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Inside Scientology's Biggest Night

8/7/2006 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta: Click to watchGather a group of Scientologists together for a party and they're going to talk about little else. Such was the case at the church's 37th Anniversary Gala, held at the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles Saturday, with guests like Jenna Elfman, Leah Remini and Giovanni Ribisi gushing over the controversial religion.

Though Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were noticeably absent, Scientology power couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston were sure not to miss the annual event. "I've been a part of Celebrity Centre for 31 years this year," said Travolta, "so every year is a celebration for me because when I found Celebrity Centre I found my life again."

Travolta definitely enjoyed himself at this year's event and was seen breaking it down to the sounds of Chaka Khan, who was a guest performer.


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I think that the less we hear about $cientology the better. We hear nothing from Tom Cruise when a woman suffering from post-partum depression kills her five kids, but give an actress in a similar state medication, and he's off in a rant about psychiatrists.

3001 days ago


All of those people are a bunch of freaks! Cultology is the more appropriate for this kinda of made up garbage

3001 days ago


I don't know why, but I find the whole Scientology thing creepy. I think I need Jesus.

3001 days ago


What a sanitized version of the truth. To find out more about scientology read: or (lisa died when the "church" forced $cientology ways upon her.) It is horribly graphic but:

3001 days ago


Nuts !

3001 days ago


Hey you want to know more about this cult which is responsible for the death of several people go to "Operation Clambake"

3001 days ago

the wise old owl    

I agree with post # 4. I find the whole deal very CREEPY. I was approached to get into that wierd cultish deal years ago when I was in ACTING CLASS . Thank God I ran instead of being sucked into it. I'll take sprituality any day of the week over Scientology. My cousin got into it back in the 80's and now that he is free of it, he said it really screwed him up. It is suppose to BE THE WORST. He wishes he never would have delved into it. He really regrets it. If any one of these FREAKS starts talking to me about it, I would change the subject or walk away.

3001 days ago


How wonder how much it cost to attend that function?
And where the proceeds will go....?
Just a thought.

3001 days ago

Sam Doe    

Speaking of "bad boy" Scientologists, here's this video on Youtube of a revealing interview with an ex-girlfriend of Tom Cruise who talks about their unusual sex life. But you should be warned in advance -- has put this video into its "adult only" category because of its racy subject matter, so you may not be able to access it.

3001 days ago


This religion is all about ego! Guess that's why so many celeb's like it.... Bottom line, $cientology is a fabricated bunch of fantasy, created by a science fiction writer who was completely out of his gourd! If you want to go around acting like you are in fact, GOD... So be it. If it works for you fine, otherwise most of the $'s I've met are just plain weird.

3001 days ago


Good point, stvslady. Where *does* the money go?

It doesn't matter what they believe in.
It's the policies of abuse of people and the law; the systematic, organizational harassment of individuals who speak out against the abuses. is a good place to start. Or Google "Paulette Cooper" and make popcorn.

3001 days ago


Scientologists I feel sorry for you; lost souls to Satan. Why did Kelly Preston go that route what did Travolta brain wash her like Tom Cruise did to Katie Holmes? I would like to know what unmentioned scientologist who is a network executive is giving a new position to Elfman?

3001 days ago


Gee a religion with a "celebrity center". Great values there.

3001 days ago


Scientology is NOT a religion. This cult follows the teachings of Ron Hubbard. Their "church" has no base in GOD. They worship nothing but themselves. Money and what it will but run their lives. They pray to no one except Hubbard. It sickens me everytime I hear the words church and religion used in the same sentence with scientology. They are followers but not of a Judea/Christian GOD..but of a man that wrote a book in the 1950s.

3001 days ago


Unless Chaka just converted, she's not a Scientologist.

3001 days ago
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