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A Half-Century

Never Looked So Good

8/21/2006 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kim_cattrall_wi_200-1Raise a cosmopolitan and put on your Manolos because it's time to celebrate "Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall's 50th -- yes 50th -- birthday.

At 50 years young, Cattrall couldn't look better.

And although the sexy siren is now eligible for her AARP card, we don't expect to see her trading her designer gowns for house dresses anytime soon. Besides, Samantha Jones would never allow it!

In age-obsessed Hollywood, women like Cattrall, Madonna - who just turned 48, and 60-year-old Cher, prove that, just like a fine wine, they get better with age.

Let's see how Paris, Britney and Lindsay hold up in 30 years!


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She may have (or may not have) had her share of plastic surgery, but that doesnt explain why her body is in such amazing shape. She works hard to keep that body looking so healthy. Im in my twenties and I dont even have muscles like that. Kudos to you, Kim. You look incredible.

2982 days ago


Happy Birthday Kim - you look great! I agree with the earlier comment on Sara Jessica ...........she always made sloppy, pig noises when she kissed. Yuk!

2982 days ago


She has gotten more beautiful as she has gotten older. As for plastic surgery - if she has had any.....she has the best doc in town, because she doesn't have "the look". I think she has taken care of herself, worked out, ate well, and is happy and comfortable with who she is.....a beautiful & sexy women at 50!
You go Kim!

2982 days ago


While I think Kim looks wonderful. It would be nice if you would honor women who don't have a ton of money and famous hollywood jobs. I am pretty sure if I had a private trainer, Chef, no money problems, no car problems and had a personal assistant. That at 50 I to could look like Kim. It takes every ounce of my being after working 12 hours day, running errands and paying bills to get to 24 hour fittness and do some sort of exercise. Then my alarm goes off at 5am and my day starts over. Don't get me wrong I have a wonderful life, but more real than a hollywood star.

2982 days ago


She looks just 'lovely'.. ;)

2982 days ago


The secret to BEAUTY at 50 years old??? Plastic surgery and botox. That gives us regular humans an expensive choice at 50. Yes, Kim looks great but it's not without the work of plastic surgeons.

2982 days ago


Kim looks great and is super sexy. So what if she's had plastic surgery? It's GOOD plastic surgery. Not like Nicolette Sheridan who's starting to look more and more like Jack Nicholsen every day..... Yikes! ...and Cher can't even close her eyes anymore. Sheesh....

2982 days ago


Congrats Kim! You look fab.
On the low....i miss Samantha...
that trollop you would never take home to mama!

2981 days ago

Adrienne Smith    

She looks fabulous, and unlike Cher, she doesn't have that permanently surprised look or those God-awful puffed up lips. If she's had surgery, she certainly got her money's worth.
And I'm in total agreement with the comments about Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis. Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall were the best things about Sex in the City. If I have to read another comment about how Sarah Jessica is the epitome of the sophisticated woman, I'm going to throw up. She still looks like the geek she played on Square Pegs, only with better highlights.

2981 days ago


Kim is exactly one year older than me...I was born on 8/21/57 and just turned 49 years old yesterday! So Happy Birthday to us Kim!
People say that I don't look my age, which I humbly appreciate hearing.
I think many older women are beautiful and sexy even out of Hollywood!
And there was a survey done saying that many Younger men find older women sexier. People can be beautiful and sexy at Any age....although the beauty that counts the most is inward.

2981 days ago


Also, I wanted to add that I like all the women on "Sex and the City" and think they are all beautiful. Although I do wish Kim would've had a change of heart and done the Movie they wanted to do about the show...maybe one day.

2981 days ago


I think Kim Cattrall is wonderful, she never looked better. I am an obsessed fan, even though Sex and The City is over. I would do her if I were a Lesbian!!!! Kim holla at a sister.(lol)

2954 days ago


Kim you are amazing and never looked better!!! I thought that you made Sex and the City, you did not need to try to be sexy like others, your sexiness just came naturally, just as your beauty does. Keep up the good work hon!!!!!!

2954 days ago
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