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Hottest Videos -- Week of 08/20

8/26/2006 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Duets" contestant and wrestling super star Chris Jericho showed TMZ and some lucky McDonald's patrons his chops while handing out cheeseburgers. He's a true renaissance man.

Meat Loaf
No one drops the F-bomb like Meat Loaf. The former rocker had plenty of enthusiasm as he presented the Best Video award at the Kerrang! Awards in London.

Tara Reid
Tara Reid has become everyone's favorite walking disaster in the past few years. Miss Reid chatted it up with the paparazzi outside Hyde explaining her love/hate relationship with them.

Pussycat Wannabe
Pussycat Dolls tryouts brought out sexy girls with less-than-sexy voices. You might want to turn down the volume while you check out the video.

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No Avatar


the other woman    

what a cute couple..Angelina is better than Jennifer hands down, I hope they last forever.. She cares and helps matter how famous she is... not like other celebrities that talk trash all day about others..a true role model for all of us

2944 days ago


very sad when people cannot go out with the f*cking paparazzi up their arse

2944 days ago


The paparazzi is the reason they will not be able to stay in this country. There are laws in some european countries that allow for some privacy. This has to be annoying for them, but it might just be a danger to their children.

2944 days ago



Here's what I think......I think that Brad LUSTED after Angie and I don't blame him! She's Smart, Talented Actress, World Charity Ambassador, Devoted Parent, Probably Great in Bed, Unpredictable, and Independent. However, where these qualites atrracted Brad TO HER, I think it may also be reason for a BREAKUP!

Angie wants everything on "her" terms, she doesnt want to comprimise!! And thats a BIG problem in any relationship. Brad has done everything she wanted: traveled the country for Months, he participated in charity events with her, parented her 2 adopted children, had baby in Africa, and has now agreed to move away from Malibu!! The man has done everything he can to keep her happy and she's still COMPLAINING!

Trust me...even though it would be hard to leave those kids, I wouldnt be surprised if he left A for Jennifer Aninston! Sorry, but I really think he LOVES jen A very much.

2944 days ago


of course Brad still love his ex-wife. Gemini's are very hard to please. we want every thing to be in our own way. that is the reason brad have to leave that idiot and home wreaker. We gemini's have issues. Brad watch out. We can manipulate men too if they let us

2944 days ago


Who cares about Brad and Angelina and Jen? They all are tools.

2944 days ago


#4, I think she comprimised to give him a baby, and she gave up cutting herself. Face it, what she has with Brad, her father never gave her, a complete and caring family!!!!!!!

2944 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

It is all very boring.

2943 days ago


Who cares about these two anymore? I can't stand to see Brad and his little wussy self following 10 paces behind Miss Queeny who's going to dump his sorry butt very soon, watch.

2943 days ago


I am bored with Brad and Angelina; she is psycho and he just needed to dip his stick into some new territory. As usual, this couple will not stand the test of time. Too superficial!

2943 days ago


i want brad to leave angelina she is very strange!!!
also there is a comment about angelina helping ppl well what about helping ppl in the usa her home country!!!! the ppl who made her who she is and made her rich!!! dont u ppl think there is enough ppl in the usa to help b4 she or any of these wealtyh ppl deceide to go eles where what about american children and ppl!!!
i think if jenns dumb ass would have had a baby brad and her would still be together and now shes retarted to be with vince and have a baby with him when she could have just had one with her husband whatever this sh*t is stupid its so hollywood

2943 days ago


#4 get a life you think after being with Angelina jolie he's go back to jen BORING
yea he really loves jen never did he look back poor Angelina and Brad can't go out without everybody staring at them but they are a beautiful couple and very caring.
and they still are smiling and nice with all that going on around them.

2943 days ago

marilyn mckinney    

I felt sorry for Jennifer when B&J broke up but supported Brad's desire for a family. His hook-up with Angie wasn't surprising. She has a lot to offer. While it's hard to know what to believe with all the different stories being reported about the Jolie Pitt family, it surely seems as time goes on Angie is being proven a spoiled brat. Did she really threaten to take the children to Africa without Brad? He's followed her around like a dog in heat for a long time, after a while, that's not all that attractive. Hopefully they've made some commitment amongst themselves with the mutual adoption of the first two children and now a biological child. I hope they don't cave to the first big storm and fall into the standard lost Hollywood marriage. I'd love to think real love can exist in Hollywood. Something my mother told me a long time ago was, "You get out of marriage what you put into it" and it's SO true.

I must also say I detest her continuing feud with her father. No parent is perfect...he obviously wants a relationship with her. She needs to grow up and get on with fixing things between them and allowing her children the opportunity to know their grandfather. While Scott Caan's public birthday party is no place for a reconciliation, sitting outside in the car till she knew he was gone is just juvenile. AND, be nice to your mother in law. She's the mother of your lover and deserves respect. Blood is thicker than water, always will be and Angie, you'll just make yourself look bad harboring nastiness toward her. Be a nice a good mother...and good lover for Brad. You'll be happier with the occasional compromise and choosing your battles than always demanding things be your way. I've been in your corner Angie from day one, but you're starting to look like Tom Cruise. Love ya, Marilyn

2943 days ago

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