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Mel Gibson: Malibu's Finest

7/31/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonAmid rumblings that Mel Gibson received preferential treatment from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a public service announcement that Gibson taped on their behalf has surfaced.

The PSA was recorded back in 2002 on behalf of a sheriff's charity, The Los Angeles Sheriff's Star Organization (LASSO).

In the spot, Gibson, dressed in a sheriff's uniform, pulls over Scott Baio to thank him for supporting LASSO. He implores viewers, "Give back to those who give so much."


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I agree with Jonathon. We all have said stupid things while intoxicated. Since Mel is an alcoholic, I can see how going on a binge can make you crazy. I forgive him and I think tohers too.. God Bless Mel

3006 days ago


I cannot believe what uneducated and ignorant people are out there. The Jews are to blame? For what? September 11th was an attack by Islamists. Attacks on US embassies and ships, again by Islam radicals. Train bombings, gee, let me think about that one.

What have the Jews given the world? Well, most of the medical advances in the 20th century were by Jewish doctors. Noble prizes in economics, gee, look it up.

Jews have always been the easiest targets because they are one of the smallest, and for generations, one of the weakest minority groups. Did the Jews kill Jesus? Well, no says the Vatican and any EDUCATED and respectable theologian.

Ask this, your neighbor whom you have known for years is arrested. A rable rouser not from your town is also arrested (remember that invasion into the sacred Temple and destruction?). Your town has a choice, save one. Is it your known neighbor or the stranger who created havoc in the most sacred of places. The Romans arrested and persecuted Jesus and set the Jews up to take the fall.

And again to invoke the Lord, he does not eat or sit with gentiles, so remember that he was a faithful Jew and died as a Jew, persecuted by the bigger power.

Oh and the Palestinians, that's not even their home land. It's north of Lebanon, but they refused to give it back. How come no one is remembering that part of the planned Palestinian homeland was in lands that Jordan and Lebanon took over and refused to give back.

You hate the Jews? Why? Because they have withstood 5000 years of persecution and still give back to the world? Because they have withstood centuries of lies and hatred and survive? After the Jews are gone, who are you going to hate next? Get the facts first before you hate a whole ethnic group. So far, there has been only ignorant blasphemy by idiots who espouse everything Jesus and the bible really state. Remember who God chose as his people and that he picked a Jew to be his representative on earth, not a gentile, not a non-Jew. Is that why you hate them so much, because God did not pick your people as his own?

3006 days ago

bogwa topagwa    

my god! who are these jews? so few in number and yet controling all money,all weapons and all politics.amazing how they manage to cover up such a worldwide conspiracy. and they have been doing it for over 2000 years! unbelievable! truly hat is off to them.

3006 days ago


Mel Gibson is an insidious blob of protoplasm, full of himself, and a pimple on the ass of our great country. The 14th amendment allows him free speech but this free speech cost him my few bucks to see his class D flicks. He is a shining example of a clean cut adult gone sour. Get a life you jerkoff !

3006 days ago


I guess this page's admin is Jew that's why my comments arent appearing here. Well this is America and we have a freedom of speech, it's not Israel. My constitutional rights have been violated.

3006 days ago


Please people, give a person a break!!! He is NOT "god"! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has some sort of habit, think about what yours is before judging. The guy had some drinks (I'm irish) I don't see the problem. What he says, big deal! Get over it. EVERYBODY talks about someone. He is only human and after a couple drinks, did something that anyone would do, talk, say what's on their mind, wheather it's good or bad. It amazes me that people can actually condem him because of what he does or says is beyond me. Black labeled in Hollywodd, don't think so. I will still watch anything he is in. If he feels that he has someone he needs to apologize to, that would be his family only, NOBODY ELSE! Like this is the first time a actor/artist has had been pulled over or for that means, been in public drunk and not started some kind of attention.
Still a fan, Heather

3006 days ago

Alex Gambill    

Mr. Gibson is now out in the open about his anti-simetic thoughts. I don't believe a religious minority has started most of the wars in the world, contrary to Mel's expression. The funny thing is most wars are started between countries consisting of a majority of Christian and Muslim populations.

People with anti-simetic and anti-homosexual veiws are and always seen as unreasonable and contradictory to civilized culture.

Pope John Paul helped save Jews in Poland during World War II, while the Vatican pledged their allegiance to Mussolini.

3006 days ago


Does this mean the Mel will get whiskey plates on all of his vehicles?
I knew he was a booze hound-just look at the nose.


