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Gets Her Groove On

8/7/2006 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV VJ and Nick Lachey's current crush, Vanessa Minnillo, showed off her dance moves in Las Vegas this weekend.

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Minnillo was in Sin City over the weekend to celebrate the release of "John Tucker Must Die" at Pure Nightclub in Caesar's Palace. The film's leading man, Jesse Metcalfe, was also there.

The former Miss Teen USA appeared to be having a great time as she sang and chatted with the crowd, took pictures of herself with fan's cameras and downed what looked like a shot -- which she did not seem to enjoy.

With Nick no where to be found, the stunning brunette spent the evening with girlfriends laughing and dancing the night away.

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No Avatar


FIRST! Good for her! You go girl!

2997 days ago


This girl is NO ONE......who gives a sh*t? the only reason anyone is writing about her is b/c of Nick.

2997 days ago


She's o.k., but she is NO Jessica. What is Nick thinking?? She looks like an idiot in this clip.

2997 days ago


Man, I'm not at all excited to see her face anywhere but nowhere. She's nobody.

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2997 days ago


I don't blame her for having fun and I think she and Jesse Metcalf are an item now.
She's so tired of living in Jessica Simpson's shadow and I think she's tired of Nick. She could do better and Jesse would be perfect for her.

2997 days ago


#4- were the hell did you get this information that she and jesse metcalf are an item now?! yea right. you don't know that. you completely pulled that outta your @$$hole! haaa peace

2997 days ago


She makes me sick! Man, I think that she is competeing with Paris Hilton for the sopt light! She was and still is a nobody! No one really cares about her, everyone just wants to see Nicks next move! Her fame is like the news mans, you know them but really don't give a sh*t about them. It must feel good to use someone for their own fame or waht ever you would like to call it. Jessica used him too for the samething..... fame. Nick keep your head up and you'll find the right girl for you with-in time.

2997 days ago


she's not with Jesse, Jesse's gay

2997 days ago


I also heard she and Jesse were attracted to one another, too on the set of TRL. They say the chemistry was undeniable. He's more her age and looks so hot that I don't blame her for dumping Nick. Maybe this means a reunion for Nick and Jessica. They truly deserve each other. Supposedly Nick couldn't stop talking about Jessica enough for Vanessa to ever have a chance with him. He's ugly and Jesse is much better so Vanessa comes out on top.

2997 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

The more I see and hear about this chick, the more I dislike her. Yeah, she's pretty, but the way she talks on E.T. is really annoyng. She doen't talk that way on TRL. I see her being fired from E.T. in the not so far future :)

2997 days ago


The only reason this chick is getting any press is because she is with Nick.

2997 days ago


Vanessa had no business getting involved with Nick Lachey.Especially since she is supposed to be representing ET and MTV. She should be ashamed of herself and should have had more respect for Jessica Simpson and kept her nose out of it,regardless of who iniated the divorce. She represents ET,which is all celebrity gossip,and she is making quite the headline for herself. I believe she is doing this for attention. She is not a celebrity,she is not a star. Noone even knew her or paid attention to her until now. She looks so stupid in that video dancing,like she knows she is cool or something. Homewrecker!!!

2997 days ago


She was also at the Spearmint Rhino getting lap dances later in the night!!!!!!! Cant wait to hear her lose the daytime job at one of those tv gossip shows.

2997 days ago


#13 Huge head? Sorry this is NOT a pic of that midget Nick rightfully divorced. She doed NOT need to be famous as jessica seeks full throttle ATTENTION. Vanessa is on TV EVERYDAY, TWICE a day. WTF!?!?! You have her confused with that publicity whore he quickly disposed of, like that piece of toilet paper she is. Speaking of heads, she has the biggest one out there, aside from the fact she has NO NECK, she looks like a munchkin she's so short....... lol

Get over yourself! Nick did VERY WELL hooking up with someone that is "REAL". not TRYING to get a "star on the hwood walk of fame", like that dumb bitch he was married too, please........LMAO!

2997 days ago


She looks like she's having a good time. The hair is aweful. I think she's a pretty girl she just need a new stylist. Plus I don't think her and jesse are an item. Can't a girl and a guy hang out?

2997 days ago
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