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Struts Her Stuff

8/9/2006 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think being Donald Trump's daughter would make life seem like a bowl of cherries, but Ivanka Trump tells the new issue of Stuff magazine, "He made it very clear that if we didn't live up to what he thought was our potential, he would fire us."

Ivanka Trump in Stuff
Luckily that hasn't been the case for Ivanka, who, at 24, is the Trump Organization's VP of Real Estate Development and co-starred with her dad on the most recent season of NBC's "The Apprentice."

While The Donald is a business mentor for Ivanka, she admits she tends to avoid his love advice. "He has very strong opinions - which I try not to listen to."

The former model also avoids introducing boyfriends to Donald for as long as possible but adds, "He hasn't threatened bodily harm to any of the people I've dated. Well, as far as I know."

Donald doesn't have to worry about his little girl getting photographed partying like other well known heiresses. Ivanka says "I like to have fun with my friends and go out at night, but you're not going to find me dancing on top of tables or see me trashed outside of Bungalow 8."

Obviously her mother Ivana Trump adheres to a different set of party rules. The 57-year-old danced the night away with her boy-toy Rossano Rubicondi planted at her side on Tuesday in Sardinia, Italy.

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Holy crap, didn't the Donald say he would go after her if he was young enough?? So gross, he's got her in his bathroom now....

3005 days ago


yes, i saw that on the View or something...that's as gross as the comments that Jessica Simpon's father makes...about how she's sooo sexy and has double D's and you can't cover those puppies up, etc.....ugh, if my father was making comments like that about me, I would be creeped out. However, it's nice to know that one heiress that is beautiful speaking out and not out partying "like the others" and has developed some work ethics....she seems like she has a brain

3005 days ago


But you can't tell me that this girl (so far) is anything remotely close to that Paris Hilton.

I'd talk to this girl ANYDAY over Hilton.

3005 days ago


Both of Mr. Trump's children have level heads on their shoulders. I admire The Donald for the way he's reared them. Yes he's worth billions, but so what!! Most people who bi*ch about the wealthy are simply jealous, and it sickens me when people put down someone like Mr. Trump. This is a man who has the courage to laugh at himself, the power to make things happen, and the heart to give millions to those less fortunate. You don't hear trash about him, his (current) wife, or his kids. The man deserves respect. As for his comment about "going after" his daughter, that comment was taken totally out of context. I saw that episode of The Apprentice and it wasn't said in a "gross" manner. He was acknowledging a compliment that one of the contestants made about his daughters beauty. Get a life Ms. Golightly!!!

3005 days ago


LOVE Ivanka. She has class, brains, beauty and taste - everything Paris lacks!

3005 days ago


This girl is such a refresher from that skank Paris. Ivanka went to college and works with her Dad. Seems like a very classy lady.

3005 days ago


A girl just as rich as paris yet classy, smart, hardworking, prettier. Paris gives wealthy girls a really, really bad name. Ivanka gives them a good name :)

3005 days ago


Get the facts right. I'm from NY and can actually say we know Trump, my father did. This guy is a boil. He is not worth millions, he does not really own anything, his properties are mainly owned by other investors, they back without them he would not be able to put his name on anything. He is always trying to get people to put their money into his ideas and lots people have lost lots of money over the years. I can't even tell you how many times he's been sued. He has branched out of NY because NY'ers hate him. He is a marketing ploy, he always has been, he has filed for bankruptcy and will do anything to get into the papers or on tv. He's obnoxious and crass and actually went on tv, The View and said to the world he would go after his own daughter if he was younger because she's hot. Despite the above facts, I find the last most disturbing and refuse to respect any man who would say such disgusting things about his own daughter. The fact that you find humor in this shows that you have a sick view of what normal father/daughter's relationships should be. You make me gag.

3005 days ago


The Trumps have done a good job raising their children unlike the *cough* Hiltons *cough*.

3005 days ago


hey mz golightly,,, whats the bee stuck up your ass?

3005 days ago


I think it's totally disgusting to say such thing about your own daughter. Any girl in her right mind would so crazy thinking of her father in that way.
As for Ivanka, yes, she is prettier then Paris Hilton, but I don't understand why people hate Paris all that much, I mean she must have done something right if she is so famouse, I mean how many porn stars are out there, how many scandal makers? But how many of them are household names? Not many.
Besides, it's hard to please you, people. While talking about Simpsons you say it's bullshit to do surgery and it's all fake, but here you have a girl who could've done 100 plastic surgeries. but she's done none and kept her tits and not so perfect nose natural.
Ok, she parties and stuff? But she does not steal or does anything like that, so what's all that hate about? Sometimes it feels like people are just jealous, because she is famouse and can do many things we can't. And I think she is 100 times better then Nicole Ricchie, because first of all Nicole only got famouse because of Paris, we'd rather not discuss Nicole' looks (she is not just plain, she is an ugly ducken) and how can you give a status of FASHION ICON to someone who actually has a stylist who chooses all the clothes for her.
I am not a fan of Paris' but I just don't see enough reasons for all that hate.

3005 days ago

coco puff    

Nice tits!

3005 days ago


TEAM PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3005 days ago


Ivanka could have ridden on her father's coat tails.....lived off his money instead of going out and becoming something. Paris Hilton's goal in life was to be famous like a movie star. She got it by hanging out at parties and nightclubs starting in her early teens on any given night of the week. Why didn't her parents have control over her....SHE WAS A TEENAGER!!!!!! Did Paris even graduate from hight school? She has obviously made some money for herself and I am sure Ivanka has too. But the difference between Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton is that Ivanka can spell GED.

3005 days ago

showers of Blessings    

to those people who hates paris hilton:--
she is a smart business woman. u see her in magagine, going shopping, clubbing, and u think she is partying her life away. if that's what you interprete, then you are wrong!!!!
she got paid going to club. club owner paid her for showing up. the club owner knows those photogs out there will be taking her pic and put it in magazine....this is how the club got advertised.
she is a business woman. did you see her smoke? use coke???
she has to do all these shopping in order to keep her name in magazine.
we make our money by going to college, then post grad. she made her money in a way different than ours. and it is shaking money to her bank account. a lot more money than we ordinary people , even professional made.
she made money legally, there is nothing wrong with that.

i believe donald trump is using this paris hilton model for ivanka.
dont underestimate donald. he is a smart cookie. look at how he leverage his fame into all those online education, books, clothing, perfume etc

3005 days ago
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