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Diddy: Shaken, Not Stirred

8/7/2006 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Jamie Foxx was on to something when he suggested that Diddy be the next 007.

Sporting a tuxedo, the rap mogul hit the waves of St. Tropez to shoot a commercial for his new Sean John fragrance, cruising the seas on a wave runner and hanging with models packing spear guns. Diddy kept his cool the entire time, even after almost falling into the water on the second day of shooting.

Daniel Craig might want to watch his back or Diddy-0-7 might take his job!

Oh, and he might need some Scotchguard for those pants too.


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Diddy. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn...................................

2997 days ago


*rolls eyes* Ohhh please. Get over yourself, Diddy. No amount of money would make me walk next to this nasty looking man looking like a skank. Move on Diddy, you're time is just about over.

2997 days ago

the wise old owl    

Diddy is so yesterday. I never understood what the big HOOPLA was over this guy. Yuck . Even on his best day I wouldn't even consider going out with this guy. I never got what J. Lo saw in him. ( Maybe his Wallet ) He is GROSS.

2997 days ago

hula lula    

who the hell is interested in some a-hole who calls himself "diddy?" all this jerk does is flaunt his wealth -- what the hell is interesting about that? it's disgusting. he doesn't have an ounce of humility. he has nothing intelligent to say. he just traipses around the world as if he's so important.

2997 days ago

the wise old owl    

I agree with post # 7. THE GUY IS A JERK ! The way he displays his WEALTH is VULGAR. I am surprised his head fits into doorways anymore IT'S SO DAMN BIG. If I never see this guy again it will BE TOO SOON.

2997 days ago


If Diddy were to play James Bond, he would be the first gay man to portray 007.

Originally Miss Combs was cast in "Sunday Bloody Sunday" in the role that Jamie Foxx went on to do.

Oliver Stone had to let Miss Sean go because - in Stone's words - he could not throw a football convincingly.

Which is code for "Big Old Queen."

2997 days ago


Okay, why is this even on TMZ? How disappointing. It's another PR piece to try to make us believe Miss Sean is a straight man.

He's not.

How much money does he spend on his beards?

2997 days ago

Be Honest    

I can't believe there are so many negative posts about Sean, and yet his fragrance is #1. Go figure...

2997 days ago

Puh der Baer    

He's a sissy...a little poncey bitch.
Made himself famous just by being annoying, which unfortunately sells crap.

2997 days ago

Pony Dog    

By the way, Diddy IS gay, I should know because I made the big mistake of having sex with him. BOOOOORRRRRRRING!!! He just layed there and wanted to be adored! I wouldn't have minded if there was something TO adore. To top it off, he smelled terrible! Maybe his "new" fragrance will make him smell a little better, I don't think so!!! NEXT!!!

2997 days ago


You people are so silly. What's with the gay rumors? Unless you sleep with Diddy each night ... you don't know his sexual orientation. I can't stand Diddy because of his pompous ... arrogant ... and flippant attitude. But to label him gay ...

And to answer the question ... "what did J Lo see in him" ... what the HELL did HE see in HER? He "started" the "J Lo" name. Don't be fooled about who made whom. J Lo got what she wanted and dropped his arse like a hot potato!

Diddy ... you need to eat a slice of humble pie, boo. Eat it slowwwly.

2997 days ago

the wise old owl    

YIKES !!!! To even think that Diddy is Gay. How frightning. Every gay guy is RUNNING right now. For post # 13. He was that good in bed , huh? I bet he was looking at himself in the MIRROR while he was doing you. I am surprised the MIRROR didn't crack. Ha Ha. No wonder why J. Lo. Left him. Nothing below the BELT. Too bad, because there's nothing above the neck either.At least he as some thickness inside his WALLET.

2997 days ago

the wise old owl    

What a phoney , shallow bastard this loser comes across like. The only thing he has ever protrayed about himeself is his $$$$$$$. He gives African Americans a BAD NAME. I don't think I have ever heard him mention his children ONCE. How self absorbed can someone be? He has to rank # 1. Talk about NARCISTIC !!

2997 days ago

Janet Jenkins    

I never thought he was gay because I'm pretty much a fag hag and I hate him. Unfortunately I've been up close to him many times for work and it's all been said above; doorways had to be enlarged for said head, I had to literally put my hands over my ears for sound checks, no street cred, total pussy! But it all makes sense, he used to go to Yankees games with a gay pal and I wondered if he was on the down low as they say. And by the way JLO dumped him due to an unfortunate club incident involving a dis on P Diddy gunshots that injured innocent bystanders fleeing the scene driving at high speeds the wrong way on a one way street posessing an illegal weapon. You or I would have gone to jail. JLO listened to her peeps!

2996 days ago

Janet Jenkins    

Number 21,
Diddy is gay, Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck set off Gaydar big time. Is there something I don't know about JLO? My pick for black Bond is Seal. He's a swordsman and can get the accent right!

2996 days ago
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