3006 days ago


Gibson fan, couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3006 days ago

Jack Defoe    

I am surprised and saddend that a majority of those commenting at this site on GIbson's arrest seem to support this blatantly anti-semetic tyrade that left no doubt about what his, and their, positions on this issue are. Those who deplore what Gibson said have as much right to voice their opinions as Gibson has to express his loathsome views and I can't fathom the claims that Gibson is somehow being censored. We are all held accountable for what we do and say, or at least we should be.

3006 days ago


.....shaka laka shaka laka. Jessica Alba's hot.

3006 days ago


Kelly Phillips' intelligence (or lack thereof) is apparent by her total inability to spell or use correct grammar. These are the type of people who scream about the problems in the world being the fault of someone else. Their problems are usually the results of their own laziness and stupidity.

3006 days ago

Bill P    

Last time I checked we had something called the Right to Free Speech in this country. How is it that every time someone says something that isn't Politically correct it makes headlines and people try to smear a persons life work ? All of a sudden the left wing whiners start pointing their fingers at Mel after he ties one on and rants under the influence of alcohol (a mind altering drug & depressant) they now have PROFF he's anti-Semitic. Horse Do Do ! People say all kinds of things when intoxicated, right , wrong or indifferent he has every right to say what he wants to, be it intoxicated or not. All you finger pointing TOLD YA SO people should take a step back and think of all the stupid things you've done while drunk or doped up and wished you could rewind those 2 minutes of your life. The issue here is NOT what he said but what he DID and that's endanger the lives of innocent people by operating a motor vehicle while ALLEGEDLY intoxicated at twice the speed limit in a 5000 lb. bullet ! That's what you should be speaking about not what his views are and who he likes and dislikes. That's a Freedom myself & MILLIONS of veterans of this country fought & died for around the globe for 100's of years. So as to his views on life, that's his business and I stand behind Mel 100% for using the freedom I helped protect and became disabled for in this country. Now as to his Alleged ILLEGAL activities of Driving while Intoxicated, Shame on you Mel ! I have also been the victim of a drunk driver that almost cost me my life and for that Mel you should be ashamed of yourself and should seek help for your addiction before you seriously hurt or kill someone. A grown man in your position should at least have the sense to call a cab (or Limo in your case) to drive your drunk ass home. Consider yourself lucky that those officers saved you before your created a situation costing someone their life. The words you let fly are your right and I applaud you for speaking your mind but you have no right to hurt innocent people Physically ! You have a Disease, take some of that money you have in the bank and get yourself some help ! We all have demons within us, and no one's perfect even those with large bank accounts, it's just a shame that those of you who THINK your perfect can't realize that INCLUDING the media who twist every story they get their hands on to voice THEIR views. God Bless America, a Country & RIGHTS I helped protect and lost my health to for 16 years.
Retired U.S. Army & Disabled Law Enforcement Veteran !

3006 days ago


Well Julie , I admire your passionate plea .... But...have some humer.
Laugh at Mel rather than seeking his demise..

Stop killing people in the middle east and save us all the horrible images comming from underneath the rubble.

And Julie...the idea of a chosen people is a racist idea by itself. it is in the Jews heads, and that made them think that they are better than everybody around them.
It probably affected their relations to others, and with such idiology they might have brought trouble upon themselves throughout their history.

I do not like to be called a gentile....all people are equal in the eyes of god.

Just because you have a book , and you beleive it is from god does not mean you impose it on others. That book is only yours and the property of people
who beleive in it like you...and whoever you manage to convert.

But you do not try to impose on others by force.

And the Jews have been the is not our problem...Christians , Moslems, hindu, budists..ext...they all open their religions to converts and they grow and succeed. Jews chose to keep their religion as a club for the elite tribes.
So they stay small. How could all of us be responsible for them being smal? They chose not to share god's choice with anyone else!!

3006 days ago


If Mel Gibson indeed said the hateful things that were reported,then he's a hate-filled jerk!

But the real issues are being ignored.

1.) Since when does being a world famous actor automatically make one a good,tolerant,sensible human being? It doesn't. Most sars are the same as us,only with more money,and possibly better looking. They have the same faults,predjudices, mental/emotional prooblems as those that aren't famous. It's just that they also have people that manage them and therefore, "manage" their issues.

2.) The biggest issue here is that the man was driving drunk! If he had killed someone because of his being drunk behind the wheel,it wouldn't have mattered what crazy rant he went on,he would have been a murderer!

3006 days ago
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