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Mel Gibson Cops a Plea

8/17/2006 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonTMZ has learned Mel Gibson's lawyer went to the Malibu Courthouse Thursday and appeared with the prosecutor to reveal a plea deal. Gibson has agreed to three years probation, but will avoid jail time. Gibson was ordered to attend one year of AA meetings. For the first four-and-a-half months he must attend five times a week. For the remainder of the time, he must attend three times a week. Gibson must also pay $1200 in fines and penalties as well as one hundred dollars in restitution.

Gibson volunteered to do a public service announcement on the hazards of driving under the influence. He also volunteered to enter a rehab program immediately.

Under the deal, Gibson pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor of driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher. The misdemeanor count of driving under the influence was dismissed. The infraction of driving with an open container of alcohol was also dismissed.

Under California law, Gibson will have his driver's license restricted for 90 days.

Gibson's lawyer initially went to Division 3, but Judge Terry Adamson refused to take the plea because she is a neighbor of Gibson's. The case was moved to Division 1 where Judge Lawrence Mira took the plea. A number of celebrities have passed through Mira's courtroom, including Nick Nolte, Nicole Richie, and Kim Delaney.

Gibson was not in court for the plea.

Click here to check out the plea bargain documents


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The people who are defending Mel Gibson are INSANE!!! I think that he's a great actor, but that doesn't mean that he should get off with a "you're a bad-boy" talk from the judge instead of doing jail time for commiting a crime. Especially a crime that could have killed a person (or a group of people).

2926 days ago

John JAY    

I never relized that there so many people can think they know what accured,
when Mel Gibson,was stopped by a stupid COP, it proves ony one thing,
Some Cops fail to use simple common sense. Listenning to all that Phone
remarks made about Mel Gibson, as though they all withnessed what occured.
I'm recommending to listen only to people who stopped the holacost, ending
the second world war., and saved our country from disaster.
Why don't these people talk about the GAS Prices, Halliburton.The same thing
happened sometime back in Jurrulasam

2926 days ago


Mel Gibson is a hypocrite and should be punished for being on the road while drinking......he knows how to slander innocent people but he could of killed someone as well as himself. I think he ought to be made to convert to Judiasm, that might make a "mensch" out of him!

2926 days ago


Mel was wrong and should be punished. A fine and allowing him to do public announcements (something he's already done for LAPD) is just not punishment. You see whether you believe it or not drunk drivers kills people. They get behind a ton of metal and drive, while drunk. For those of you that feel it’s no big deal, it's obvious you have not be affected by this behavior and so you can not understand the impact.

2926 days ago

linda moran    

Why didn't he lose his license for 1 year en afford a chauffer?

2926 days ago


A thousand dollar fine is lunch money to Gibson. To not appear in court, to have other charges suspended, to not lose his's a joke. My son had one beer when he was 19 and didn't even blow a .8, but because he was under age, he was guilty. He got a worse punishment than that. It is just further proof that if you are a celebrity you are not under the same rules as the rest of the world.

2926 days ago


I think that in this country their seems to be two kinds of laws. One for those with money and one for those without. I think that his punishment should have been the same for everyone else. If you are going to do the crime do the time. After all he had he money he could have paid someone to drive him around.

2926 days ago

jim hewett    

mel gibson is like all the rich jerks in this country, do the crime but not the time because they are above the law as poor and middle class people serve time in jail, i am suprised this was not covered up by the police and never reached the news, i guess thier is one honest cop out there, this officer should be giving an award for being honest as most cops let these slease ball rich assholes that think they are god get away with everything, but in the end they all go to thier graves like everyone without nothing

2926 days ago



2926 days ago


Mel put's his pants on the same way we do. Anyone with enough money to buy the right lawyer would get the same plea deal. What no one seems to get is that AA does't work for Mel and rehabs a vacation at the spa. He needs jail time!

