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Gibson's Anti-Semitic Tirade

Alleged Cover Up

7/28/2006 10:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

gibson_exclusive_wi_2-1TMZ has learned that Mel Gibson went on a rampage when he was arrested Friday on suspicion of drunk driving, hurling religious epithets. TMZ has also learned that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department had the initial report doctored to keep the real story under wraps.

TMZ has four pages of the original report prepared by the arresting officer in the case, L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee. According to the report, Gibson became agitated after he was stopped on Pacific Coast Highway and told he was to be detained for drunk driving Friday morning in Malibu. The actor began swearing uncontrollably. Gibson repeatedly said, "My life is f****d." Law enforcement sources say the deputy, worried that Gibson might become violent, told the actor that he was supposed to cuff him but would not, as long as Gibson cooperated. As the two stood next to the hood of the patrol car, the deputy asked Gibson to get inside. Deputy Mee then walked over to the passenger door and opened it. The report says Gibson then said, "I'm not going to get in your car," and bolted to his car. The deputy quickly subdued Gibson, cuffed him and put him inside the patrol car.

TMZ has learned that Deputy Mee audiotaped the entire exchange between himself and Gibson, from the time of the traffic stop to the time Gibson was put in the patrol car, and that the tape fully corroborates the written report.

Once inside the car, a source directly connected with the case says Gibson began banging himself against the seat. The report says Gibson told the deputy, "You mother f****r. I'm going to f*** you." The report also says "Gibson almost continually [sic] threatened me saying he 'owns Malibu' and will spend all of his money to 'get even' with me."

The report says Gibson then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements: "F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Gibson then asked the deputy, "Are you a Jew?"

The deputy became alarmed as Gibson's tirade escalated, and called ahead for a sergeant to meet them when they arrived at the station. When they arrived, a sergeant began videotaping Gibson, who noticed the camera and then said, "What the f*** do you think you're doing?"

A law enforcement source says Gibson then noticed another female sergeant and yelled, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?"

We're told Gibson took two blood alcohol tests, which were videotaped, and continued saying how "f****d" he was and how he was going to "f***" Deputy Mee.

Gibson was put in a cell with handcuffs on. He said he needed to urinate, and after a few minutes tried manipulating his hands to unzip his pants. Sources say Deputy Mee thought Gibson was going to urinate on the floor of the booking cell and asked someone to take Gibson to the bathroom.

After leaving the bathroom, Gibson then demanded to make a phone call. He was taken to a pay phone and, when he didn't get a dial tone, we're told Gibson threw the receiver against the phone. Deputy Mee then warned Gibson that if he damaged the phone he could be charged with felony vandalism. We're told Gibson was then asked, and refused, to sign the necessary paperwork and was thrown in a detox cell.

Deputy Mee then wrote an eight-page report detailing Gibson's rampage and comments. Sources say the sergeant on duty felt it was too "inflammatory." A lieutenant and captain then got involved and calls were made to Sheriff's headquarters. Sources say Mee was told Gibson's comments would incite a lot of "Jewish hatred," that the situation in Israel was "way too inflammatory." It was mentioned several times that Gibson, who wrote, directed, and produced 2004's "The Passion of the Christ," had incited "anti-Jewish sentiment" and "For a drunk driving arrest, is this really worth all that?"

We're told Deputy Mee was then ordered to write another report, leaving out the incendiary comments and conduct. Sources say Deputy Mee was told the sanitized report would eventually end up in the media and that he could write a supplemental report that contained the redacted information -- a report that would be locked in the watch commander's safe.

Initially, a Sheriff's official told TMZ the arrest occurred "without incident." On Friday night, Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told TMZ: "The L.A. County Sheriff's Department investigation into the arrest of Mr. Gibson on suspicion of driving under the influence will be complete and will contain every factual piece of evidence. Nothing will be sanitized. There was absolutely no favoritism shown to this suspect or any other. When this file is presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, it will contain everything. Nothing will be left out."

On Saturday, Gibson released the following statement:

"After drinking alcohol on Thursday night, I did a number of things that were very wrong and for which I am ashamed. I drove a car when I should not have, and was stopped by the LA County Sheriffs. The arresting officer was just doing his job and I feel fortunate that I was apprehended before I caused injury to any other person. I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable. I am deeply ashamed of everything I said. Also, I take this opportunity to apologize to the deputies involved for my belligerent behavior. They have always been there for me in my community and indeed probably saved me from myself. I disgraced myself and my family with my behavior and for that I am truly sorry. I have battled with the disease of alcoholism for all of my adult life and profoundly regret my horrific relapse. I apologize for any behavior unbecoming of me in my inebriated state and have already taken necessary steps to ensure my return to health."

