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Exclusive: Prosecutor in Gibson Case Removed

8/7/2006 10:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the prosecutor who filed DUI charges against Mel Gibson has been removed from the case.

Ralph Shapiro, the Deputy in Charge at the Malibu branch of the D.A.'s office, has been taken off the case. The new deputy D.A. is Gina Satriano, who is currently handling the case against Rodney Alcala, accused of mass murder. In the past, Satriano prosecuted Courtney Love for assault.

We're told the switch occurred late last week. TMZ contacted D.A. Spokesperson Sandi Gibbons, who said the switch "was not the least bit unusual." Gibbons added that supervisors routinely file cases and then are replaced by trial deputies.

TMZ noted four cases to Gibbons in which the Deputy in Charge personally handled a high-profile case -- Shapiro's predecessor in Malibu, Lonnie Peterson, handled cases against Nick Nolte, Nicole Richie. Deputies in Charge also handled cases against Zsa Zsa Gabor and the accused killer of model Linda Sobek. Gibbons responded by saying those were "four cases out of tens of thousands of cases," repeating that it is typical to give cases to "experienced trial lawyers."

Shapiro, who is Jewish, could not be reached for comment. As TMZ first reported, Gibson hurled several anti-semitic comments at the arresting deputy, though the comments are not the basis of the prosecution's case.


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Such angry people, you need God in you llife. Hey maybe you should talk with Mel. (smile)

You know I think some of you people need to seek counseling for all of that anger. Deal with it, Mel has more people behind him in a time of need then any of you ever will, so dont hate.

Forever a Mel Gibson Fan

2967 days ago


Do i seem angry? Huh, well..stupidly has that effect on me.

Good Ole Mel has “people” behind him because he’s loaded and he’s famous.

Talk to Mel? Why would I want to talk to Mel Gibson? I’d rather talk to an over the hill, religious nut bag that drinks and drives...wait...okay...I get it now.

Good luck Forever a Mel Gibson Fan!’re gonna need it.

2967 days ago


Well he may need to be prosecuted for getting a DUI, but the punishment will be mild since it is his first one. But on the other case of bigotry, well thats not against the law and is alive and well in the states and everywhere in the world. But it is not against the law in the U.S., so it none of the prosecutors business. I don't conedone anyone saying such awful things about a group in general, but he has the right to say such things, and is protected by the first amendment, whether you like it or not. In fact all of us here are and wouldn't it be harsh to say what we say about Mel should be held against us, because its no better than what he has done, and two wrongs do certainly not make a right.

2967 days ago


I am SO PLEASED to hear people say that they are never going to another Mel Gibson movie.

Because those people here are the nastiest, meaniest, most biggoted, maniacal, freaks posting here.

I am going to happily sit in the theatre at the next Mel Gibson movie, sigh with relief knowing for a fact that none of those freaks are around.

2967 days ago


On The View, Barbara Walters said that because of his anti-Semitic remarks, she will never see a Mel Gibson movie again. Walters said, 'As far as I'm concerned, he's Star Jones to me.'"
– Conan O'Brien

2967 days ago


First off I would like to start with #10 Beverly. Are you right in the head? You are comparing Mel's words and people forgiving him to Murderers and pedophiles. You are way off base there. Mel talked some trash and now he is in the same rank with a murderer. Oh boy get with it.

Next #14 "just like he got out of additional charges for trying to flee the scene and calling a female officer "Sugar Tits."

Are you kidding me. First off I am a police officer. Second people do NOT get additional charges for calling names such as 'Sugar Tits." I have been called way worse. It is a part of the job and it is never something that you should take to heart. If your life is threatened that is another story. For example someone saying I will come kill you and your family. Not sugar tits for Christ's sake.

Now as for fleeing the scene he could get additional charges if they pursue it. It is called discretion. Believe it or not you can choose what you would like to charge someone with. Many times I have dropped one or two charges because the person decided to cooperate. I do not work in La-La land so no celebrities here. Lets face it everyone gets off here and there. That is a fact of life. Cops let people off. I am sure some of you know a police officer and you get your ass on the phone two minutes after you get a ticket and you try to get out of it.

The charge here is a DUI. What he said makes no difference. He is not going to be charged on his words. If you think what he said was so horrible I can give you a lot better (and the comments come from everyday people). People say stupid things, I do not condone it but I will not hang him by his balls for the rest of his life over one night.

