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EXCLUSIVE: Video of Mel at Moonshadows

8/2/2006 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained exclusive video shot on a cell phone by a patron who was at Moonshadows Malibu the night of Mel Gibson's arrest for DUI. The video was shot in the patio-bar area of the restaurant just after midnight, approximately two hours before Gibson was arrested.

The video shows a jovial Mel talking and laughing with patrons. He is holding what appears to be a bottle of Pellegrino sparkling water.

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who cares! everyone makes mistakes,get over it

3003 days ago

A cop    

hey, i really dont care if mel gibson was arrested for dui. I see this as another oportunity for everyone to blame the celebrities for everyone else's misfortunes. In my line of job, this stuff happens all the time, how come it never makes the news?
because of people like you who likes to put celebrities on the spotlight.
they have a job to do. so what if he made some comments about the jews? dont tell me no one else out there have made messed up comments about some other race. everyone else has at some point in their life. this sort of thing happens all the time, he made a mistake like everyone else is entitled to.
thats what makes this country great.

3003 days ago

Maria Dominguez    

Mel made a mistake. Don't we all make mistakes at one time or another, haven't we all said things we didn't mean at one time or another. Come on guys. Forgive him, just like you would want God to forgive you.

3003 days ago


Mel Gibson is a loser. Get a few drinks in him and his true nature comes out. And he is suppose to be such a good Christian Man. He's nohting more then a loser with money. He's not ashamed of his actions or his big mouth. Another way for a loser to beef up his publicity. Get a real life Gibson. Go back to Austrialia and see who cares about you down under. I sure don't care for you.

3003 days ago


Look, there is not one person on the planet or race that has not said or had prejudice thoughts about other races. NOT ONE! We are all human and I would love to take all of the drunken remarks by these Jewish leaders who are up in arms and lets see if one of them could hold there head up after we heard ALL of there drunken conversations over the years. Shame on them for trying to throw the first stone. I thought religion was supposed to forgive. I guess I was wrong. By the way, how many of these Jewish leaders dont believe that arabs or Muslims are responsible for most wars. Please. Mel was drunk. These people are supposed to be sane!

3003 days ago


To Maria, Don't make excuses for a loser and a drunk like Gibson. There is no excuse for his behavior. Don't blame it on his addiction. He's nothing more then a insecure, gay hater and a lousy Catholic. If he was someone like Average Joe, you would never hear anything about this. In my state, we do prosecute people who cross the line and make racial motivated comments. Just think Maria, he could had said nasty comments about Hispanics. Would you forgive him?

3003 days ago


Go to almost any bar, and you will find some drunken person (male or female) who will make comments about people, whether racial, religious, perverted or otherwise. Most people know that when you are intoxicated, your mouth runs and your brain is in fart mode I don't see or hear this Harvey guy going to his local bar and getting those comments from some totally unknown person, because IT WOULDN"T BE WORTH HIS TIME and wouldn't get him his15 minutes of "fame". Let's pay more attention to the drunks that kill innocent people when they drive, instead of lambasting the ones that just spout off (or not, as the case may be)...

3003 days ago



3003 days ago


It's funny how much news attention is drawn towards Mel Gibson by all medias..... It's a shame that little news coverage and comments are made about a muslim guy that earlier that week... shot 6 women(1 was pregnant) in CA... one of the women died. Has anyone heard of that?

3002 days ago


DAMN! GIVE IT A REST ALREADY!!! Another ego-trippin, self mutilating Hollywood prostitute . All the booze and pills in the world wont help this bunch! I mean, they pretend for a living for Petes sake! What a bunch of losers...dont envy them a bit. I only read your stuff to get a laugh!

3002 days ago


Get back up, Mel. Climb back up the hill. His flaws are visisble and he messed up. It could be a by-product of his raising. He can overcome that programming. He didn't act like a creep in that video clip. I hope they don't show the police station video. He has the money to get help for drinking. I don't want to kick a dog when he's down.

3002 days ago


Listen, Mel is a good guy and no matter what he does, good or bad, ya just gotta like him. He works hard at his craft, always has. He has a major problem which he is trying to get help for. Let the man alone so he can fight his demons and get on with his life.

3002 days ago


Why dont all you people leave him alone, He is not the only person in this world to ever get a dui. It happens everyday to people .Just because he is who he is there making a big deal over it . God just get over it , Mel ill keep watching your movies , your old ones and your new ones . PEOPLE JUST GET OVER IT ,ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL .

3002 days ago

Babu Ram    

Mel Gibson and his father, may be his whole family or may be whole Irish community are bigots. One of the doctors named Jame O'hra or something (Irish Name) screwed up me up badly in my lawsuit with Insurance company, my head was injured badly and my back got screwed up, and collar bone was broken up. Dr. O'hara a bigot , financially backed by some Insurance company (American Family) or something) wrote the insurance company that I am pretending that I am sick. What a bigot?

Don't forget that we Indians are also very much bigots, when we see while pussy, we die for it. There are more than one billions Indians, we have to make Sonia Gandhi president or Prime Minister since she is white. I can see that Sonia is neither politically interested, not she really loves India, however, she loved her husband and loves her children. She is nothing but a widow of Rajiv Gandhi politically speaking. We are bigots since we like her because she has a slighter skin. She has no faith or respect for Hinduism. Even a small country, Nepal declined Sonia to visit to Lord Pashupati Nath temple in Kathmandu which make sense to me. It is nothing in person to do with Sonia but she has no respect for Lord Shiva or whole Christian community may make fun of Shiva temple since we worship shiva Lingum (Shiva's Prick in blant word)...stay tune more coming...
In this paragraph there are some typos or syntax (grammer) errors, but an Idian IITians read it they'll try correct my spelling and grammer instead of understanding what exactly I mean to say here.

3001 days ago


Mel Gibson is a great artist.We've almost forgotten what he did.I think that everybody has to respect privicy and let our stars alone.They

3001 days ago
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