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"Rock Star: Supernova's" Breakout Star

8/3/2006 1:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

zayra_Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro may be established musical bad boys but to catch some true rock star antics on CBS' "Rock Star: Supernova" check out gorgeous contestant Zayra Alvarez.

With her lively and outrageous performances of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" and "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence, the Puerto Rican songstress has stolen the show and become the one to watch this season.

Unfortunately, despite haunting renditions of REM's "Everybody Hurts" and K's Choice "Not an Addict," Zayra has routinely landed in the bottom three.

But since you never know what she is going to do, say (her sassy retorts to the judges' critiques are worth the price of admission alone) or wear next, fans are tuning in just to catch the latest episode of the Zayra show.

A fact that even the judges, Navarro and Lee, pointed out on this week's episode.

A mix of Blondie's Debbie Harry with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O, Zayra's fashion forward ensembles (like the blue skin tight catsuit or her cape, gloves, and boots superhero trifecta) are a welcome change to the standard rock star uniform of black jeans, tank tops and wrist cuffs.

Zayra has the potential to become a musical fashion icon - think Gwen Stefani or J.Lo but edgier.

And if Zayra winds up on top at the end of the competition, the leggy Latina may find that the hardest part of the gig isn't winning but fending off Tommy Lee while on tour.

Check out Zayra Alvarez in all her glory on "Rock Star: Supernova" Tuesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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Are you kidding me?
This pathetic attempt for a singer makes me cringe whenever she stands up on stage. And yes i do agree that the only reason she is still on the show is to bring in the ratings! She drives me crazy and her remarks to Supernova after they consistently put her down, are ridiculous! She can't even pronunciate any of the lyrics?!?!?! She's just a joke, and even Supernova said this week that the only reason they're keeping her around is to see what the freak is gonna do next!

3002 days ago


Who wrote this article? Zayra's mom? She is absolutely the worst singer I have ever heard!

3002 days ago


That girl is a train wreck....she's always in the bottom three because she sucks! The show, however, is really good. Dilana is my favorite.....LOVE her.

3002 days ago


Are you guys on crack?!!?? Are we watching the same show?? She's terrible!

3002 days ago


i can't stand her. There is better talent on that show.

3002 days ago


Zayra rocks! Shes not right for Supernova, but I do think she has talent, and shes really really hot! I love her outfits too, I hope she stays for the whole season she will definetly not win but who cares its fun to watch her and the judges as well as de public seem to think so too.

3002 days ago


she's trainwreck TV... She's not a good singer, but yeah, for ratings they need someone like her on the show for awhile.

3002 days ago


She needs this super guide" The Essential Guide to Singing". As a matter all of the "wanna be superstars" must download This "essential guide to singing" before they go on national tv and make a fool of themselves. I am just being nice here, I could use some cuss wordds but ..nooo..
So can someone please show her this recommendation. Darm she is sooo good to look at so easy through my contacts lensy...
So once is the guide to singing..A guide for all singers....all around the world..

3002 days ago


She sucks!!!! Holy sh*t I can't even believe she is "news worthy" What the hell, they need to boot her lame ass. This season totally sucks. Dilana is the chick to watch if you can handle this lame ass show. Tommy Lee's band HA! HA! will go down in flames, pretty much like anything he has done music wise since the "crue"

3002 days ago


I don't know what you are smoking, but this woman is TERRIBLE.
The only thing she would qualify to win, would be an audition for 'Porn Star."
She has no voice, no looks, and no personality. The only reason I was happy she didn't make the bottom 3 last nite was because that meant I was not tortured by watching another performance from her.

3002 days ago


I love Ryan, Dilana, Lucas and Storm tooo

3002 days ago


If they searched the entire world to find singers to compete for this, how in the hell did she make it this far? She makes me wanna stab myself in the ears everytime I hear her sing.

I think Lucas will win personally, altho Im a HUGE Dilana fan. Lucas just fits the 'profile' of what a band member of SuperNova should be. Extroverted, great stage presence, confidence, and a killer voice.

Rock on!

3002 days ago


I'm in the business this girl is a joke ! She will NEVER be a star and if she does achieve some sort of William Hung statis it will also be short lived but it won't be for her talent it will be from the joke she has become.

3002 days ago


"News item" refers to unbiased reporting, not an opinion. Dissapointed in TMZ. Since this has become a RockStar opinion poll, I will say Dilana has my vote all the way...talent, stage presence, her all fits. She is actually enjoyable to watch every week. I'm not sure Zayra's screeching and futuristic porn star outfits are anything but ratings at this point. And her NOT being in the bottom 3 this week only leaves me wondering if the polls are fixed anyway. I will give it to her credit though, she sticks to what she does best, even if it's just a freak show!

3002 days ago


i only watch the show for my Jason Newsted! :)

3002 days ago
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