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...And Stay Out! Sir Paul Changes Locks on Heather

8/8/2006 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Police were called to Paul McCartney's London residence Monday, when a member of estranged wife Heather Mills' security team climbed over the wall of the premises to let her in. The locks on the gates had been changed.
"One of the security people inside called the police," according to Mills' spokesperson Phil Hall. "They turned up and she went off for a drive around the block with the kid."

Mills had arrived at the home with two-year-old daughter Beatrice, the couple's only child. "She was laughing about it," Hall said, when asked about newspaper reports that Mills was angry at being locked out.

Hall did confirm, however, that McCartney had frozen their joint bank account and had sent a "legal letter" to his wife to complain after three bottles of cleaning fluid were taken from his Sussex home to clean Mills' nearby office.

TMZ contacted McCartney's spokesman, but he was not immediately available for comment. Although the couple described their separation as amicable when it was announced in May, McCartney cited her "unreasonable behavior" in divorce papers and Mills responded by vowing to file counter-claims in Britain and the United States.

Lawyers believe McCartney could lose up to one quarter of his wealth, estimated at over 2 billion dollars, as a result of the divorce.

Mills has been the target of lurid allegations in British tabloids since separating from McCartney, but she has strongly denied she married him for his money, saying in May there was "not an ounce of truth in this."

The couple married in 2002, having met in 1999 at a charity event a year after the death of McCartney's first wife Linda from breast cancer.


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Back to BJ's and arab arms dealers runners for heather. ...

2977 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Lock that one legged protitue out. Sweet !!!!

2977 days ago


Say what you want about her, I think Paul McCartney is an a$$hole. He used to be my hero, but he's just a putz now. They deserve each other.

2977 days ago

Alex Rogers    


Thanks for your brilliant comment, but stay focused. It doesnt get much funnier than the one legged whore. Shes so worthless its mind boggling. Next time im in jolly old London im putting aside some pound sterling for heather to clean my pipes. That bitch will do anything for money, plus I've never been serviced by an amp.

2977 days ago

DB Philly    

He learned alot from Prince Charles I see. She should've married him in California. Then it would be his a** on the other side of the gate!

2977 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

She's a gold-digging bi-otch. She took advantage of him in a vulnerable state after losing Linda (and if you wonder who is at fault in the break-up of this marriage, look at how long Linda and Paul were married!!)


2977 days ago


I've never thought much of these two (not saying I don't LOVE the Beatles) but Paul is being an ass. He'll get's what's coming to him in court, his dumb ass didn't sign a pre-nup. Heather looks pretty good with that 1 leg!

2977 days ago


yeah, its his prob that she bolted as soon as she could after puking a kid out in order to ensure her firtune. McCartney may be naive adn have a few probs but this chick is pathetic. She probably bailed a little earlier than planned when the press sterted to get a little too close to her hooker past...

2977 days ago


hill your an asshole,, that heather monster is a greedy gold digger..
why dont you hook up with her and rub her leg,,,you might find the other one up your @ss

2977 days ago

wendell dixon that was funny...Obviously Heather...if the locks had been changed..hmmm..maybe Paul didn't want you there...LOL...and for her security to climb over the fence to let his estranged wife in..hmmm...sounds a little crazy to me..I'm waiting to see how this divorce pans out...I heard that she refused the millions that he offered her in a settlement...can't comment on Paul because I don't know him.but when you only been married for a few years..hmm..take the cash and run Heather....well in her on the good leg...greedy..greedy..greedy...

2977 days ago


Paul married a loser and now he's stuck dealing with her. I hope he gets custody of that child before her mother makes her paranoid and crazy like she is.

2977 days ago

Alex Rogers    


You sounded like a really dumb c*nt.

Paul will get whats coming to him. Who the f*ck are you ? Why dont you stick to watching daytime TV and getting fat.

2977 days ago


I think that there is a lot of assuming going on here. Why does she think she can just come and go from his residences anyway? When people split up (regardless of their income) this is just something normal people respect about each other. I am sure he does not do this to her.

I believe he just got fed up with her arrogance and is TRYING to move on. She needs to get a life.

2977 days ago

Adrienne Smith    

Note to Wendell:
Heather can't take the cash and run ... she can only take the cash and limp. The Paul and Heather bust-up is a cationary tale for all men: When dealing with a whore, ALWAYS settle the terms of the transaction on the front end. Don't lose your head over a little piece of tale. I wonder if she was worth $500 mil.

2977 days ago


Loser or no loser, Paul is going to have to pay a pretty penny to this golddigger. Who cares about Paul & Heather, what about the child; a pot-smoking Dad and a former-stripper-now-one-legged-Mom; that sucks!

2977 days ago
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