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Pam and Kid -- Diamonds Galore

8/1/2006 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Newlyweds Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock arrived at a London airport Monday afternoon and photogs got a first glance of the pair's new enormous and sparkling wedding rings.
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Paparazzi were swarming in St. Tropez this past weekend as the pair wed on a covered yacht on the French Riviera.

Pam stepped off the plane sporting a huge canary-yellow diamond and husband Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, showed off his new blinged-out diamond filled band.

But this ceremony was only the first of four weddings for the couple; the two will soon be tying the knot again at home in Malibu, Nashville and Kid's hometown of Detroit.


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I have to say that I disagree with Pam being trashy. I think that people only tell themselves that she uses 10 lbs of makeup to make themselves feel better about their own ugliness. Before you judge her I would look at her before famous photos. She was just as pretty then. And I don't really feel like her breasts are anyones buisness but her own but don't say thats all that she is known for. If you are going to speak on Pamela Anderson at least know the facts. She has a hit television show called "Stacked". The show is awesome and it goes to show that Pamela Anderson does have acting talent. As for her and Kid Rock, I wish them all the best.

2970 days ago


I agree with Debora. Pam & Kid are the perfect couple, they are both beautiful people. If people would spend a little more time reading their bio's & learn more about them, instead of writing about stuff they just assume to be so, or their own made up opinions, they may have a different opinion about them. I think Pam is gorgeous with & without make-up & she has an incredible body. Their rings are beautiful. Kid's hands are nice too, but that doesn't mean he doesn't work hard, he probably works harder than anyone sending these emails (myself included). I hope their marriage lasts forever & it's great they have found LOVE, it's the best. So I say CHEERS! to the new couple. I admire you both & wish you a long & very happy life together. Also I want to say "Thanks Pam" for all you do for our furry friends. I've heard it said that "The hallmark to human achievement, is kindness to animals", I think you've reached that mark. And Kid, thanks for the music, keep it coming, you're incredible!! May God bless you both every day & in all you do & LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE ALWAYS!!

P.S. Pam if you read these, please put "hair" tips on your website...I LOVE YOUR HAIR & would love to know how you do it & what you use? BEDHEAD? ;-)

Thanks again,

Monica in Texas

2970 days ago


Is it my imagination or does Pamela Anderson (add last name here) seem to be sporting a bit of a moustache?

2970 days ago


pam is all made up .i seen her in person an all she is a 3 made up to a 9 shes so fake an dittzy its sicking

2970 days ago

Lisa from Michigan    

Pam is finally with the man that will treat her right.
Kid Rock is a great Michigan down to earth family man.
I hope they have kids , they will be beautiful.
I am jealous.
Hope it works out forever.
Kid Rock bring's out the best in Pam that Tommy has been taking away.
I agree that Kid Rock has hands that were made for counting money!
at least he's not a snob with money.

2969 days ago


These two are gross and scary. Let's hope the don't reproduce. She's pushing 40 (if not already) and dresses worse than a teenage whore. These two need some prayer.

2967 days ago



2965 days ago


I agree with Debora also! I think it's funny that "Justin" stated "who cares," when obviously he does or he wouldn't be writing comments regarding Pam and Kid Rock! For those who are trashing them, I would challenge you to do more research before you open your obnoxious mouths. They have both commented on the efforts they have put forth in order to be together. I realize Hollywood marriages don't have the best odds, but why would any of you wish them anything but a happy life? Kid Rock is about as "real" as one could be--he may have a stage persona, but he is the definition of "real." Pam is lucky to have him. She is beautiful--I would love to see how all of you jealous women look--I am quite sure that none of you have a body even remotely close to Pamela's. I can't believe how many people write in mean comments. Have you nothing better to do? I think you all need to "point your finger in the mirror" instead of bashing a happy couple. I've seen Kid Rock so many times, and I'd LOVE to have his handsome hands on me anyday!! And by the way, I am educated and attractive--Clearly Kid Rock attracts all kinds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2963 days ago

get a life people    

damn he has hands like a woman ..........

2973 days ago


Sorry, but I don't call her ring "huge" at all.

2973 days ago


Kid Rock & Pam.....who cares

2973 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Know why Pam is wearing her big bug eye glasses? She's not wearing the 10lbs of make up to hide just how hideous she looks. I give the marriage ~18 months before it falls apart.

2973 days ago


I am a huge Kid Rock fan and have to say that I am actually really happy for them. I hope that they are able to enjoy their life together and that things work out for them.

2973 days ago


RE: damn he has hands like a woman ..........

I do agree with you Sam ;-)

Hehe.... Grtz... Your Dutch Fan: Westley

2973 days ago


I'm gonna have to agree with sam... for a second there, i thought those were pam's hands! chelsea i agree with u too.. her ring not only isnt huge, but quite ugly too! oh well.. i hope this marriage lasts... pam seems like a really nice person... (im all for anyone who loves animals.) if you havent seen pics of their wedding check out some wedding they had!

2973 days ago
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