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Partying with Pressly

8/2/2006 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jaime Pressly: Click to watchJaime Pressly has much to celebrate these days and the blonde bombshell went all out for a huge BBQ at her home over weekend.

"We're celebrating my birthday, the Emmy nomination, and I get to cook and have everybody enjoy the home and the pool and stuff, so it's gonna be a good day!"

Pressly, who turned 29 on Sunday, garnered an Emmy nom for her role in "My Name is Earl," a show she's more than happy to be a part of.

"When you're given an opportunity as big as this one, you wanna run with it. You wanna be the best you can at the job and to be nominated for doing that is pretty amazing!"

At the party, Jaime revealed that she'll be wearing Badgley Mischka to this year's ceremony, which takes place on August 27, and will be accompanied by her boyfriend, manager and lawyer. She added, "It's just as big a deal for them as it is for me, so we're all gonna be going together."


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What? So being nominated for your acting performance is NOT a career highlight? Where do some of you people keep your brain matter?

2963 days ago


I think Jaime is a good actress and I would be her neighbor. So Jaime if you are reading this, if you ever move back to NC, buy the lot next to me!

2931 days ago

Sam Doe    

I think cable hostess Windy Moore is FAR hotter than Jaime Pressly! For one thing, she is bouncy! And not so full of herself as Jaime. Jaime, lighten up, girl! There's more than just YOU in the world!

2967 days ago

Cranky Pants    

I don't care for her one way or the other but damn if she doesn't ROCK that Joy character on "Earl". She deserves the nomination.

2967 days ago


Good to be happy Jamie. Good for you. But just as an aside, being nominated for 'my names earl' is not exactly a career highlight in the grand scheme of acting gigs. But I digress, good work for a girl that used to have get naked to be noticed at all....

2967 days ago

Nick Lachey    

I like Jaime Presley. She is a good actress. Hi, Jaime! The BBQ was so good last weekend. You really should have been around when Jess and I were married, you could have taught her a thing or two.

2967 days ago


a BBQ?!?! isn't she suppose to be out bar hopping & throwing money away at some white-tee-party! isn't she suppose to be shopping with armed guards & shouting at other officers that try & stop her from being famous?!? what is she thinking, having a BBQ & cooking & stuff. Hanging out at home, by the pool, having a BBQ, is for normal people. Please go out & be famous so we can get back to living our live's obsessing over your latest media update on how you make worse decisions then the real folks! please borrow a kid & let him jump around your car while our camera's follow your every turn. we can get back to thinking your famous. thaaanks.

2967 days ago


Blonde bombshell??? You're too kind, TMZ. Saw her on The Apprentice and just way-too diva behavior, as if the show was all about her, speaking down to people. This highfaultin attitude isn't going to get her far, especially when she's not that sizzling to begin with, just an average-looking girl. She's not all that!!!!

2967 days ago


I love her character on MNIE, but 29? Yeah, right. She is haggard for 29, that's for sure. I'd give her 37-39 easily.

2966 days ago

Not impressed    

As a neighbor of said Ms Pressley, I can report that unlike most of her loud, obnoxious, drunken parties, this one was relatively quiet and did not require any outside authority intervention. I cannot say the same for her late night rantings and ravings (approx.4am) which continue to occur periodically. Too much hassle and aggravation from a b list "actor"...maybe she will move...we can always hope.

2966 days ago

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