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Gibson Lawyers Up

8/2/2006 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barry Tarlow and Blair BerkTMZ has learned Mel Gibson has hired a prominent law firm to represent him in connection with his arrest in Malibu last Friday.

Gibson has hired the firm of Tarlow & Berk, a high-powered team based in West Hollywood, California, that has repped a number of celebrities in cases. Barry Tarlow, who turned 67 today, has represented Courtney Love, among other notables. Tarlow has been a TV "talking head" on a number of celebrity cases.

Blair Berk, 42, has represented Lindsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Tracy Morgan, Tracey Gold and Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman). The cases of Morgan and Gold both involved DUI.


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nancy marsden    

I'm not Jewish, but I AM FED UP WITH SPIN. If some of us seem gleeful about Gibson's recent "fall from grace" (and I am) it's not personal--I could care less about his drinking, his career., or him for that matter. I'm just sick of living in a nation where black is called white on a daily basis (especially by people in the so-called "no spin zone"). It took an alcoholic binge to reveal the truth, but the cards are on the table. Let's call a spade a spade, and an anti-semite an anti-semite. Then we can have a discussion.

2967 days ago

kim clift    

Get over it Hollywood, Mel still rules and so what if he said something you did not like , he was drunk and we live in a free society to speak our minds. kim clift rn

2967 days ago


. Gibson after having a leading veternarian exam him...was found not to be suffering at all from anything!!!!! what caused his utterings was indeed a backup of GAS that could not escape his butt....henceforth all that presure came out the wrong end.......Gibsons lawyers state that this was all due to tainted water from the bar he was at...they deny that any words were at all anti-semetic in just sounded that way....everything will come out in court .literally LOL...I suggest everyone wear a Hazmat suit ...they said after a few days of gibson grazing in the outback he seems to be doing better.....numerous reports of scared dingos running for their lives are not true his lawyers say!!!!!
its amazing what a few high powered lawyers can say to make things so clear LOL.....the hezbollah offered to take a shot at him if he was to visit Israel...saying they want peace who can we really beleive in all this....while Mel was reputed to seek out the Law firm of DEWY SCEWUM AND HOWE..he decided to go ahead with a hollywood group.....we all know that nothing is going to happen to MEL the MOUTH it will be a KANGEROO COURT...
MEL THE MOUTH GIBSON has said he will not be the lead singer of the NEW DINGO foaming at the MOUTH ROCK GROUP of the OUTBACK...
but Mel said he will consider BAREBACK KANGEROO RACING a possibilitee..he said he has nothing against them....

2967 days ago


If Mel Gibson wasn't famous, no one would care what
he said, when stopped by a Police Officer. Whether
a person, is famous or not, it's really no ones business
what they think or say, in PRIVATE. I don't care if it's
recorded, or said to another person, it's their business
and no one elses. The FBI, The President, can record
anything they want, but it's private, and should be kept
that way, instead, they use it against the person, if they
want to cause them problems. This should stop.
Someone just wants to bring Mel Gibson down, and
he has a problem, and they are using it. He didn't go
on National TV and say these things, so it's no ones
business what he said. It's very well known he has
a drinking problem. It's time, people stop using, what
people say against them. Stop calling them names,
and labeling them. Bigot, racist== that's just what they
are doing, when they call people this. People that
label people with these names, should be looked at.
Which, brings me to these news people that say, oh, but
they are suppose to be role models. Grow Up! Everyone
was put on this earth to be a example, in one way or
another. Mel is showing kids and grown ups, how not to
be as a person. If you have a problem, get help.
But, some people have deep problems, and getting help,
isn't helping. Marie Osmond, you can tell, she has alot on
her. She had too many kids. She was trying to be like her
mother. Women, need to wake up, 1 or 2 children may be
all you can handle. Children need alot of care and time,
and women that choose to work, can't take proper care, of
10 kids, or so. Having maids, and nanny's don't count. You
see these women, that say, they have it all, 1 or 2 nanny's
are mentioned. They don't have it all, who's raising their
children? I had to work, and had to help support my parents.
I see my son needed me.
Last and Least, no one cares if Star is getting a divorce.
Everyone was glad when she was fired from the View. We
were hoping she would take that show with her.

