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Jenny Doesn't Do Dallas

8/3/2006 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer LopezIt's official -- Jennifer Lopez has backed out of the movie version of the 1970's hit TV show, "Dallas."

La Lopez was set to star as Sue Ellen, the alcoholic wife of JR Ewing - played by John Travolta.

However, Lopez's rep, Leslie Sloane, confirms to TMZ that the actress has opted not to go through with the project.

This is not the first bump that the film has hit.

Earlier this year, "Legally Blonde" director Robert Luketic, who ironically also directed J.Lo in "Monster-in-Law", quit the project citing "creative differences" and was reportedly unhappy with casting choices.

The reason behind JLo's decision is still unknown.


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I never thought Jenny was right for the part anyway so it's a good call on her part. Travolta needs a maybe he should rethink the whole thing too. Aren't we all a bit tired of the the TV show turned into a over blown movie anyway?

Oh yeah pinupcuttie, JLo has a dialect not an accent. She was born and raised New York not no South America and on the tv show everybody had a little twang. Got it?

2910 days ago


Mark Anthony is controlling her and influencing her choices.

Its obvious.

2910 days ago


Ah HELL Jessica is not an Occar winning actor and trust she never will be. Just b/c someone gets a show on MTV does not make them an actor hell her ass just learned to sing with out stranning the hell out of her self. J Lo who in the hell idea was it to even ask her to play that roll. I mean I she want s to try different roles but if she could not play a gangster than she sure as hell can not play a druck ass, mad, hateful, mean. ex-beauty queen, Texas white woman, hell I had plan to go see just to see that amazon stut myself. Anyway someone call Hollwood and tell them all old tv shows can not be movies DAM leave wel enough alone and make a real movie.

2910 days ago


In her world, control is nice. Lack of control made her a target for bullets meant for Sean Puffy P-Diddy Somethingorother Combs late one night in her limo. They were the glam couple in Manhattan for about five minutes. Maybe there's a bun in the oven. Maybe Marc didn't approve. Maybe she realized that her acting technique extends about one centimeter. Or that she understands that looking good while endorsing perfume and other products represents the extent of her skills. Or the thought of playing alongside an increasingly heavy Travolta as J.R.- ay caramba....

2910 days ago

Puerto Rican Diva    

J.LO is the sh*t. She can do whatever the f*ck she wants. Her and Marc make the custest, hottest, most respected power couple ever. I don't know why u guys talk so much sh*t about how marc looks..... look at banging ass Brad Pitt, he played Jennifer aniston the fu*k out!!!!!!!!!...... Marc is an Idol, he has the greatest talent,
very humble, great music, and has always represented Puerto Rico to his greastest power respectfully. That makes him a 20 on a scale from 1-10. Jennifer Lopez is well-known around the world. Ask an old couple who Jessica Simpson is..... they wouldn't have a clue..... Marc and Jennifer are both talented, beauitful, and very business smart people. I'm Puerto Rican and proud to have these two people represent us. I was lucky enough to have met both parties. Jennifer Lopez in a music shoot, and marc at a concert my father was hosting a couple of years back. They were both great people and good spirited. This movie needs her, she doesn't need the movie...... read again, she quit. You go girl, LIVE IT UP.....

2910 days ago

Alex Rogers    

J-Lo is a c*ck gobbling, c*ck snorting, no talent having media whore.

Thats some of you would have us think!

But really thats not true and you are just unkind. You see it has been reported that she has a rare but terrible neural condition. It forces her to make terrible music, and sh*tty romance films. And despite her best efforts she dresses like a latino whore, and f*cks her way to success..

So please, think twice before you make fun of this worhless piece of crap. Its not her fault. Its ours

2910 days ago


I think her "warden"...I mean husband stopped her from doing it. JLo seems to like to have a man control her life. She was supposed to go on tour in Europe a few months ago (I'm not sure for what because her last album flopped) but then she suddenly cancelled to be with Marc Anthony on tour. Now she was cast in Dallas and she has cancelled that too which is just as well since I don't think she was right for the part. Has anyone noticed that her career has been slowly declining since she married Marc. Weird.

2910 days ago



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2909 days ago


Its good she backed up, cause it wouldve been a downfall for her acting career. im pretty sure this DALLAS movie is going to be complete crap.

2898 days ago


I really wish she would've stayed with BEN AFFLECK. She's the reason why he started looking good. Now he's living a boring life with goody goody, boring, Jennifer Garner. If Jennifer Lopez has the power to back out of a film and to prevent Jessica from getting a job, then she doesn't have to know how to act or sing. SHE HAS POWER!!!!!! Besides Jessica can't act for shit so she did you all a favor. Keep making your smart moves, girl.

2891 days ago


Her movies have sucked bigtime since Selena. Sorry, if I were the casting director, I would have "differences" too.

2889 days ago


Who cares? She's just one burrito away from OBESE anyhow.

2889 days ago


John Travolta and J-Lo. What are you people thinking. Both of them don't even come close to the characters. I love John, but no way. And J-lo what a joke. And why do all the celebrity women pick such UGLY men. HELLO Kate Hudson!!!!!!!!!!

2888 days ago


Neither J-LO nor Jessica can act or sing!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad they are not playing Sue Ellen. Please find a real actress!!!! Why in the world did they even consider those two???????

2887 days ago


David, why do you think everyone is hating!!!!! Please.!!! Yes she is a pretty girl, but she can't sing . The only reason her records are heard is because the rappers she has done songs with are major. LL, Ja Rule, and Fat Joe sold those songs, not her singing. Also why would you cast a Latina to play Sue Ellen!!!! That doesn't make sense to me. AND YES, I CAN SAY THAT CUZ I'M LATINA!!!! SO DON'T START WITH THE RACIST REMARKS. You want to keep the cast as original as possible. Most of all, you need EXCELLENT ACTORS!!!!! J-LO DON'T FIT THAT PART!!!

2887 days ago
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