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Confirmed: Dave & Jenna Are a Couple!

8/8/2006 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From Jeff Davidson's Sound Bytes blog

Dave Navarro has had a tough year. First, he received a lot of flack about his "experimentation" with men that allowed him to satisfy any inner questioning of his sexuality and then, of course, he most recently split with wife Carmen Electra. But, Dave may be in position to share some good news...

As Star first reported, TMZ has confirmed with legendary adult film star Jenna Jameson's publicist that she has split from her husband and is, in fact, dating Dave. This actually makes sense given the pairing of rock stars and porn stars. Tommy Lee was reported to be dating "Vivid Girl" Stefani Morgan, and of course, Tommy also turned Pammy Anderson into an amateur porn star! Then you also have Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard and VH1's "Supergroup" fame who is married to adult star Tera Patrick and Korn's Jonathan Davis' wife is recently retired from the biz.

I must say this is a nice score for Dave. It would be tough for Dave to find anyone to replace firecracker Carmen, but from what I've seen, ahem, I mean "heard" Jenna is up to the task.


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The Daredevil    

& to think she was giving the ole Daredevil the eye a few years ago at the AVN show

2995 days ago

get a life people    

when will these men stop thinking with there penis.....why would you want to be with a woman that is known for being a slut...i just don't get it

2995 days ago

Sam Doe    

And yet others seem to be always breaking up -- as we hear from this ex-lover of Tom Cruise.

2995 days ago

get a life people    

cindy that is so fake

2995 days ago

While I agree that men dating porn stars is a bit silly seeing as they know where the girl has been and most other people do as well...did anyone ever consider that they're people too and their career decisions don't necessarily define them as a person. A porn star isn't Jenna's personality. If you've read her book you'd see that she's a very intelligent woman who has overcome many things. Some people deserve a little more credit than they're given...

2995 days ago


If she is so "intelligent " why mus she be a bi sexual pig? If she is smart work asshole and dave navarro is another freak!! experiment with men? my God this world is one sick scene and i am so glad i will never be a part of it...

2995 days ago


These 2 sickos deserve each other. She is into men, he is into men, she is into women, he is into women.

2995 days ago

U Know Who    

So if someones sexual orientation or prefernces are not the same as your own they are, sexual pigs and freaks? Wow judgemental often? Bet your "religion" taught you that huh?

Jennifer, spelling and punctuation are your friends ..should I call you freak since I like grammar and you have an obvious disdain for it?

Sheesh who cares what people do in their own bedroom? WHY do you care what Dave/Jenna does sexually? Why do you care what ANYONE besides you and your non-existant lover do in the bedroom?

Your post makes very little sense whatsoever. I did gather that you are some sort of alien life form. Since you are not a part of this world? What world would you be from?


2995 days ago


I just got herpes from reading that article...

2995 days ago


OH NOES! She's like a porn star, nobody should date her or have any respect for her. I don't agree with her lifestyle choices therefore there is no way she can be smart/worthy of love/or even life for that matter unless she quits right now, begs for forgiveness, and does all the great and worthwhile things that I do. She'd better hurry up and start trying to live up to my moral standards!!

Hahaha.. how did such self righteous pigs find their way onto a gossip site?

Whoops.. BlackMetal beat me to it. "It" being stating the obvious. S/he did it in a less abrasive way though, I applaud their patience with the average TMZer.

2995 days ago


I like him whit Carmen better!

2995 days ago


Nasty! Nasty! Nasty!

There are some things you just can't wash off.

2995 days ago


I don't care what they do and who they do it with... I think men on men is hot. But they're both just so shallow and fake flakes, this whole thing is probably something they dreamed up to get publicity. Publicity whores they both are.

2995 days ago


When you are in a relationship and someone (Dave) wants out and they brag at how the other one is still their best friend (Carmen) , they are having an affair 90% of the time. It is now coming out why he left Carmen and Carmen is lucky that she doesn't have a child with him to totally confuse the situation. It is hard for anyone to go through a divorce when you at first don't want it.

2995 days ago


I hope he got an std test before and after sleeping with Jenna the slut Jameson!

2995 days ago
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