2926 days ago


As usual, mass media blows it out of proportion...However, I agree with a local D.J., Gibson is filthy rich, if he is going to drink, how about a hired driver?
As far as the comments made toward a certain race, everybody knows, alcohol is a mind altering drug...we have all made mistakes and some alot worse, give it a rest!

2926 days ago

Kevin Boggs    

I'm glad I'm not in the public eye the same way Mel is when I think of some of the things I've said when I was drunk or pissed off. I don't know if those utterances were an example of my true nature. I sure hope not. If people judged me by those things I said, I don't feel they would have a true impression of my personality or who I seek to be. And the way the media spits out sound bites designed to make you think this or that makes me sick. Everyone gets pigeon holed into what they "are" based on words taken out of context. "She's a racist!" "He's a sexist!"

Mel obviously screwed up in a BIG way, but does that make him the reincarantion of Hitler?

I say, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

2926 days ago


Mel Gibson is no different than any other person drinking and driving, I know of a person that got no time and no fines only AA and he had 3 DUI and hit a city bus. So they really gave it to Mel Gibson

2926 days ago


At first I thought the punishment was fair, because I thought it was his first time, but when I realized it was his second offense, I couldn't believe he got off so light. He's already had a chance to realize he has a big problem. Now he has risked other people's lives twice, and it is always some innocent family or individual that gets killed, usually a little baby or small children. If he didn't learn after the first time, what is going to teach him this time around? He should have done jail time so that it would really sink in that he could have endangered a lot of lives driving like that. I think drunken drivers are selfish, because they don't take any one else's lives and rights into consideration. All they care about is getting boozed up and getting to where they are going. Why didn't he have a car come or call a cab? He can afford it!
Years ago, before the DUI laws were as strict as they are, my fiance's brother was driving home from work on his bicycle at night. He had lights and reflectors all over the bike, so it wasn't like it was hard to see. He also had lights on his helmet. Some drunken sow ran him down and didn't even stop. It took two college kids who witnessed the whole thing to chase her and catch her. She was swerving all over the place and ended up in a ditch. According to all witnesses, she was drunk as a skunk and falling all over the place. She had just come from a bar, and it was before that law in PA that says a bar or restaurant can't let you leave if you're visibly intoxicated. Anyway, the cops didn't even breathalize her and she didn't even get jail time. My fiance's parents sued her and got $100,000 but it didn't bring their son back, and really justice wasn't done. I can sympathize with a person who is an alcoholic and makes the wrong choice one night to get behind a wheel. But a person who drives drunk more than once gets no sympathy from me. I don't care who he is.

2926 days ago


You know, I thought this guy was supposed to be a "Christian." And, the guy is drinking, driving while drunk, saying the "F" word, ranting and raving against the Jews, etc,. ... etc., ... etc., ...

Doesn't sound like a Christian to ME! :(

Just like all the rest of them people on tv who CLAIM to be Christian. They preach one thing, but do another. Hypocrites is what they are. I believe in God, but you know what, I do NOT need an organized religion to tell me that I am Ok (with God). I have a PERSONAL relationship with God. Don't need a MAN/WOMAN (a human being) to be a mediator between myself and God. Go straight to the SOURCE! Besides, ALL they want is your money. Just look at how they live (and how you live). BIG DIFFERENCE! They live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. We live from one paycheck to another. LOL

Well, I laugh. But, really, it's NOT funny at all. Guess I just cannot believe how many people fall for this stuff. That's all. And, that's why I laugh. But, in all reality, it is SAD. :(

THINK FOR YOURSELF! Have a PERSONAL relationship with God! KEEP the money you make for YOURSELF. IF you feel like giving, give to a charity (which you KNOW will actually do what they say they are doing and not get rich off of it, like the preacher would). I give a lot of my money to different charities. And, I feel GOOD just knowing that my money is actually doing something other than lining some preacher's pockets. I am NOT a greedy person. I believe in giving. I really do. But, I just know that when you give to many, many preachers (I would say MOST), all you do is line THEIR pockets. And, they do very little good for the community itself (that they are a part of).

2926 days ago
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