. Then we wouldn't need to correct someones spelling mistakes any more to feel powerful.

We'd all get it right the first time........Dueche Bag

3007 days ago


Oh humiliating... I put we twice... Sorry Chris I beat you
to it.... Ass Clown

3007 days ago


Yeah, i do not see what the color of one's skin; or lack there of- has to with the
act of stupidity. It is like i stated before-stupidity and alcohol do not mix.

3007 days ago

white boy    

DOUCHE bag - not Deuche bag. nice try, though.

3007 days ago


So Jeff it's a good we we? And yes the way that sunny used the term "stupid white boy" in my opinion was a slight racial slur. I can't stand people like you Jeff who stand up for the idiots then mock the person who was correct. Oh and for future reference Douche Bag is spelled like that. Not Dueche Bag. :-)

3007 days ago


Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

3007 days ago
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