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How to Be Paris Hilton

8/10/2006 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comOn this Sunday's season finale of "The Simple Life," Paris Hilton decides she doesn't want to go to work so she hires professional Paris look-alike Natalie Reid to take her place.

In this clip, Paris schools Natalie on how to be the best Paris she can be. Our personal favorite tip: "Every time you walk into a house, make sure to ask for toast with butter."

Things go awry when Nicole Richie shows up at the same house as the faux Paris and threatens to expose her unless Natalie does everything Nicole says. Hilarity ensues until Paris shows up to settle things with Nicole.

To find out how things turn out, check out the finale this Sunday at 10 pm on E!.


No Avatar


PLEASE go away Paris. I can't take it anymore!!!

3004 days ago


I am amazed at how time and time again Paris shows how she is undoubtedly the dumbest girl in America next to Jessica Simpson. The only things she seems to be almost over-qualified to do are shop, party, get blind drunk, and spread her legs for and guy with a penis and a heartbeat. This girl has been ridden more times than a thoroughbred racehorse, she is a total slut.
Why she seems to be so popular is beyond me.
The only thing her and that stick-figure Nicole Ritchie prove on thier latest installment of "the simple life" is that you can not turn a couple of whores into housewives!

3004 days ago

blah blah blah    

"GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!!!" need to look back into the mirror and get a reality check!
You may think your all that for the time being. But self indulged addics do fall back down to the face of the earth when their " BIG HEADS" swell so big they can't carry them on their shoulders.
GEEEEEEZE I can't wait for that day to come your way!

3004 days ago


id love to be paris lol,, i dont give a sh*t what anyone says or thinks,, shes hilarious and not as dumb as some people may think ,,

3004 days ago


NO MORE PARIS....PLEASE....I cant watch or read anything more about this nit wit.

Seriously...anyone up for boycotting Ms. Paris Hilton???

3004 days ago


ms golightly,,,,,,,,,,,,what in the hell is a bag wagon? lol ya mean band wagon or is this your slang or are you sh*tfaced lol?

3004 days ago


I can't wait till she's 70 years old and still acting like this. Now that will be hillarious and tv worth watching. I can just see this 70 year old saying, "I want toast with butter; oh, that's hot". LOL

She is such a joke. Does she really know how she is viewed? One day it will hit her and boy will she feel crappy.

3004 days ago

Diana Baker    

So that is why Paris says 'thats hot' a lot of the time. She doesn't know what to say. Empty space in her head. A lot of empty space. I do not understand how a person, let along their family can not see how bad she makes herself appear to the whole world. Who would want the world to know this about themselves?

3004 days ago

Lance K.    

I use to think Harvey was a homosexual but maybe he is bisexual because he must have a thing for Paris, he gives her toooooo much print

3004 days ago


It's short for douche bag wagon, which paris belongs on. It's nice to know you follow me around and comment on all of my posts, it's really cute, thanks...

3004 days ago

Ida Clair    

I wanted to hate her, I really wanted to hate the show, but, but, I think it's pretty funny.

I love watching people trying to decide what to make of either of them after saying something completely unexpected like asking for toast with butter. IMO, Nicole is a little better at it.

I'm rather sad to admit this.

3004 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Natalie Reid is so hot

3004 days ago


If I never see Paris Hilton and her ilk again it will be too soon. Oh, Paris...... btw "ilk" means class of people.

3004 days ago


TMZ has an agreement with Paris Hilton's PR company. They only do positive or "loveable" stories about her.

3004 days ago


Actually, that was cute. That show is my guilty pleasure.

3004 days ago
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