2967 days ago


who's the bigot here? Mel said one thing in a drunk stupor and he's being crucified, degraded and called a "nazi" by jewish people and they refuse for forgive him. How come you never did thid to jesse jackson when he referred to NY as Hymie Town? Joyce Behar is ass kissing Barbara Walters, and hollywood is blackballing him. You are the bigots. You won't let this go. The man is truly sorry and you won't let it go. stop feeling sorry for yourselves. There are more things to worry about in this world. THE MAN MADE A MISTAKE

2967 days ago

Sam Gottesman    

Any condemnation of "the Jews" as "Christ-killers" reveals a common ignorance of Roman first century Judea. Jerusalem was part of the Roman Empire of Jesus' time, and no king ruled there except as an extension of Roman authority. King Herod had Roman approval; Jesus did not. It is true that some Jews had become Roman operatives, particularly among the Temple High Priesthood, and that some of these dignitaries were jealous of Jesus' huge pupularity. (According to the record Jesus was immensely popular and by no means rejected by the masses of his people.) But this is not the crux of the matter (pun not intended).

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, in the tradition of his ancestor, King David, he was acclaimed as king by his fellow Jews. This act was in-your-face contempt for Roman authority. He was declaring his willingness to be their king, and they hailed him with enthusiastic abandon. Look it up; it's no secret. Christianity refers to the event as "Palm Sunday." In fact it was open sedition and neither Pilate nor Herod had any choice but to crucify him, as crucifixion was the official punishment for sedition. Jesus had openly and knowingly defied Rome. It was a calculated move. No kangaroo court was necessary for his conviction. Whether or not any of the extra events leading to the crucifixion happened, Jesus had nonetheless taken a step for which there was no remedy other than death by crucifixion. He had done something equivalent to running threateningly toward a SWAT team with a loaded weapon in hand. It boils down to this: "the Jews" didn't kill Jesus; Imperial Rome did -- because Jesus, by his own very open and public actions, made his execution inevitable.

Mel Gibson missed this point in his Passion movie because the fact isn't in the public eye and hasn't been taught in the churches -- but it is most certainly in the New Testament.

I submit this observation in hope that it will somehow reach Mr. Gibson. He seems to me to be deeply sincere, but sincerely misled in the matter of Jesus' crucifixion. Perhaps this is why he is torn over the matter of Jewish influence in the world. He loves the Jews he knows; and he believes the common errors about Jesus that are typically accepted in Christianity. Ne'er shall the twain meet. The story has been skewed so long that the distortion is accepted as the way it really happened. Perhaps this short note will help to clear up part of the misunderstanding.

2967 days ago

Tom Potter    

Regarding the poster's comment: "Mel has a problem with Jews."

Considering that most of the people in the world, and most nations "have a problem" with Jews today, and considering that Jews have come into conflict with all of their neighbors throughout history. ((Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt, Palestine, Persia, Rome, Spain, England, France, Spain again Germany, recently Russia and Palestine again, and in the process, America.), Mel is in pretty good company.

And Mel is right when he asserts that Jews are central to wars. As can be seen, Jews were central to the Class Wars of the 1900's, and they are central to the Religious Wars of the 2000's. In fact they have been active in, and profited from many conflicts and wars.

Considering that most people in the world and in America "have a problem with Jews", there is no doubt that Mel could become the next President of the United States, if he "crossed the Rubicon" and pledged to serve all Americans. As can be seen, almost all national politicians, including the Bush's, the Clinton's, Howard Dean, Gore, etc. are either owned or intimidated by the Jewish Lobby.

Mel could be the catalyst that returned control of America's foreign policy, "Home Security" and monetary policy to America citizens, and as Mel is admired and respected by most people on Earth, he could restore America's prestige that has been severely damaged by America's blind support for Israel.

Hopefully, Mel will not let the Jews make him a patsy and an example, and use their control of him to intimidate others that might speak the truths about Jews and Israel, and hopefully he will come out fighting. If he does, he will be the next president of the United States.

2967 days ago


Everyone is bashing Mel Gibson. Has everyone forgotten JANE FONDA?
She was a traitor to the USA and we seem to have forgiven her and made her a very rich woman. Come on, Mel is human, he should not have said the things he did. Certainly he knew better than to drink and drive but he has said he is sorry.
Let's move on and let him and his family instead of trying to destroy him.

