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Rabbi Tries to Ease Concerns Over Mel Invitation

8/3/2006 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonThe rabbi who invited Mel Gibson to speak at his temple has sent around a letter to the members of his congregation that expressed concern over the invitation.

David Baron, the Rabbi for the Temple of the Arts, asked Mel Gibson to his temple on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. In the letter, Baron made it clear that he "did not invite Mel Gibson to speak; I invited him to deliver a public apology."

Baron also said that a "pre-condition" to Gibson's appearance was a face-to-face meeting between himself and Gibson. "At that meeting I would vet his sincerity," Baron wrote, "directly broach the issue of his father's Holocaust denial and determine Mr. Gibson's willingness to take the necessary steps to heal the pain he has caused."

Click here to read the entire letter.


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Marie it was not my religion that has slaughtered millions of people in the name of a pope or Christ. Christ never taught to persecute other beliefs. By the way did you know that Hitler and most of the Nazis were catholic. And why do you think they did what they did. You need to seriously do some research on the people you are defending. Because it was and still taught in the old catholic dogmas try reading Fox's Book of the Martrys " try a little truth"

3001 days ago


I am not Jewish, I do believe they have the right to defend themselves in Israel and in the USA from terrorists or just the average ignorant person like yourself "marie" or from wealthy drunks that cannot hold their liqour "MG". Like I said move to Iran and talk the way you do and see how long you will be tolerated.

3001 days ago

marilyn feldman    

Mek gibson opened a can of worms he should have never made that movie, move on...TOM CRISE is GAY stop the madness about Katie, she is a sad gal whom has become a stepford wife!

3001 days ago


I'm a christian but I've dated two jewish men. Infact I almost married one of them so I certainly wouldn't be classified as anti-semetic, but I don't think Passion of the Christ was either. It was a historical movie about Jesus Christ's last days.
Mel didn't "create" it. He copied it.

People are offended on a daily basis, all sorts of people. I think what he said was wrong too. But jeez, he apologized. Does he have do draw his blood too?

3000 days ago


Ok, who the hell is harvey and why do we need to know him?

Still love Mel; always will. He made a great movie and he's Catholic. 'nough said!

3000 days ago


Don't worry Mel, I'm still on your side. You're Catholic and I am too. 'nough said!

3000 days ago


For the love of all this necessary? Mel is not crazy..not insane, not stupid, not anything but an ordinary man. He got drunk, got loud, got silly and made an ass of himself.
Let those among us who has never done this come forward so we can all call you a LIAR!!
The only thing that Mel could do now to turn me against him is if he goes to this nuts temple and apologizes!!!

3000 days ago


C'mon people....get a life. Being Jewish doesn't give you any special rights or privledges.

3000 days ago

Frank Ruffolo    

In your headline title of this story you mention that Rabbi David Baron did not invite Mel Gibson to speak but to deliver an apology. If Gibson is not allowed to speak how is he going to deliver an apology at the Temple of the Arts. Mel Gibson has made two public apologies over this matter already and is now being asked to make a third public apology to the congregation at the Temple of the Arts. Since it is quite obvious that not even three apologies are going to be enough to satisfy Hollywood and the Jewish Community, I believe that it is now imparative and time for Mel Gibson to just use his tremendous gifts as a brilliant Oscar Award winning film director, producer and mega movie star to make the greatest apology movie that Hollywood has ever made and seen. And just think Mel Gibson could be the only star of this film that we could call "The Apology of the Gibson." The entire premise of "The Apology of the Gibson" is for lead actor Mel Gibson to keep repeating over and over again how deeply sorry he is about his inappropriate comments the night he was arrested speeding and driving drunk. Obviously this apology line would be continuously repeated over and over during this three hour film version of "The Apology of the Gibson" that could be released to a world wide audience. One of the major advantages of only having Mel Gibson be the only performer in this film is that no other actor or actresses would have to disobey any boycott that has been issued or threatened against working for Mel Gibson by some famous Hollywood Agent and others as well. With Mel Gibson's wide box office appeal throughout the entire world "The Apology of the Gibson" will make tremendous profits worldwide forcing the maker of this ultimate apology film to make a future sequel and call it: "The Apology of the Gibson 2" And if these two apology films succeed they will be able to make other apology sequels right up until the end of all time. Then of course we could create the reality TV version of: "The Apology of the Gibson." There will be no end to the amount of apologies that Mel Gibson will be making with all the proceeds of all these apology films going to charity. Now if only Tom Hanks, the Star of the DaVinci Code and Ron Howard the Director of the DaVinci Code would also like to apologize to people of the Catholic faith for mocking and defaming the Catholic Church and its teachings and truths in their movie and then even attacking the Divinity of Jesus Christ and his family and who he is because of the blasphemus nature Jesus and the Holy Family where portrayed in the Da Vinci Code to millions of people world wide. Perhaps Richie Cunningham and Forrest Gump should visit Catholic and Christian Churches throughout the world to apologize about a heresy based on pure fiction that was shown to tens of millions of people around the world as if was the truth when in fact it was a total fabrication and fiction and not and even well thought out good fiction. Let the healing begin for all of us because there is more healing to go around than any of you are willing to admit.

