The Three Amigos: Trouble In Paradise?

8/22/2006 3:01 PM PDT

Could it be splitsville for Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong, celebdom's most visible new BFFs? A report today by New York Daily News' Ben Widdicombe says that Jake Gyllenhaal has edged out Matt for the plum role of playing Lance in an upcoming film version of Armstrong's life story, even though it's been McConaughey who's logged the most time with the cycling legend in recent weeks, as faithfully chronicled by TMZ.

The saga began in earnest last month at the Tour de France, where Lance and Jake (himself an avid cyclist) hung out together to watch the competition, fueling speculation that Gyllenhaal was preparing for a role in the Armstrong biopic being developed by Sony. And then, in late July, the trio was spotted biking together in Malibu -- who knows how competitive that seemingly innocent ride must've been, with Jake and Matt vying for Lance's approval?
Miami -- wine-shopping, clubbing, or having an intimate jog on the beach, in the rain. Today, however, it seems that the seat of power has shifted . . . to Jake.