2967 days ago


No doubt M. Levin, (and your team) you must be a perfect man, never drunk, never smoking, never driving too fast, and above all, never saying stupid things or insults....
So, let me try to understand something here, how can you make such a website ??? Where does this pleasure comes from ? the pleasure of destroying a life and a career ? tell me ? how is that possible ?

2967 days ago


My son is a police officer. Most days he is called horrible names, obscentities screamed at him, spitted on, insults to his heritage, etc. by teenagers, business men, drunks, housewives, etc., but as long as they don't push, shove, hit or physically touch him they haven't broken any laws. The Malibu cop did all he could do which was arrested Mel for DUI & evading arrest. What a sad world!

2967 days ago


I watched MSNBC's Scarborough last night and they had a story about Mel Gibson, so TMZ,"you are not the only ones still covering this story". Your dedication to the truth is admirable and you are telling us what we need to hear. Keep it up!!!

2966 days ago

steve a    

this post is for #4 mad max.get a damn life you jerk.mel gibson is only one of many people who have said things like this.the jewish community wants to boycott all his films and hang him high.they just can`t stand hearing the truth.i bet if he made his comments about the italians,irish or germans the jews would find that ok.these other ethnic groups i mentioned would care less about comments made about them because they are sercure with themselves.the jews have caused problems all throughout history,and lets not forget their biggest sin,THEY KILLED CHRIST!!!!!!!

2966 days ago

Try This    

Lou (old dude) -
so you watch teletubbies? it figures. i've never seen teletubbies so i didn't know that -- thanks for the enlightenment, you old geezer! LOL ;D hahahaha

2966 days ago

H. Scott    

Let me get this right about all the giff over what Mell said in a drunken stupor, I should conclude that "What you say while you are drunk is the truth, and what you say while you are sober is a lie according to TMZ". I thought that Drunk Driving was illegal because people do not posses all of thier thinking skills, especailly judgement while under the influence. Based on TMZ comments the next time you want to hear the truth from a politian or your teenager you should require them to get drunk, and you will know they are be telling you the truth. TMZ should ask congress to pass a bill requiring polititian's be drunk before speaking! HA!

Nixon referred to Kissenger as "his jew boy", and he did not get this kind of response. I have epilepsy and still have to deal with people calling seizures "fitts", something that I find offensive, but I would not go so far to think these individuals hate epileptics. I hear people say that illegal mexicans are stealing american jobs and the government should send them back to mexico. Does that make them mexican haters, or are they frustrated over the lack of jobs.

Mell made a untimely mistake. He has not killed any Jews to my knowledge, or advocated the killing or discrimination of Jews. If he were doing that I might think he was anti-semantic, but so far TMZ had done nothing but try to stir up hatred for Mel Gibson, by bringing up Mel's father misguided opinion. Maybe Mel has not distanced himself from his father because he loves him, even though he may not agree with his fathers view. He obviously heard these things growing up, and while drunk he may have said things that when he is sober and has "all of his thinking skills in place knows that those feelings are not accurate."

He who has no sin should cast the first stone! Give the Mel Hating UP, the only thing Mell has done for the world his entertain them with his movies!

2966 days ago


Regardless of what happens to Mel, his career in Hollywood is O-V-E-R!

2966 days ago


I find it ridiculous how many people are standing up for mel gibson. Just because you love his movies or whatever doesn't mean he is a great, unprejudiced person. I do not believe that his racial slurs came from no where. The truth comes out when we are under the influence so it cannot be used as an excuse. He is a bigot, plain and simple. Hate him or not, he is a celebrity, and he IS going to get special treatment in this case. His racial slurs have nothing to do with the case, but it does have to do with the type of person he is. I for one will never ever see one of his movies again.

2965 days ago


1. For the Love of GOD TMZ leave this man alone. Stop making a story where there isn't one.

Posted at 9:56PM on Aug 7th 2006 by Lisa

There is a story here, the man is a DRUNK, A BIGOT, and is not above the law. I say throw this Catholic A**hole in the slammer and teach this bastard a lesson, I dont give a f*ck who he is....he broke the law, mumbled anti-smite comments and you want to leave him alone......Damn Lisa...are you too a DRUNKING SLOB AS THIS MAN IS...GROW UP BITCH

2965 days ago
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