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Mel Gibson

Busted for DUI

7/28/2006 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson BustedMel Gibson was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in Malibu, Calif. early this morning for suspicion of DUI. Bail was set at $5,000.

He was pulled over for speeding in his 2006 Lexus as he was heading eastbound on the Pacific Coast Highway and a Breathalyzer test was administered. The arrest report lists the time of arrest as 2:36AM and the time booked as 4:06AM. Gibson was released at 9:45 a.m.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Country Sheriff's Department told TMZ, "Mel Gibson was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was released later this morning. The investigation was still ongoing, just like it would be with any other person."

A rep for Gibson tells TMZ they are "checking into" the matter.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: A sheriff's official told TMZ Gibson had a blood alcohol level of .12. The legal limit in the state of California is .08.

UPDATE 9:15 p.m. Explosive new details in this case! Click here.


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2945 days ago

Lee Cheney    

Mel Gibson needs to know the TRUTH. So do you. The New Testament says that the Old Testament (Law of Moses) is the work of the Devil. Pontius Pilate was merely the hit man used by the Jews to assassinate Jesus. Click here for more information.

2945 days ago


I'm so sick of the story about the Mel Gibson aresst,this is NOBODY business about his arrest NOT the public's business.When he was drinking & partying w/other women it's between him & Mrs.Gibson's.And to me shouldn't have to say "I'm SORRY FOR THAT I SAID & Got Drunk"
So let's get off of his back & let him live his own life.But Mel has to answer tp Our HAVENLY FATER to what he said,Leave the story alone!!

2945 days ago

Annette Thomas    

I think there is a lot of stone throwing going on. Are these people for real? Who are they to judge? I think Mel is accountable to his creator for his actions and not man. I certainly know his redeemer stands more willing to forgive than man.

2945 days ago

Jodi Hammond    

I think God has allowed this to happen to Mel so he will be Blacklisted from Holleyweird.God is a jealous God and he wants Mel all to himself...God always takes what the Devil means for harm and turns it into Good...I am praying for you Mel...Let go and let God.

2944 days ago

Nancy P. Cagle    

To #148 - Dean B. - ARE YOU KIDDING??? Signed: Monica

2944 days ago

marylou buchman    

instead of focusing on a sad mistake made by mel gibson the press should concentrate on the horrible wars that are occuring in the east and the gigantic rip offs of the american people by the large oil co. especially exxon. 10 billion $ profit in 3 mos? ride the oil companies & bush for allowing this to happen. give me & mel a break !

2944 days ago


Mel got caught and millions drive home every weekend under the influence of alcohol. They just didn't get caught! Their day is coming and I would love to see their pics behind bars. Most drunks show their "butts", Mel no different. Why do we judge someone who gets caught? We should only be thankful no one was injuried and everyone got home safely! Mel has to pay the price now. It shouldn't be no different for him than us! Maybe he will learn this time, if not, the courts will handle it! Nothing is free and "we" all have to pay.....time is the factor! Do you have that much time? Try is again this weekend and test your luck!!

2943 days ago


Amen #223

That's basically what it is. Thanks for that comment. Many morons in this world!!


2943 days ago

Walter F. Brewer    

The .12 for DUI is a laugh - two glasses of wine and you can reach this level - the cops ought to check all the departures from the resurants - probably half of Hollywood would be in jail.

2943 days ago


All of us has said or done something that we might not want spread around. We
are lucky we are not famous, otherwise the world would know we are complete idiots ourselves.Forgive & forget already.

2943 days ago


You are such a great person, love your family and extremenly talented.
I know you won't let ugly people get you down, especially those who have
"never made a mistake". I can't imagine being among them and carrying the burden of perfection!

2942 days ago


What began as a crucial job situation of the CHP officer pulling Mel over for I'm sure a good reason for safety's sake could as well have been a life saving act ? C'mon people look at the facts we have been given...The slurs , obnoxiousness , etc..Has anyone considered why he was driving in a dangerous area with that bottle of tequila rolling around supposedly in the front seat area ? A life was saved & quite possibly that is what really wasn't suppossed to happen ? The guy is a family man with pressure's of being one no doubt of infidelity day in & day out as well as he was alone that night ! Bottom - line : he's good sh*t & would probably admit it straight up that he needed a night out alone & should've done something other than what he did that night .

2941 days ago


Mel is a great man but every great man has at least one vice. His seems to be drinking and sooner or later that will cause problems. The great part is that if he truly is a man of God, then God will use this mistake to humble him and reconnect him with who he needs to be. I don't condone what Mel did but I guarantee none of us know exactly the amount of s--- he has had to go through ever since he made a movie that he felt had to be made. Everyone has wanted to cut him down, and most of those people don't even really believe he's a racist. They are just that uncomfortable when they have the gospel presented to their cushy little worlds. So, instead of taking time to reflect on whether they should change how they live or actually acknowledge that their is a God, they get defensive and retaliate. Mel is just the easy target, but he knew that would be the case going into that movie, and the reason it got released and had such a profound effect likely had a little divine intervention involved. So take a look into your own soul instead of looking for easy scapegoats.

2941 days ago


What Mel Gibson and Sheriff Lee Baca think about the Great Britian Arabs who wanted to use liquid bombs on America. Mel and Lee Baca were overheard in a gay club along with Patrick Swaze and Jodi Foster saying the Jews developed a secret mind control drone that flew over England and used an invisable death ray mind control beam to make Arabs want to kill Americans-this magic Jew beam also materialized this bombing liquid goo in the hands of the Arabs therefore proving Mel, Lee Baca, Patrick Swaze and Jodi Foster that the Jews are responsiable for the poor Arabs attempting to blow up americans and it is their fault that americans have to wait in line at airports.

2941 days ago
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