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Moonshadows Madness

8/1/2006 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned when an allegedly inebriated Mel Gibson left Malibu's Moonshadows restaurant in the wee hours of Friday morning, he walked past the valet attendant with his head down, hands behind his back and uttered "I'm f****d up."

Gibson, who had not valeted, then crossed the street to his car, pulled out, made a u-turn and proceeded to step on the gas, driving past Moonshadows at a fast speed.

Shortly thereafter, as TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested for driving 87 mph in a 45-mph zone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 (the state limit is 0.08).

The valet says the deputy who pulled Gibson over was actually driving in the opposite direction as the actor, but made a u-turn when Gibson flew by.

In Touch Weekly obtained pictures of Gibson partying with fans at Moonshadows hours before being arrested. 



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Martin Jarvis    

1 a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs b : a descendant of these peoples
2 : a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language

Mel is intitled to his opinion, as everyone else is intitled to their opinion. Why get angry when someones opinion differs from yours?

If Mel supported pro-Muslim groups... so what? If Someone supports pro-Israel groups... so what?

This is the way it works. You allow an opinion, you earn an opinion. This is America.

Who among us doesn't harbor some "prejudiced" ill against a group of people outside of their own. Come on! I am a Black man in America! You folks amaze me.

2976 days ago

Rowdy Rick    

It's all rather sad. Somebody should have stopped him before he got in the car, but what is done is done. How many of you out there have been wasted and said stuff you didn't mean to? The media picks it up and runs with it. Now the poor, helpless, downtrodden jews make it a media circus. Keep in mind that there is a LOT of jewish influence in Hollyweird. Let the man be, pay his fine, do his time and get on with his life. He screwed up, he apologized and he will have to take the punishment that the law gives him. That's it. Don't make this anymore that it should be.

2976 days ago


Jesus = A Jew (Well done Bella) The world has not learned that Jews are here to stay - way before Jesus the Romans attempted and sometimes succeeded in making Jews Slaves but couldn’t get rid of them.

Chris: Mel Gibson is clearly not a CHRISTIAN (read your bible - if it can be believed as it was written way after Jesus died so who knows what he said but the sentiments are great – do unto others etc. MB hasn't a Christian bone in his body- he MIGHT get some empathy if he stays a few nights in Auschwitz or Belsen or maybe spend a few days with a few families who had children murdered by Arab suicide terrorist bombers in Israel OR any of the 9/11 WTC surviving families to see how they feel about terrorism.

Jewish propaganda GIVE ME A BREAK Chris are you a MORON did the Jews get him drunk? We all know people tell the TRUTH of what they believe when they are drunk.

Boo Hoo poor Mel no one to take care of Him Veronica (another moron) Veronica, you need someone to take care of YOU!

Well he's already apologized - these are meaningless words to try to 'appease' some people but not those who can recognize an hateful spirit which is what MB is Jews, Christians and Arabs who are not mental (and who happen to be SEMITES) (look up a dictionary if you have one Benjamin (nice Jewish name) John (another nice Jewish Name).

Oh, by the way, before you start writing your application to join the next group on exterminating Jews, think on this; if you or your families are WALKING and NO ONE you know has had POLIO - thank the JEWISH DOCTOR that invented the vaccine! Who knows we may cure cancer, AIDS, diabetes – Jews do more to help than harm the world – BTW if you chat on a Motorola phone – Israeli company!

2976 days ago


I'm so sick and tired of hearing people say, "Jesus and his Mother were Jewish".
Jesus and His mother were of the Jewish Race, However, their faith and believes have nothing in common with todays Modern day Zionist Pharisees.

Christ stated to these Jews "you are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father".

So according to Jesus these Jews/pharisees are children of the devil.

These are the same Jews who Cried out that Jesus's blood be on them and their children.

No wonder the State of Israel is a Terrorist State that has no regard for the innocent lives of women and Children.

Pray for the Conversion of all "Jews" to the true Faith!!!

2976 days ago


Enough coverage on this racist drunk already!

2976 days ago

Michael Grant    

Sixty five years after Hitler, I find it almost unbelieveable that the hatred spewed in this space still exists outside of the Sheite world. I thought that our educational system had a greater effect on people. Even The Pope said that the jews did not kill Christ. You people scare me.

2976 days ago


I think Jack is right. Gotta be like antidepressants plus booze. The restaurant shouldn't have let him drive. The valet should have stopped him.

2976 days ago


Just remeber the facts: Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI with a blood alchol level of .012 after leaving a bar in Malibu. He was not arrested for remarks during the interrogation or field sobriety tests. He was solely arrested for DUI as he was putting himself and the public in harms way for driving under the influence with a BA well above the legal limit.

HE WAS DRUNK!!! You say a lot of stupid, mean and sometimes demeaning things when your drunk and might think they are even whitty. Especially when your stopped by law enforcement and can't the count the fingers on you hand. You know what's going to happen and probably say mean things.

That doesn't convict you of DUI.

2976 days ago


I agree with Joy, you two are total idiots and uneducated too. Israel didn't "start " this fight nor did they "start" anything in Europe. 6 1/2 million Jews were slaughtered in Germany and they will NOT stand by silently and let another band of terrorists kill their people again. Do you think for one minute the USA would stand by silently if Canada or Mexico were shooting rockets and missles at us? From what I can tell you probably do.

2976 days ago


For Joys comments, why is it that you are remembering just the jewish holocust and not other nationality holocusts that's happening all over the world. And as far as Arab, they are talking about the situation going on now with the Middle East, that's very clear to me. As far as Mel goes, he's free to speak as he feels, after all this is a free country and everyone has the right to say what they want to say. I do agree with others comments about drinking and driving, specially a famous person like Mel should have thought about it before drinking, but things happen in life and hopefully it won't repeat. I respect him and will support him in his moviemaking.

2976 days ago


I bet Mel's wife is happy to evidence of Mel's activities ... those will come into good use when she divorces him.

2976 days ago


I'd like to know why so many people are sitting in the judge's seat. The majority of us have gotten shit faced and said/did stuff that we didn't mean or ended up being ashamed of ourselves after being enibriated. Not to mention, the guy is an alcoholic, so it goes alot further than the actions he was busted for the other night. He's a huge movie star and a genius director. He has an obligation to the public because he is famous and has to maintain a certain image. But he IS human for crying out loud. If every joe blow in the world was held accountable to the entire world for what they said to a cop when they were drunk, we'd all be screwed.

2976 days ago


Manush Comment 35 - You are my hero of the day. Thank you for making sense Earth brother. It must make Joy feel better to make others feel bad. Oh my - isn't that what Mel did? Hmmmmmmmmm!

2976 days ago

another one of you    

yea, a 0.12 my bum! there had to more than that in his system for him to go totally off the deep end...if that little can make him cross the line and potentially derail his career than as a drinker he is a GIRLYMAN!

2975 days ago


I see the pictures of him hanging all over these women, did he every once give a thought to how his wife would feel or his children. All he needed to do was call a taxi or a friends to take him home. Of I was his wife I'd kick him to the curb and I have always been a big Mel Gibson fan. Hopefully his stay in rehab will help him, he must have a lot of damage control to do at home. I feel sorry for his wife and children.

2975 days ago
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