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"Rock Star: Supernova's" Breakout Star

8/3/2006 1:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

zayra_Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro may be established musical bad boys but to catch some true rock star antics on CBS' "Rock Star: Supernova" check out gorgeous contestant Zayra Alvarez.

With her lively and outrageous performances of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" and "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence, the Puerto Rican songstress has stolen the show and become the one to watch this season.

Unfortunately, despite haunting renditions of REM's "Everybody Hurts" and K's Choice "Not an Addict," Zayra has routinely landed in the bottom three.

But since you never know what she is going to do, say (her sassy retorts to the judges' critiques are worth the price of admission alone) or wear next, fans are tuning in just to catch the latest episode of the Zayra show.

A fact that even the judges, Navarro and Lee, pointed out on this week's episode.

A mix of Blondie's Debbie Harry with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O, Zayra's fashion forward ensembles (like the blue skin tight catsuit or her cape, gloves, and boots superhero trifecta) are a welcome change to the standard rock star uniform of black jeans, tank tops and wrist cuffs.

Zayra has the potential to become a musical fashion icon - think Gwen Stefani or J.Lo but edgier.

And if Zayra winds up on top at the end of the competition, the leggy Latina may find that the hardest part of the gig isn't winning but fending off Tommy Lee while on tour.

Check out Zayra Alvarez in all her glory on "Rock Star: Supernova" Tuesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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lais the way    

Whether you like her or not, she can sing. You may not like it but she can sing. I find most of your "Latino chick" comments racist and ignorant. Sorry she wasn't named Joan or Mary or some other easilt pronouncable yet lame name! Most of you wouldn't know talent if it bit you in your small town Abercrombie and Fitch wearing butts!! At least she has guts! What do most of you have besides too many kids, a sexless marriage, or credit card debt?

3000 days ago


ALL of that so-called talent on that show is so painful to watch, especially that gutter urchin with the red striped hair and piercings out the yin yang. Drinking Drano before each performance is not a wise choice. At least this Zayra girl is fun to watch and has the balls not to be intimidated or brought down to the level of Drano Girl or that punk-ass shrimp with the skunk hairdo and zero vocal skills. Tommy and his crew would be better off with last year's runner-up. This group reeks.......

3000 days ago

Diana Baker    

This person can't even entertain. No news here, she is awful!

3000 days ago


Painful to watch doesn't even come close--I cannot watch her! I am truly embarrassed for her--and keeping her around and complementing her makes Supernova look like a bunch of horny pre-pubescent boys rather than truly trying to find a lead singer.

I always thought Tommy Lee was a dog and he consistently supports that theory! He also is lacking is the brains department!

As much as I disgreed with the JD decision--bring back INXS---they acted like real musicians and decent men! The rockers also were more interesting and talented--I love Dilana and Storm, but I truly miss Jordis and Sweet Suzy McNeil!

3000 days ago

Ida Clair    

I think she will be a big star, not because she can sing but because men become deaf when a barely clad woman cavorts on stage. Her retorts play as pathetic and desperate.

Dilana and Lukas will be dukin' it out at the end. The Jason Newsted seems to have a grudge against Lukas tho. Makes him (Jason) come off as quite self-important, IMO.

Storm is talented, but not not right for this group.

3000 days ago


Zayra is terrible. I am absolutely amazed each week that she hasn't been voted off the show! Her performances are a joke and I really do think that the only reason that she is still there is to see what she will do next. I can not believe that Supernova would ever seriously consider her to front their band.
The real star of the show is DILANA!!! She is a natural born ROCKER to the bone. Nothing about her performances comes across as an act or faked. I can hardly wait week to week to see her perform! She is absolutely, without a doubt, the most terrific and fantastic person and the best one to front Supernova!!!

3000 days ago


There is no way that she will win this competition. I went to a taping recently and she is even worse in person. I cannot listen to her sing, thank god for tivo and my ability to fast forward right by her. How she has even gotten this far is a shock. It has nothing to do with her being latin or her pronunciation, or her horrid fashion sense; the fact that she cannot sing is the reason she will go nowhere both on the show and after.

3000 days ago


I watched the first two episodes of this show and that was about all I could stomach! I had to fast forward through the second one.This show SUCKS! I LOVE Tommy Lee but damn!

3000 days ago


I watched only once... Last night... I won't watch again... But I am still laughing. My black labrador has 10 times her talent !!! She's a sideshow !!!

3000 days ago


I have to say I do watch just to see what she does next. I don't LOVE her singing....but look at people like Marilyn manson....he is a FREAK show and he is famous.
Dilana is a hands down winner....she is just quirky enough to go with the band with a killer body and great vocals....doesn't anyone see that?

3000 days ago


She's got about as much a chance of fronting Supernova as I do -- and I can't sing!But she is smokin' hot, which is the only reason that I can offer for why she is still on the show.

3000 days ago


TV is all about entertainment and Zayra sure is entertaining. Her outfits are great and even though her voice is not as good as some of the other contestants she always brings the performance factor. No she won't win, but I would much rather watch her than all those other boring ass contestants! Plus it is also really amusing to see Supernova's reaction every time she sings!!

3000 days ago


And also if you are going to try to promote the show you may want to get the times right. It does air on CBS, but it is on Tuesdays at 9 and Wednesday at 8; not 8 both nights.

Of course with an entire article praising Zayra what did I expect?

3000 days ago


OMG! She is horrible! Aside from having a great body, she had no talent to speak of! Its like watching a sideshow!

3000 days ago


You know when i watch the show I feel sorry for her..........because this is not her thing at all maybe she sings better in spanish I don't know the slow song was good ...........and shes got balls somewhere wear these i'm sure original outfits........she makes me think of these wonder woman super heroe outfits......I was hopin she wouldn't be in the bottom three again last night........not because of her talent just her shear guts......there's no way she'll win but she does add a different element to the show .........the way she stands up there every week ....well she's likable for sure

3000 days ago
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