Click to see portions of the original report.

Comments updated 7/30/2006 12:15 pm EST


No Avatar


Read all these Hateful it really any different than what he said????? I think not. All these poor sad troubled mean hateful posts! Forget about Mel. Pray for ourselves and these Hateful posts!

3005 days ago

Art P.    

How can you look at yourself after you pissed the whole world off and dishonored yourself knowing you were the cause of it all to begin with.

Mel, no offense, but go drink yourself to death.

3005 days ago

Ted Gomness    

Mel Gibson is STILL a marvelously talented human being who, like ALL the rest of us, is flawed. I do not, personally, know the man but know only from my own experience that one cannot use one's judgement when it's GONE. For me, and many others, drinking does that... good judgement is the first thing out the window.

I believe that outpatient treatment can help in recovery (as my personal path), but it is no panacea or "cure" - neither is "inpatient" treatment or interventions of any nature, absent the personal knowledge that one has simply hit bottom and finds that the only way out is up. I believe that his apology is absolutely sincere, as well as personally courageous and hope that it is a harbinger of the future for Mr. Gibson...

As a society, we need Mel Gibson's sensitivity, and decency - and passionate exhibitions of the human condition... some of which are best left on film.

I hope that every individual who knows this man continues to support him - and that those who don't know him refrain from condemnation. I know that I'm better for having been forced, from despair, to do something about my own drinking... I fully believe that Mel Gibson is capable of the same sort of redemption.

In surrendering to his circumstances, at present, I believe that he will make every positive aspect of his life stronger and will find strength in areas he's never known. I wish him luck, and continued faith...

3005 days ago


The guy must have been really sh*tfaced! Did you see the pictures on the news?Some people act like they're too perfect to admit that they have never gotten intoxicated and said or done something really stupid. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

3005 days ago


Give me a break ! Is he the only one to make racist comments ? If he had made any kind of comments about Arabs, would it have been the same response ? His movie, Passion of the Christ was great and true to reality, either you like it or not. There is too much attention given to some comments and not to the fact that nobody would drive a car under the influence. His remarks don't put in danger any lives, but DUI does. This should be the point, but, again, without talking about this for more than one week.

3005 days ago

Art P.    

Do you know who I am? I am Mel Gibson!

I own Maiibu!

I could have your job. I could eat you for lunch you Jew Bastard.

Paid for by Mel Gibson.

3005 days ago

Art P.    

Do you know who I am? I am Mel Gibson!

I own Maiibu!

I could have your job. I could eat you for lunch you Jew Bastard.

Paid for by Mel Gibson.

3005 days ago

maryalice minotti    

I felt compelled to write because of the amount of PRESS surrounding this story...unbelievable! It's amazing to me, we are a country at war with REAL issues going on in the world and one actor's drunken rampage is our top priority??? Are you kidding me??? Clearly you ENJOY stirring up hatred. All this story has done in the press is bring about negativity in Hollywood. I don't understand how you people sleep at night. Do you really have NO CONSCIENCE? Wouldn't you like to leave this world someday knowing you had a positive influence on something? That you did something VALUABLE with your lives...? Mel Gibson made some very poor decisions, it's true... but for Pete's sake, do we contiinue to crucify the guy? Are celebrities entitled to second chances? Last time I checked we were ALL human beings!!!

3005 days ago

John Bell Young    

Like father, like son. Perhaps Mel Gibson's father, an admitted anti-Semite and a well-documented Holocaust revisionist, has already sent his son a letter of congratulations for espousing such hateful rubbish. Did Mel Gibson mean it? Sure he did. His inebriation notwithstanding, his remarks give voice to real feelings, as stream-of-consciousness dialogue always does when a man is under the influence. In that state of mind ordinary inhibitions are liberated from denial while giving free rein to the creatures of the Id. It is only when sober that Gibson proves the consummate actor, effortlessly and convincingly disguising his long-held beliefs in an effort to gain and manipulate public consciousness. To do so is nothing if not to his advantage financially and socially. But this time, the arrogance of power evidently gained the upper hand; Gibson slipped up the moment he refused the largesse of those at the bar who offered to drive him home. Whereas a film or screenplay, or even an acting role allow him to give abstract and subtle expression to his repugnant world view, a spontaneous outburst born of drunkeness affords no such luxury. Well aware of that, Gibson wasted no time in concocting the customary and usual response of favor among celebrities in crisis: the rehabilitation game. Here Gibson is doing precisely what he does best: producing yet another litany of compelling images the purpose of which is not so much to clean up his act (there is no guarantee it will, as even psychiatry cannot alter the destiny of the human heart), but to create an impression of vulnerability and piousness. It's a symbolic pilgrimage, an ersatz meditation designed to manipulate public opinion in favor of forgiveness and extolled, ironically, by the very media in which he is so expansively invested. Once he has convinced the public that it has forgiven him, whether a formal poll determines it has or not, he'll already have made a donation to the tony southern California psychiatric facility that provided him sanctuary en route to the next shoot at Studio 8A.

