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Mel Gibson: Malibu's Finest

7/31/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonAmid rumblings that Mel Gibson received preferential treatment from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a public service announcement that Gibson taped on their behalf has surfaced.

The PSA was recorded back in 2002 on behalf of a sheriff's charity, The Los Angeles Sheriff's Star Organization (LASSO).

In the spot, Gibson, dressed in a sheriff's uniform, pulls over Scott Baio to thank him for supporting LASSO. He implores viewers, "Give back to those who give so much."


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Jack Defoe    


My response is to recommend that you read the original post more carefully.

2914 days ago


People make mistakes and because Mel claims to be Christian, he made a big one, but he did apologize. He insulted Christians the most in his anti-semetic words but you'll notice that when the whole event happened, Christians were the most forgiving. He said he was sorry, so we forgave him. Who are you to judge?

2914 days ago


By the way, the government has slowly been removing all religious symbols off public land and taking religion out of schools. Maybe it took something like this to show us that we need them back. How can we judge Mel when our government has done worse? Mel said hurtful things, but apologized; the government took religious freedom and the ACLU brags about it.

2914 days ago


What we have here is a inability to communicate
seems like everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon
and take their shots at Mel
or stand up for him
so that they can atribute someones bad decision
drinking and driving
(which is always a bad decsion)
to their own causes personal or otherwise
Let him pay the price (jail time ,fine,rehab etc.)
Just like everbody else
He (unlike any of the rest of you I'm sure)
is a sick person and could use the support of people who care.
and this wake up call
(which I'm sure none of you ever had either)
Is useful to him and the other people that are in denial of the fact that it could happen to them too
no matter who they are
Right on sheriff's dept
Get well Mel

2914 days ago

Jack Defoe    

I can’t believe that after everything that happened during the 20th Century—genocide, the holocaust, institutionalized discrimination and worse against blacks in this country—that so many on this forum think Gibson’s tirade should be treated like it was just another opinion about baseball or something. Gibson himself apparently does not think so. He expressed deep regret for his words and behavior in his statement today which seems to be sincere recognition that words can be deeply offensive, especially so if they are the words of an A-list celebrity. It is possible that this apology reflects a sincere attempt for a new beginning by Gibson, not only in his battle against alcoholism, but also in ridding himself of his poisonous attitudes and prejudices. I hope so. The anti Semites posting here should take note.

2914 days ago

Dan Brant    

It is sad that Mr Gibson chose to drive while under the influence of alcohol especially since he is educated and certainly wealthy enough that he could have secured alternate transportation. As far as comments he made while under the influence it is no different than dealing with any other drunk. They all tend to become combative when questioned or detained. Unfortunately since he is a celebrity everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to denounce him as we all seem to love bringing someone down to our level while saying how bad they are and patting ourselves on the back for never having made those kinds of mistakes. The man has made some powerful movies and done some good with his life. His remarks may have been inflammatory and wrong but who here can honestly say they have never said anything against another race or sex? Not anyone who would speak the truth. We all say things in anger that we may not really mean. As far as the Jewish community is concerned they have been angry with him ever since The Passion of the Christ. Perhaps if we all kept religious beliefs out of everything we might learn to get along a little better. Personally I support Mr Gibson in his battle to overcome his demons and I will continue to watch his movies if they are something I might like, just as I didn't burn Dixie Chicks CDS because they voiced an opinion. Maybe he will come out of this stronger as they did as they now have a number one pop hit for 6 weeks in a row. So much for needing the support of country listeners. I may not agree with what someone else may say but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the things they do. They are all entertainers, not politicians.

2914 days ago


OK, the actor made vulgar remarks but are any of those who criticized him any better with their crude swear words? Didn't he admit to his drunkenness and apologised? Isn't this better than someone who gets drunk and don't apologise?

His 'anti-semitic' remarks will not make a bigger dent to the already big mess there is in the Middle East . Those who made the mess have to take responsibility for it, namely the main players.

2914 days ago


I think that Mr. Gibson needs to come here to my little town for rehab. North Carolina isnt so bad....The Church i attend is part of a ministry that is called Transition Ministries.
He could come and actually live in one of the houses after he gets out of detox. And see for himself what the Passion of Christ is......
i think it would be an eye opener for Mr. Gibson. Not to mention a Faith builder. Nothing like reality to go along with life to make you glad for what you do have.
Its my prayer that Mr. Gibson can kick his alcohol problem. I know from the rumor mills thats its been an ongoing thing with him. He needs some real truth to set him free.

2914 days ago

Jack Defoe    

Just one last comment to those who condone Gibson's behavior and I am gone from this forum. How would you feel if some one said to your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend "what are you looking at sugar tits". I can't imagine what Gibson might do if that was said that to one of his loved ones.

On a slightly different topic, I have been a fan of his all the way back to "Year of Living Dangerously" and the Mad Max movies. Gibson can be an entertaining actor but thinking about his career, it's obvious that he plays the same character over and over. I've seem the same vacant focused look he gets whan as Max, Rigg, Wallace, Banjamin Martin in "The Patriot" and other roles, he is about to wreak vengence on the villian who killed his girlfriend, wife, son, etc.

2913 days ago


"Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone" What He said, yes, it was wrong, He is not perfect, no one is....Mel messed up, Who hasn't? He did apologize, so forget it and go on...We have a war going on, Our Men and Women getting killed and wounded, I think that is a little more important,

2913 days ago

M. J.    

The beauty of America is that people can agree, or disagree. It's ok to be
"anti-Semitist", a satanist, Bongo the clown or anything else you want.

Anyone who knows anything about Mr. Gibson knows he is a staunch Catholic. They don't agree with the JEWISH faith. That's OK in America.
I support and defend his right to disagree with another religion, and VOICE his opinion. To the death. Every day. EVEN IF I DON'T AGREE WITH IT. And you as Americans have the right to disagree, but that's where this should stop. All this "let's tar and feather him" crap is adolescent.

Do you hear the Baptisits complaining about the Catholics? Would that make you more comfortable? That's a nice Protestant-esque Christian issue. We won't hurt anybody's feelings with that diatribe. Except the Catholics. Or the Baptists on cross-.

But what ABOuT the "Jews"? If you took a few steps back and examined this whole thing, who is ALWAYS running their suck about how the world is trying to hold them down, millions and millions of years of oppression, blah blah blah? Who took the first chance they could find to invade "that other country" on whose land they are squatting after a poor choice of locale vis-a-vis WWII ? What are they trying to do? Dig for excuses to continue their fighting. Express and execute unadulterated rage, discrimination, bigotry and unbridled HATE. Why is America, the only country of real relevance in the world scene, on the Jew's side? Why does America sponsor such legislation as posted above? Where does the largest population of Jews in the world reside? Why is anything "jewish" such a hot-button issue? Who the hell does this particular group think they are?

That's what really deserves some consideration.

Hate crimes are hate crimes. This was a simple statement of opinion.

Expressing your opinion, or distaste for someone, or something, is a God give American Right. And if it makes you uncomfortable that he spoke about the all-holy "Jews", (gasp), then you aren't as liberal or forgiving, or anything as you think you are. Americans need to be willing to accept the diversity of the world, and the opinions the world contains.

On the OTHER hand, driving drunk is stupid. For THAT, they should throw the book at him.


2913 days ago


It will be very smart for the judge if in sept trial ... he will suspend his licence for 3 months, give him some community service (as cleaning freeways in orange jacket)..send him to traffic school program(not by phone) and to the AA sesions like everyone else ..

2913 days ago
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