2967 days ago


Two 'idioms' come to mind:
1. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". (Hi dad)
2. "Open mouth, insert foot".
I'm so ashamed that anyone as smart as Mr. Gibson is (asumption) could not only BELIEVE the anti-semite garbage, but give voice to it. (Drunk or sober, NO EXCUSE!) Well, here's another insignificate former fan. So sad.

From an Irish-American who lived through the holacost. 1939-1945

2967 days ago


Mel has gotten a little bold and not as willing to apologize to Jews becuase he has realized that AmeriKKKa loves its racist! Everyone from Dr Phil to major media outlets are making excuses for this repeat criminal offender and the fact that his crimes are always covered up. Mel has also smelled the hesistant way Jews reacted due to their own disability to keep in mind that your never assimilated into white, mainstream euro society no matter how much you fool yourself into thinking you are-the world shall let you know otherwise. This is why Mel Gibson is acting so dam arrogant-saying I am not anti-semite my body-gaurd is a Jew!! Like when a white racist says I dont hate Ni**ers, my kid's teacher is colored!!!! Blacks arent ever shocked at this the way Jews get because Jews lie to themselves about how accepted they think they have become.

2966 days ago


I was watching my local morning new show last week and Harvey L. was on attempting to speak through his obvious fear and inform us about Mel's slick, dream team layers. My issue with some Jews are-why are you such cowards? This L.A> anchor-Dorthy Lucy (or some mess like that) is a typical white heffer with reptile freckles all over her skin, blonde hair with blue eyes married to some big time Jewish executive of some media outlet-and she swears that she is some queen of the Jews. She defended Mel about his anti-semtic film and you could see that she was pissed off that someone reported about the L.A. cops cover up and Mel's comments. This lady has a kid and is defending an idiot who is driving drunk-but Harvey L. appeared to be scared to answer any of the questions that she posed to him in a very arrogant, "I hate you Jews for doing this to Mel" type of way. I didnt see the same fire that Harvey L. has when he is going on rants about black entertainers who end up on mess-why is he holding back on all the still hidden mess about what realy went on that night? Let it out Brotha!!

2966 days ago

Amberlon D Evans    

When some one well love preach hate kids think it is alright to hate. how can we keep our freadoms when American Idols preach hate. he should never be alowed in public spot light again!!!!!!!!!!

2965 days ago

Debby Hamilton    

How many Christians or Jews had been arrested for a DUI? We all are not perfect. Leave Mel Gibson alone. He is a very nice man and great actor.

2965 days ago

Robert P. Dobbins    

This incident with Mel Gibson speaks more about the character of the news media, the Hollywood elite, and a good number of effete Snobs within the entire entertainment industry. While you all hammer on Mr. Gibson, if anyone expresses a dislike of some of the ANTI-catholic and anti-christian garbage hollywood has shoved in the faces of the public, then they are accused of many unsavory character traits and worse. The most vile bigots are having a field day pointing their dirty fingers at Mr. Gibson. Having spoken with many folks about the situation, I have learned that most of the folks I've talked with think that the whole routine is over done, boring, and relflects worse on the media, these fool blogs that some have set up are used for the most vile kind of slander, muck raking and a general celebration over someone elses sad situation. The true bigots in this situation are the ones screaming for Mr. Gibsons blood. Well, there are worse bigots in this country, and most are in the media, so-called entertainment industry and usually the radical irrelevent irrational far left wing supporters of the liberal agenda. I think that this issue shows how irrelevent, nasty, and just plain cold and heartless all those who are slobbering saliva all over themselves just to rip a piece of dignity from Mel Gibson. These people need to get a life. Just my opinion, I call 'em as I see 'em.

2964 days ago


In AOL entermaintent actorPatrick Swayze,actress Jodie Foster and movie producer Dean Devlin it was the alcohol was to blame. Let me tell you that I had an Uncle who was an alcoholic who was married to a my Aunt who was Jewish and whne he was drunk the truth came out. Mel Gibson like all alcoholics needs to be druck before the truth comes out. His father is anti-Semitic who moved his family to Australia because he did not want his son's tto to Viet Nam. Not only is his father and anti-Semitic but anti-American.

2964 days ago
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