And so the question is: should we forgive him? In my view, yes. Drunks are nearly always always obnoxious when in stupour; they say and do stupid things. Should we forget? Absolutely not. We, the public, are as much responsible for Gibson's success as he is, and must not fail to let him know that we are watching him just as critically (if not deviously) as he is watching us. Indeed, we should not make it so easy for him to blindside us with thespian double speak, or manipluate our psychological disposition, always so favorable to celebrity, so that we become indifferent to the grotesque spirit that lurks within him. Even if that spirit is what fuels his considerable gifts as an actor, we must be vigilant. Coming from an individual of his stature, Gibson's rhetoric is irresponsible no matter what the circumstances, given the influence he wields internationally not only through his charismatic presence on film, but as a business man at the top of one of the richest businesses in the world.. His remarks a few days ago to the police, of all people, suggest that Gibson is disdainful of authority, and willing to respect only laws of his own creation. It's rather like the planet Saturn when scientists discovered, much to their surprise, that the rings were solid and the planet was made of gas. For Gibson, the world and the sentiments of his fans are the fiction, and his revisionist sympathies the reality. If Mel Gibson is serious about atoning for his outrageous behaviour, something more than a glib apology is due. Might I suggest, Mr. Gibson, that you contribute a few million dollars each year for the rest of your life to organizations, both Jewish and (non-sectarian) humanitarian, that support enlightenment, education, and literacy in an effort to eradicate racism and religous intolerance? In other words, if I may be so blunt, cut the crap, Mel, and prove yourself a man and an artist worth your salt. In other words, Mr. Gibson, prove yourself a mensch.


3005 days ago


Wah wah wah, quit complaining. If your average joe said this and it was televised, would you still have a stick up your rear about it ? Because he has money it's a big deal to you all. How many of you have never said anything derogatory or offensive in your life? First person to lie and say you haven't, go ahead and try walking on water so you can drown.

3005 days ago

C York    

It sounds like the police did their job. Two thumps up. It appears did their job. Two thumps up.

Hey, the guy was drunk and he apologized. He seems like an upright guy and as far as I am concern, it's over.

3005 days ago


I have always enjoyed Mel Gibson, him as a person and his acting and entertainment. For all of you wishing Mel "gets it good" who are you to judge when Jesus wouldn’t. I believe his consequences will be paid, but that’s not for us to decide. He has an addiction and we should only hope he gets help and betters himself, instead of wishing the worst for him. I still have hope for Mel.

3005 days ago


In my opinion I believe that the people of TMZ need to get a life and to stop trying to destroy the lives of others! I'm a fan of Mel's and I believe that he is going through some problems in his life that getting stopped just seemed to be the icing on the cake and he just lost control. He isn't perfect none of us are! I don't understand why people try so hard to destroy the lives of others? I wonder if a person dug into the backgrounds of all the workers at TMZ just what would they find? We've all done something we don't want to be telling all the time so why do you do the telling on people all the time? Maybe we should look into your life for a whole and see what is there? You know if I had the kind of money Mel has that's probably exactly what I would do. Hire someone to find out maybe, Harvey's life and see whar he can dig up. TMZ you're full of trash and you need to STOP tearing peoples lives aparta!!

3005 days ago


How many drunks are arrested everyday? Say stuff that they dont mean?

I dont see there faces plastered all over the internet. People make mistakes. The public dose not have all the facts. As for the "original report" I see nothing offical about it. To me it looks like an copy of a fax from an old fax machine hints the black back round and white writing. TMZ is noting more than a piss poor copycat of the Enquire.

Yes Jesus was Jewish and crucified by his own people.

3005 days ago


"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are
taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the
truth is called at once a lunatic and fool" (Plato)

3005 days ago
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