3000 days ago

Gene Husky    

Where in the hell are my comments...

3000 days ago


No Offense as I am a Jewish , but I am so sick of this being blown out of Proportion, Everyone is entitled to there right of free speech, who cares if Mel was drunk or not, if the average citizen was to have said what he said, it wouldnt get any media attention, he is Human just like the rest of us. So as far as I am concerned, if he said it, I think it is true, us Jews have caused most of the wars in the World, everytime something happens, our ancestors and us cry, oh us poor jews, well I am sick of it, time for the rest of the world to grow up, we arent all children anymore, and noone is perfect. And the Darn police department should have kept that video recording private, what they did is a Violation against Mels Rights, who ever leaked that recording out should be arrested and put in Jail and the person who posted it on the internet and on the news.It doesnt matter if there actors or Corporate Presidents, or politicians, or the average person, we all have rights and Privacy rights, so let this stunt Mel pulled go and leave the poor guy alone.

3000 days ago


As a Jewish convert, I'm stunned at the insensitivity and cruel attitudes of the vast majority of these posts. It's not just about a mildly drunken comment, people, it's the fact that MG is spreading his anti-semitism via his movies (the passion, a major fabrication of historical facts), and his influence as a self-purported role-model of Christian values.

His apology is beyond worthless. It's an obvious attempt at damage-control, and I'm not stupid enough for ONE second to entertain it as sincere.

For all you Jesus-freaks who think it's no big deal...that's it's a free country...I'd like to remind you that the US was created as a place where religious persecution would NOT be tolerated. I guess you missed the memo? US=freedom from religious persecution? Get off the friggin blogs and put your nose in a history book, for a change. For that matter, study current world events. Maybe then you'd have something intelligent to say.

3000 days ago


Marlon Brando in 1979 in Playboy said:

"You've seen every single race besmirched, but you never saw an unfavorable image of the Kike because the Jews were ever so watchful for that. They never allowed it to be shown on screen."

On Larry King in 1996 Marlon Brando said:

"Hollywood is run by Jews; it is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of -- of people who are suffering. Because they've exploited — we have seen the — we have seen the Nigger and Greaseball, we've seen the Chink, we've seen the slit-eyed dangerous Jap, we have seen the wily Filipino, we've seen everything but we never saw the Kike. Because they knew perfectly well, that that is where you draw the wagons around."

3000 days ago


well i think mel gibson have had enough already. for christ sake he was drank and drankiness can make you say or do anything stupid so please give him a break. it could have happened to anybody.let just let it go

3000 days ago

richard altman    

Okay, we have beat the hell out of a terrible episode of antisemitism. Remember, this has been going on for thousands of years and will go on for thousands more if this earth lasts that long. I am a jew and I remember that jewish teachings and commandments mandate that we forgive those who commit wrongdoings against us although we are not ordered to forget. If you happen to hate jews, well then you are also a christ hater. Remember, he was a very religious jew with a typical semitic nose and face, a long beard, payes (sideburns in a curl), short and wide, and always wore a yalmaka (skulcap) resectful of G.d. He lived as a most faithful jew, practiced his religion, was murdered because he was a jew, and had a jewish berial. As for islams, remember, you came from the same father as jews (abraham) and are direct cousins of jews, looking much as they do. have the same g.d with just another of his names, and a law forbiding killing innocent people. People, wake up. You are just killing your own! Instead of wageing war on other people, let us rather wage war on poverty and disease. Peace be with you and blessings, no matter who you are.

3000 days ago
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